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Hawks' Bairstow out for season, Coenraad replacement

Not a great week for Bairstows with his brother getting pushed out of the Wildcats lineup for Will Magnay.

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Earlier this year

Yes, Perths win at all costs mentality is horrible.

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Earlier this year

Better than a trolling at all costs mentality.

Great to see Coenraad back. I thought he still had a good season left in him before having retirement forced upon him.

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Earlier this year

Gotta be retirement for Cam, he just doesnt get through a season. Bit like Lich who had the talent still to play but the body was not able.

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Earlier this year

Bairstow and Adel, what a combination. Who signs these top end wage guys. Bairstow hasn't played a full season in years, Adel always was a gamble if you watched his games previously. Both there marquee signings gone.

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Looking Forward  
Earlier this year

Coenraad a genuine warrior for the Hawks, so it's good to see him have another chance.

But, really, will he have a significant role? Are there no younger guys out there who might just come in and show something for the future?

The NBL is not like the AFL, where there are so many spots available, any half decent athlete can get a spot on a roster.

Once you take out the import spots there are precious few opportunities for young Aussies.

The Hawks aren't winning anything this year, so why not have a look at someone might have a future?

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Earlier this year

Good to see TC back.

Bummer about Bear. Injury woes aside, he's quite serviceable and a positive asset when playing. Release says his ailment isn't a long-term consideration, I hope he regains full health and gives the next season a real good shake.

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Earlier this year

He hasn't played a full season in years, yes when he plays he does well. Bairstow is a top end earner, you cannot keep these guys on a list if the only play 1/4 season, if they are happy for minimum, take the punt.

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Earlier this year

2019 - Jordair Jett and Used by Cedric Jackson.
2020 - Prime Billy Preston and Darrington Hobson
2021 - Cam Bairstow, Deng Adel, Tim Coenraad.

Well done Illawarra, *claps*, Well done.

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Earlier this year

This was why I picked the Hawks to finish bottom. There were enough question marks about Adel out there and Bairstow was always going to be a disastrous signing. The Hawks were basically crossing their fingers and hoping for the best season. It was poor decision making really. Goorjian's done a great job to have this group on the cusp of the playoffs.

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Earlier this year

Agreed Zodiac.

Goorj has done a fine job with what he's had to work with, I’m not certain the American money man would be happy with the outlay on the two marquee players though. The hawks roster has some dollars attached to it.

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Earlier this year

Adel was supposedly on seriously big money but not sure Bairstow could've demanded that much, we all remember his Bullets years. He's fortunate another NBL team was willing to throw him a lifeline and that's now blown up in the Hawks faces too.

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Earlier this year

I hope they didn't burn too much money on Bear, he didn't have the games behind him to demand too much I don't think based on his previous seasons... Would have been worth a punt at a decent price to get that experience though, seems s decent bloke as well if he could have been a leader as well, but it seems like AJ took that role this season after not even getting a gig with them initially and then being named captain...

Goorj has definitely done well and I hope they can make the playoffs, but those top two signing were definitely busts this season...

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Earlier this year

Bairstow left Australia for Lithuania after Brisbane, he took the money, why would he come back for peanuts, he wasn't on Adel money but would not have been on low dollars.

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Earlier this year

Bairstow got through a full euro season last year, but he'll always be an enigma in terms of availability. Can’t see anyone taking a chance on him next season other than Illawarra as they’d be across the full extent of his situation. Always seemed to be something this year.

As for *clap* great signings, obviously it hasn’t been great but I think people are forgetting the position they were recruiting from. They lost Glover & Dech at a time when they were in strife - that wasn’t new managements fault. Grids was forecast to be out for the majority of the season but they resigned him for the future. Who else should they have signed under the circumstances? Jois, who always wants more than his worth? Broekoff? Was never a realistic option at that time. Would love some names of local players who were off contract that they should have signed...

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Earlier this year

He actually missed a few games last season in Lithuania, you are right about Jois, he always wants lots more than he's worth. Jois and Bairstow should not be put in the same conversation, Bairstow was a very good player before injuries.

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