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Lessons for teams who didn't make the playoffs?

We now know who the final four are, but what went wrong for the bottom 5? How could they improve/or change up for next year?

9. Cairns
Made the most of their pop up stadium, but probably suffered from a light roster. 2 "Away" wins is always hard. New coach next year and a ew roster changes might work in their favour to make them a bit more competitive.

8. New Zealand
Essentially spending most of the season on the road in Australia would have been tough on the crew, a few injuries to critical players at the wrong time impacted them harder than most. More home games next season will see them a little happier.

7. Adelaide
Competitive at home (mostly), but injuries revealed a soft underbelly that teams took advantage of. The roster looks set for a revamp next year, with the only certainly being that the Sixers will be first team to sack an import. Import selection is their weakness, they seem to love to pick the import with the bung leg, one eyed guy who can't shoot threes, hasn't got any D and who doesn't want to play on the Sabbath... who also has issues off court. Giddey is a lock for Rookie of the Year, but he is NBA bound and when he was dishing out well, Sixers were scoring. Humphries gave them the grunt under the ring that has been lacking for some seasons.

6. Bullets
Finished 50/50 which is a sign of averageness. Obviously a great season by Sobes and at times the Bullets played well. Roster was not too shabby. Probably suffered a little bit from hunger. Didn't seem to have the agro that the top 4 teams had, and that reflected on the scoreboard. New coach next season, so it will be interesting to see how the roster is tweaked and if the hunger is there.

5. Kings
Just outside of finals and if they had a few games go the right way, could have finished Top 4. Won a few blow out games and lost a few blow out games too. (25 loss to Melbourne). Lost 8 two possession games, and won 8 two possession games. Ranked 5th offensively and 5th defensively. Funny season as they had some talent, but was it just a few injuries that hurt them? Didi Louzada leaving would have interrupted the balance for a bit. Just an unlucky season? New coach next season

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Last week

Lesson, spend more money.

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Last week

Kings need to move on from Ware, or he needs to move on from the NBL period like Randle.

NZ should try and retain Randolph and add a more mobile Centre, but shouldn't need to change much, just not have to be stuck in Australia for most of the season.

Cairns - If they can get Oliver and Newbill back then that should be enough, if not they might need to blow it up.

Adelaide - start with some decent imports.

Bullets - A new coach might make the current team a bit more competitive? Get Patterson to drop 10kgs.

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Last week

Overall kings did well, a few to many iso plays by Casper down the stretch hurt them. I think if Forde had his time again he'd be a bit more aloof from his senior players, they didn’t always follow what he wanted. The recruitment of Martin as a five man did not work as he had to play four, this got Kickett to much game time, luckily Hunter stood up. Cooks and Didi losses hurt, it was the loss of DJ that killed them down the stretch, he certainly played above all expectations.

Great stuff Jack as always.

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Last week

Win more.

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Last week

I doubt Space Cam will be back he is NBA bound for sure after they way he played for the Rockets.

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Last week

He played three games for a team doing their utmost to lose, against teams in similar positions. Hopefully he does stick though, would love to see him eye roll his way through a full season with coaches who will hold him to account.

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Last week

There are far inferior players in the NBA right now. Like Georges Niang.

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Last week

Brisbane's current imports are an interesting case. Law probably the stand-out, BJ has shown that he is definitely worth a spot, and we (I) know how good Patterson can be, even in this out-of-shape shape. Not sure that there has been a 2, 3, 4 import combination before. But, could it work? We have seen Patterson and BJ work well together, how will Law fit? Do you let 2 go to keep 1, t'other way round or keep all 3?

Of course, that depends on whose around them. With the current roster, Bullets have 3 better-than-serviceable bigs in Hodgson, Froling and Harrison, a couple of good mids, Drmic and Krebs, a couple of good PGs, Cadee and Wigness. And Sobey.

A starting 5 of Sobey, Law, Patterson, BJ and Hodgson/Harrison would be formidable. And these guys are all team oriented, it seems, so no problems with only 1 ball on the court to play with.

The bench, Cadee, Wigness, Drmic, Krebs, and the other 2 bigs, is more than adequate. Not as a 2nd unit though, like MU can, and do, do. More like Perth with a couple of starters always out there.

Throw a coach into the mix and I, for one, would like to see that!

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Last week

I'm tempted to blame injuries for some of these teams, but reality is when injuries are hitting everyone, you can't use it as an excuse.

Its' too difficult to talk about lessons. In a league like the NBL, half the team turns over every season so most of the time, it's more about starting over than applying lessons.

A few comments for each team:

Cairns- Realistically needs everything to go right to make playoffs. Nail your import selections, have a good run with injuries, play at your peak much of the time.

NZ- In hindsight, it was stupid of any of us to think they were a playoffs chance. Playing so many away games killed them. As did thinking Lamar would get himself into shape like he did the last couple of years.

Adelaide- Pick better imports next time. "MVP' Donald Sloane- MVP of what? NBL1? Paul was an upgrade but too late.

Brisbane- Perpetually a mediocre team. Always seem to finish 5th or 6th every year. Need to develop their young talent- Froling's career seems to have stalled but he's still very young, as is Harrison.

Kings- Casper was alright. Follow the recipe of the other power clubs with an Aussie core (like UTD have with CG, McCarron, Barlow 3+ yr players and now Peatling and White on 3 yr deals. Perth with Norton, Wagstaff etc) and find the right imports each year to complement them. Vasiljevic looks good, Hunter has taken steps forward this year, Moller is a quality role player - start by trying to lock those 3 into long term deals.

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Last week

In summary - 3 year deals are a good thing I reckon. Continuity and stability can be helpful in a topsy turvy league.

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Last week


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Last week

If kings bring back Martin (contracted) Cook, Vadonovic, I cannot see Moller staying, I suppose who coaches might have a bit to say.

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Last week

9. Cairns
Made the most of their pop up stadium, but probably suffered from a light roster. 2 "Away" wins is always hard. New coach next year and a ew roster changes might work in their favour to make them a bit more competitive.

This club refused to play in Townsville (logical choice) and jumped up and down until taxpayers had to build them a stadium at the start of the year.

Despite having that advantage, despite having the best import duo locked inbefore anyone else had theirs, despite having Jawai, King and Duffelmeier who all proved to be capable when given minutes, Cairns finished dead last by a big margin.

Yes Deng and Noi had injuries, but neither were exactly setting the world on fire and their replacements did a decent enough job. Oliver was barely interested the whole season and prefered being a stetch big plus the occassional dunk.

Cairns are pure trash, then what do you expect from a franchise where the singlet hanging from the rafter is Grabeau. The only lesson they can learn is try to find good imports and keep them interested.

8. New Zealand
Sure they got the worst 'draw' ever imaginable, but thats not anyone's 'fault', nor are the injuries to Websters and Abercrombie.
Rob Loe, for the second time decided Australia wasn't for him and he needed to go back to Mum. That mental weakness is on him and the Breakers.
Other than 2 x 20 rebound performances, Colton Iverson is awful, Fatterson was awful, Randolph is hot and cold.
There is no lesson here, in a more stable season where covid is less of an impact they'd probably finish 6th instead.

7. Adelaide
Injuries were an issue (Humphries).
I had thought with Humphires and Dech plus 2 new imports and a new coach would usher in a new era of better defence, thankfully we had DJ, and the 2 new imports to stop said ushering.
The coaching was average.
Pinder was more awful than good. McVeigh improved his shot making, hopefully one day he will work on decision making.

The lesson...clear it all out and restart.

6. Bullets
This is an average team at best. Froling moves the needle towards empty. Drmic is serviceable, Spudee slightly regressed from MIP.
Thankfully Hodgson decided not to exercise his covid opt out clause.
Fatterson only returned because both parties got desperate and wanted to hold onto something familiar, the result is even worse. 2 seasons ago thinner All NBL Patterson took Brisbane to the Semis where Perth got the broom out.

Lesson, get Law back.

5. Kings
Kings were supposed to make the playoffs, this is a massive failure year. Partly it was injuries but they weren't setting the world on fire pre DJ Achilles or Lazada NBA out. Still can't believe Lazada got that call. There were just not enough help for Ware and Martin.

Highlight of Forde's career is his post game presser.

Lesson, clear out all the dead wood, hopefully Bogut can bring in some contacts when he is done scrolling through Cambage's Insta.

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Last week

You obviously don't watch the kings much, Ware at times was iso selfish and Martin could not defend a palm leaf, no matter how many points he scored. The kings did well when he was out, when returned he got better defensively but still never understood help out D, getting himself into continuous foul trouble, he was the Sixers Johnson of the kings. The Bruce, Moller, Vadonovic actually did well, if ware had passed the ball a bit they would have won a few more games.

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Last week

Lovebroker, Rob Loe's mental weakness?
He went home because his wife had given birth and he probably wanted to be in their lives

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NZ were not that good when they got back to NZ, Abercrombie out and their defence went to shit. They have a reasonable squad but again it needs changes if they want to win.

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Last week

Breakers have said they may not be able to bring back both Tai Webster and WMW back next season.
I believe they are in talks with Iverson and Randoplh about possible returns next season.

Import / WMW
C.Web / Bach
Randolph / Abercrombie
Delaney / Galloway
Iverson /Loe

Leaves an import up their sleeve for injury replacement and looks competitive enough on paper as long as it isn't another season on the road.

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