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Heritage Jerseys

Check them out at nbl store. Love the 36ers one, heaps better than some of the past efforts. Some really nice ones with the Bullets and Kings too.

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lol the giant champion down the side

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Earlier this year

That Champion branding on the side panels. Yuck.

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Earlier this year

United have paid recognition to last season, when they were clearly the best team all year, so this yearS heritage jersey features the 2019/20 United logo on the front, and the players name and number and LV's spoodge on the back.

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Earlier this year

How many years until the Swoop City variant is regarded as heritage? Asking for a friend.

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Arent heritage jerseys supposed to reflect a particular season? 36ers have never had a uniform like that

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How do you measure "like that"?

Obviously they were yellow singlets for a long time and that stupid champion thing on the sides is to do with the supplier.

The number font? That's the most “far off” part but somewhat like this?

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Earlier this year

Champion do everything possible to achieve brand recall regardless of how it affects the end product. They've never been any different.

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So they're a brand then?

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As each year passes, Melbourne Utd distance themselves further from the fact they were once the Melbourne tigers.

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The Sixers wore yellow with those logos, yes they're different to the exact uniforms from the day but I still like them.

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twenty four  
Earlier this year

I don't understand why they can't just shift the sponsors logos around a bit and have the numbers on the 36ers singlets where they should be. Seems to happen to most of our heritage singlets.

And yeah, champion on the side is ugly.

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Earlier this year

The taipans heritage jersey is almost exactly the same as the current jersey

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Earlier this year

I like the Wildcats one. Nice mix of early 90s layout and style but with the killer 95-99 logo.

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Earlier this year

It's not a layout they've ever actually worn, and it's not the right logo either.

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Earlier this year

I like this heritage jersey, despite the clear historical inaccuracy of it. It's kind of a mash up between a few different jerseys but the end result is something I'd actually buy.

In other news, I don't care what Sixers logo comes in the future, the one in the jersey will always be the Sixers logo in my book. If I were the management I'd stop dicking around with other designs and just go back to that one with maybe an ever-so-slight touch up. It was never broke so I am not sure why they tried to fix it.

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Ranking this year's crop -

======= everything below this line is hot trash =======

New Zealand

They picked a real obscure jersey to remake for Melbourne, arguably their second ugliest jersey in their patchy jersey history. Would have way preferred either Tigers or Magic.

Phoenix doesnt really have a heritage so would be interesting to know what heritage they're point to.

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All ok, best two for me, Sixers and kings.

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Earlier this year

Champion should be ashamed of their overbranding, eyes should be drawn to the nice designs. Several logos on some designs, not a good look. The one 'C' on the chest is all you need to know who made the jerseys

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Earlier this year

First of all I think the Phoenix should have that jersey as their normal home jersey as it doesn't clash with anything (until the Jackjumpers enter) and it's pleasant on the eyes.

I don't understand the hate for the champion on the side on Brisbane is fits the colours and same with Adelaide albeit needing to be smaller and less gawky, on Cairns it looks fucking ugly and should not be there, same with Wildcats and Phoenix.

New Zealand have the great home jersey and atrocious heritage jersey, reallly what is that other than black. Melbourne is a disaster

Adelaide should adopt a yellow or gold colouring for their home or away strip as that would make them unique.

I like the teal on the Illawarra and it really helps differentiate from Perth and a little around the side isn't overkill.

Sydney looks great but why do they solely get the city down the side?

Brisbane just looks awesome and I really love the use of the red, yellow and white over the blue as it stirs up memories of fearing Leapin Leroy's teams.

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