Earlier this year

Kevin White Respect

Even before last season, I thought he was done.

When the Cats signed him, I had three thoughts:
1) WTF?
2) WTAF?
3) Maybe he's a placeholder???

Not only has he played a crucial role for the Cats, and played some very good minutes during the season, but he stood up massively when it counted.

He'll be mostly remembered for his time with the Kings & Illawarra, and as captain of the Hawks, but massive Kudos and Respect to this guy.
Helped the Wildcats salvage a little pride from this series.

I don't know what the plans are for next season, but a team wanting a leader could do worse.


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Earlier this year

Every time a three point shot leaves his hand it's a make or it's off the side of the backboard.

Jokes aside, agree with your words 100% as far as this season goes.

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Earlier this year

Or an airball, don't forget the airball.

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Perth fan.  
Earlier this year

He won me over as season progressed.

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Earlier this year

He certainly played himself into a new contract in the NBL!

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Earlier this year

Kevin White is a great guy. Never gave up. Kevin has been on the unlucky side sadly. Does deserve a championships but sadly championships aren't given.

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Earlier this year

I always felt like he was a Bevo guy as he was starting mainly for his defence, not sure about his ball handling and decision making still but I'm happy to have him shooting the 3 more so than I was with Damo or even Jarrod Kenny and I wasn't sure about that watching his form for 36ers.

Good luck to him, I'd hardly say he deserves a title but he deserves an opportunity to fight for another season.

I watched this game tonight thinking of Le'afa and how he and Duffelmeir were the buzz fresh faces out of contract throughout the season and how Perth felt like they were missing that spark off the bench... I still don't think he is a back up point guard and prefer him like Bevo used him at the Hawks and at the wildcats would this mean that Wani doesn't get a new contract? Would having him as Cotton's backup be the worst thing for him?

A lot has been said on here regarding White in Adelaide but is he a good locker room guy or not?

What mad Monday costume will he wear this season?

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Earlier this year

If it took this season to win you over then you don't understand the game.

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Earlier this year

Astounding effort

Always hustled hard and played solid D but never the most reliable jumper

But will now forever be remembered as "that guy who played his best basketball ever as a 34 year old in a Grand Final series"

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Earlier this year

Career 31% 3P shooter, typically gets no respect from the D

Shoots 9 from 18 from outside over 3 games

I guess its not that astounding really, but it certainly astounded me!

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Earlier this year

If you know anything about the guy and his history he will always give 100%.
Pleased to see that Respect for White acknowledged. Well done Dazz. Unlike others.

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Earlier this year

The stat about never scoring double digits in 275 games is the one I'll remember though. Just did it 3 times in a row

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Earlier this year

#NBL21 delivering big surprises right to the end
- Kev stepping up big time in the playoffs as the casualties mounted around him
- D2.0 posting something good on Hoops


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Earlier this year

I know its a bit of a backhanded compliment but you have to take the good with the bad with Kev. If only he could somehow tidy up some of the bone head turnovers he commits once or twice a game and he'd be a very solid back up point guard. Does some really good things on D and stepped up to run the point when Norton was out. But sometimes you just tear your hair out with the soft turnovers. He can undo some of his good work because of this. I think he deserves to be retained for another season and Gleeson seems to be getting the best out of him.

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Earlier this year

Again, quality coaches Gleeson, Bevo, get the best out of players, they understand character and players weak and strong points.

Well done Kevin.

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Three to Make Two  
Earlier this year

I know people who know Kevin off the court and, to use that well-worn cliche, he is a quality bloke of the court. They were upset when he got cut to the point they didn't renew their membership (but did come to Adelaide games!)

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