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NBL1 Women's coaching opportunity

Posting on behalf of the Central Districts Basketball Club...

The Centrals Districts Basketball Club is seeking written expression of interest to become our NBL1 Women's Coach.

We will be participating in the NBL Central League in 2021 (COVID restrictions permitting), which is the elite level of competition in South Australian Basketball. It is an exciting time for Basketball and we firmly believe an exciting time to join the Central Districts club and be able to structure a team that will compete competitively in the NBL1 competition initially, with a view of achieving the ultimate prize in the near future.

As a club, we are looking at developing pathways for our juniors to become NBL1 (and beyond) players and we have a strong desire for the successful applicant to be able to nurture and provide direction working with our Junior Development Manager to ensure the club is working collaboratively. As such we envisage this role to be a multi-year appointment.

We are looking for a positive and energetic leader who possesses excellent communication skills with players of all ages. We want someone who is willing to work for the long-term success of our club, working with both the committee, parents, and players.

Please provide your application in writing to [email protected]

• Stating coaching experience and/or qualifications
• Philosophy of recruiting, selection, training, and requirements of the role
• Proposed game style or direction of the team
• Philosophy of creating a team culture
• Evidence of working successfully in a club environment working within budgets

The successful applicant would be available for an immediate start to work with the club in developing the successful applicant's plan for the future.
Naturally, all applications will be accepted in the strictest confidence.

Any questions or clarifications can be directed to our President Kevin Fischer at the above email address or on phone 0407 472 373

Applications will close on Wednesday the 4th November 2020

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