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Would a Cairnsville team be viable?

Me again with another whacky idea. Born from the Breakers finish to this current season.

Since returning to NZ, the breakers have spread their games all over. And it looks like it has been well received by the NZ basketball community with crowds looking and sounding good in all venues.

The Jackjumpers have already declared that they are here for all Tasmanians.

Could we see a CAIRNSVILLE truely representing FNQ (Far North Queensland) in the NBL, in 2022 or later? Games could alternate between Cairns and Townsville.

Cairns are seen as the poor, little member of the NBL.
Townsville are often mentioned in expansion discussions and are invariably judged unsuitable for various reasons.

Wouldn't their combination (at NBL level only) do something towards strengthening their position on and off the court?

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Not this idea again. It's like flogging a dead horse.

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What's next RobT? Second Perth team?

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Firm no. Complete stupidity. Shows you have zero knowledge of the region

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Orange Army  
Last month

For starters Townsville is not FNQ. Interesting idea though but neither city would support this.

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yeah nah

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In theory sounds good but its too hard to administer.

You would lose more Cairns fans that you would gain in Townsville fans.

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Isn't it like a 3 hour drive or something between the two towns? Who from Cairns is going to do a 6 hour round trip to go and watch a 'home game' in Townsville or vice versa?

That's even before getting to the reality that Townsville fans had a team in the Crocs and turned their backs on the club and walked away which is why they folded. They're not going to be more inclined to support a hybrid Cairns team.

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I assume he meant Cairns located members of this new club would get half the home games and the Townsville ones the other half and hence pay half the membership each.

The last 2 seasons of the Crocs were terrible with entire sections of the venue blocked out with cloth.

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What's next RobT? Second Perth team?

Matter of fact, that's FIRST! Way before Cairnsville. That's a natch. It's only Perth Wildcats fans (you) who don't want it.

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Hopscotch 55  
Last month

As a born and bred Sandgroper I think a second Perth team would never take off.
It worked for the Fremantle Dockers because they were attached to a place that people have a very parochial attraction for, and where there was a history of football, hence a lot of attachment to both football and the location.

i.e. there was always a large following for local Fremantle football teams for the Dockers to build off.

The same simply would not apply for basketball.
The only way I could see Western Australia getting behind another basketball team in sufficient numbers to make one viable would be if they were gifted such generous terms that they were essentially gifted a couple of grand final wins in the first 5 years.

I've never come across a West Australian that was interested in local basketball, and didn't back the Cats.

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First off, this is a forum, meant for discussion, so maybe people could stop behaving like dickheads, and just STFU if you don't want to discuss something.

As for Townsville, I think it's technically NQ, as opposed to FNQ. Not sure how much that matters.

Depending on the alternatives, the idea has merit.

End of the day, if you have enough money, you can have a team wherever you want.

Townsville and Cairns punched above their weight for many years, until the Crocs didn't. How Cairns remains so competitive (most years) is a marvel.

If Cairns can stay afloat as is, then no it wouldn't make sense to devolve. By all means they should do what they can to garner extra support, but as longs as their home base remains viable they should not abandon that.

But what if LK stops propping them up, and they look headed the way of The Crocs???
And hypothetically what if the govt stepped in and offered good money for a NQ team, split between the two???
(Which is really just another way of saying that if Cairns were to fold, any new or replacement team would be dependent on money, and it would be based wherever the money said. And for that matter, if somebody can find the cash, no reason the Crocs can't make a comeback)

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Last month

I've never come across a West Australian that was interested in local basketball, and didn't back the Cats.

Exactly. The reason for this is the Wildcats were created as a team for the NBL out of the old state representative side, unlike east coast clubs who formed out of local associations.

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Last month

...and have since become privately owned. As has Perth Wildcats. They are all straight commercial concerns.

As for all Perthites supporting the Wildcats, what choice do they have?

Who do most South Australians support, who do most NZ'ers support, who will Tasmanians support? Not only do Victorians, NSWelsh-men and Queenslanders have 2 teams each, but also diverse populations who move up and down the East coast. I, for one, supported the Giants/Titans for the first 6 to 7 years of living in Qld. WA, SA and to a lesser extent, Tasmania are far more isolated from eastern, mainland states geographically and emotionally. WA even want to secede, FGS!

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Last month

What does any of that have to do with anything?

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