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NBL Central Mid Point Rankings/Awards

I know I'm not Woj but I thought I'd have a crack at some mid season awards and rankings. Very interested in others thoughts, including Woj and also interested in who people think will make finals from here.

1. Sturt Sabres - undefeated and simply too well coached and disciplined for other teams. Best guard combination by a long way.

2. Forestville Eagles - handled Southern easily and sit firmly in second position. Mays, Harris, Brine a great trio who look tough to beat. Who will they add for the title run?

3. Woodville Warriors - had some down performances but bounced back on the weekend to put the league on notice.

4. West Adelaide Bearcats - much improved form and showed against Sturt they are in the top tier with both imports firing.

5. Southern Tigers - sitting at 6-3 but got showed up by Forestville on their home court. Coleman has been great but their shallow lineup looking to be exposed now.

6. South Adelaide Panthers - will be the biggest jumpers over the next 9 games. No one has an answer for the inside outside game of Hulland.

7. Central District Lions - pushed a fancied South and while they haven't capitalised on their opportunities they are a good team capable of beating anyone.

8. North Adelaide Rockets - big win against Norwood but may be too little too late. Purchase has helped but will depart now to make way for McVeigh and Dech.

9. Norwood Flames - sitting at 4-5 but wheels falling off quickly and looking like a 1 man team at the moment.

10. Eastern Mavericks - tough year made tougher by constant player turnover. Best Rojo can hope for this year is to clean up the culture and work towards 2022.

MVP - Ju Ju Jacobs
The guy is a near triple double machine, just a complete player that we haven't seen here before. Team mates still adjusting to his uncanny passing and athletic ability. Woodville are lucky to have kept him through the NBL season without someone snapping him up. Some great players this year but Jacobs a cut above.

All-Star Five
PG. Ju Ju Jacobs - As above
SG. Sam Daly - Best player on the best team. Daly has been great on both ends and has shown a more mature game than when he was here last.
SF - Cameron Coleman - Southerns best player and has had some big games in surprising wins.
PF - CJ Turnage - Simply a scoring machine, not his fault he's on a dud team with a terrible coach.
C - Alex Starling - Outrageous stats, playing at as high a level as ever even at his age.

Honourable mentions: Greg Mays, Earnest Ross, Lual Diing

Coach - Paul Rigoni
Easiest choice to make here, undefeated with a team many picked to be no better than 5th. Rigoni I think has won this award before and clearly has him team working the best of any right now.

Honourable mention: David Morrell - no one tipped Southern to make finals and they still may not but to this point it's hard to argue that he has not done a great job.

Youth Player - Keanu Rasmussen
Another easy choice. Rasmussen has been fantastic for Sturt, with some big scoring games at great %s. Not sure if he will see out the season or if he is going to college but may have already done enough to collect the award anyway.

Defensive Player - Alex Starling
Still putting up incredible numbers and having a huge impact on the defensive end. Have him slightly over Mays due to his versatility being able to defend guards as well as bigs.

Honourable mentions: Mays, Cameron Coleman

Finals teams

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I think it's a fair assessment. I think in the 2nd half of the season teams have worked out the Sturt factor and will be able to break it down and you might see some vulnerability there. I think the rest of the season is going to be some damn good BBall!

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Ok, it's been a few weeks since I had my dummy spit, I apologise, had a few things going on and that idiot from North was final straw.
1. Sturt
2. Forestville
3. Woodville
4. West
5. Southern
6. North
7. Norwood
8. South
9. Centrals
10. Eastern

First of all, if there was a DJ sweepstakes, his inclusion would make them title favourites. But only club dodgy enough to go to Sixers and say they'll do what they did the other year, qualify him for finals but don't play much, and then have him play maybe 2 games maximum in finals. Don't rule it out. And can the Sixers ban him from playing in his offseason? Bloke deserves to get a grand a game in his street shoes on the bench!
To me, this season it's all been about the coaching. Rigoni doing nothing fancy with a group of really good players, just doing what a great coach should do and manage them. Andy, despite losing key players like Teys and De Wit, knows enough tricks to keep them up there despite a very thin bench. And although I have Woodville in 3rd, their talent level should have them top, but Scotty can't put it together. As for South, coming from behind to beat Centrals was more about having a 7 footer and Starling than any whiteboard magic.
Sturt though could be the Milwaukee Bucks of the league, dominate regular season but just not have that assassin to finish teams off. If DJ suited up and was vaguely interested apart from his bank balance, could hand them the trophy. And young Keanu might be best young player in league, but when does he head off to college? Hard to keep track of their season with Covid etc.
Forestville, as mentioned, really missing De Wit and Teys. They could afford to have a weak bench and Harris have an off shooting night in the past, but if anyone can cover Mays and Harris chokes, could be a very short title run.
Woodville have one of top 3 players in league in Jacobs, as well as Jackson and Standbridge dominating inside. Boonstoppl can get very hot, but is Meldrum good enough to be your starting point guard for a contender? Jacobs does a lot of playmaking, but the losses they've suffered would be worrying in crunch time with Whitmores 1st reaction is to go to zone.
West look like they're finally figuring it out at the right time, although a few early losses may cost them down the stretch in terms of ladder and if north go on a run as expected. IMO, Ross still settles for the three too much, could use that big body to bully someone inside. But it does come down to coaching. Despite stories of McClean losing his players, he's up there in terms of game plans.
Southern is everyone's Cinderella team, have a feeling bubble may burst soon. Morrell rightly should be up there in COTY discussions at this point, but I think top 3 is pretty sorted, then West and North may surge in second half leaving Southern odd team out.
Good old North, despite nearly losing to Eastern the previous week, they get a sorely needed win before the highly anticipated debuts of McVeigh and Dech. Despite a good last game, Dowdell has been disappointing in terms of stepping up with Starling elsewhere. Ok numbers, but would have liked him to have put team on his back. Chemistry will be key, but luckily for Rockets there's not too much of a head start to sneak into finals.
Its finally caught up with Norwood. Played their veterans major minutes in previous years, over blooding some youngsters to get experience. Now the veterans are looking old and the new young ones haven't got the experience. Turnage is still a good chance for Woolacott, but looks like even he can't turn it around. And the NBA coach has left a lot to be desired. The youngsters do show good flashes, if only others had the opportunity to play in years past it would have made a big difference, instead of a total rebuild in next couple of years.
Good old South. Hulland has monster game for them but just squeak by Centrals. Problem I see is not meshing Hulland and Starling together, which should be fine given Starlings playing record and Owens ability to step outside, but Mudronja and Johns, who are nearly identical players. Given Petty struggles most weeks remembering if Marions front door is push or pull, can't see it being a great fit. And Hoppo really needs to decide if a change of scenery is in the cards in off season. Plenty of talent, but is waving more towels than Jordy Wilson these days stuck to the bench. And will be interesting to see how Hulland goes against bigger bodies, Centrals didn't really resemble the Detroit Bad Boys frontline.
Centrals are where they should be. Capable of pushing a team with the likes of Humphries and Diing, but too young or old elsewhere. Heard somewhere cause that Clausen is on injury list is listed as osteoporosis, was going to ask him at next game if he single because my nanna thinks he's hot. Magok Manyang has had a very good rookie season, would put him behind Rasmussen as best under 21 player off the top of head.
To be honest, have hardly watched much of Eastern. If I wanted to watch blood baths I'd head down to Hindley street on a Saturday night instead. But what is the go with Rojo? When he was at Norwood and winning, he'd whinge to the refs. Now he's at Eastern, he's still whinging. It's ok Michael, everyone knows your team is bad, complaining to refs won't help. Whoever mentioned him as COTY in preseason thread, I really hope you didn't drop anything over a fiver at Sportsbet to get the award.

All star 5 in no particular order.
Turnage, Starling, Jacobs, Daly and Coleman. COTY, Rigoni. Defensive player, Starling.

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Last week

umm.. "No one has an answer for the inside outside game of Hulland"..
They played against centrals whose "big" weighs 80kg

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Last week

Welcome back Woj!!!!!

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Last week

I think Woj is closer to the mark than OG thought it's good to hear both opinions. Would love to see more.

Woj who would your top 5 be please?

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Last week

I think Sturt, Woodville and Forestville are definites. Then I think its out of West, South and North. Southern have overachieved the 1st half of the year, just as West have underachieved, just think West will come home with a wet sail.
But its pretty wide open this year, anyone can win it IMO.

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Last week

Nbl1CentralWoj - your honest personal opinions are awesome. If you don't like what you read - move on. Keep it up Woj!

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Last week

Call me crazy but I think Woodville could miss the 5. If they do would Whitmore be on the hot seat?

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Last week

Why do Mavs continue to lose players from their lineup each week? They weren't good to start with.

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Last week

159 why does your Mum continue to keep you locked in the basement?

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Last week

Maybe they're just cycling through reserves? I have noticed Aleer and Koko have been away a while though are they injured?

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Last week

Ahhh woj is back for how long? Not from North but still trying to use that to defend his clear anti North bias. South at 8th ummm ok, 4th before 2 36ers DPs come in and somehow they fall to 8th.

If you bothered to watch the game before posting your reviews on the NBL1 Website or here maybe you'd have some understanding of what happened in that game for Centrals to be within reach of winning it.

Woodville at 3rd despite 3 losses straight before a meaningless win over the Mavs. The Jacobs fanbois out in force again I see. Where were they during the losing streak? Which by the way included a one man South Adelaide, who are somehow 8th.

Love the banter, but anyone taking the self appointed guru as anything more than a wannabe clearly knows nothing about the game.

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Last week

Can go on but it will be Eagles vs Sabres for the championship.
Eagles have advantage with talls
Sturt have advantage with guards
Rigoni vs Simons
Daly vs Harris
Too close to call

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Last week

Does Woj write for the NBL1 site? Never picked up on it, I think Woj stuff on here considerably better written and more accurate.

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Last week

159 Coach is a nutjob

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Last week

When the Competiton Manager has to publicly read you the riot act right before a game there's clearly a major problem.

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Last week

Yep, real bias against North putting them in my final top 5. And only watched second half of Centrals South. More like Centrals choked and only scored 23 points in second half from memory rather than South really doing too much. So bringing 2 bench players, basically DPs, into side and they just get over might of Central.
And as for Woodville, clearly don't think too much of them, but IMO most talent around, just aren't coached well.

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Last week

Eastern seems to resorted to players from their Div 1 mens side to fill in on tuesday and actually managed to beat southern.

Curious case given their Div 1 team gets flogged every single week and went winless in summer

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Last week

To be honest, someone mentioned at the start of the season about doing a write-up for league, used it as an excuse at work on quiet afternoons to make the boss think I was busy.
Had my dummy spit a couple of weeks ago when some trolls got started, made the challenge for them to do previews and rankings themselves, got fairly quiet, just proved what they were, like #188 above. Just shows they're like the parents sitting in stands bitching and whining about coach that volunteers their time to help kids out, but does very little themselves except brag how knowledgeable in they are to feed ego.
I'm no professional nor guru and have never claimed to be. Just putting observations down with no real bias as not affiliated with any club. In hindsight I may have ranked Woodville too high at 3 and South too low at 8. Who takes 3rd, Southern have bad loss, West not quite there yet. South lucky to escape with win against lowly central's. Big deal, it was my observation at the time. Don't do much on Saturday nights except flick around on games, rarely watch a full game, just a quarter or half here and there. So not breaking down every game.
So to trolls like #188, let's see your self proclaimed expertise and do your own writeups, strongly doubt you would even try. Just one of those loud mouth Y2K warriors.

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Last week

I'm no professional nor guru and have never claimed to be.

Gives himself the name NBL1Centralwoj ... ok mate.

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Last week

Yep, thought long and hard about that name to sound professional and know my shit. Thinking about copywriting it, it's so good.
Great comeback.

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Last week

Lighten up everyone. I enjoy both OG and Woj. Keep sharing your thoughts.

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Last week

Woj - in your week 8 rankings you said the South board would be drafting an expression of interest for next years coaching role.

Then you suggested Whitmore was completely outcoached and that Woodville will be looking for a new coach.

Still not satisfied you decide to have a dig at north juniors for some unknown reason and then have a go at Nyberg.

Then you have a cry for being outed as a troll yourself and in your comeback speech compare those critical of you with parents that sit in the stands bitching and whining about coaches to feed their ego.

The hypocrisy is incredible. You have called out past championship winners in Whitmore and Nyberg to be sacked from what I can only assume is the granny flat attached to your parents house.

At least you got the "I'm no guru" part right.

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Last week

When did Whitmore win a championship? And everyone knows Petty wont be coach at South next year if they continue with way they are going.

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Last week

May not be the coach by finals time the way they are going. If they had lost to Centrals I would have expected him to be very nervous by the phone over the long weekend.

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Last week

With the talent on hand at Marion they should win it regardless who the coach is.

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Last week

Starling is the talent on hand. Who else?

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Last week

More so the money in hands than talent on hand. Can't underachieve with that spend!

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Last week

$$$ spent on a title but they put a goose in charge.

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Last week

Petty isn't alone, plenty of snake oil guys in SA Basketball, they get found out eventually.

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Last week

Hearing Dickel roles are being re-drafted as well... Wont be JDo for much longer..Thompson making him look like he can coach at a NBL1 level

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