Two months ago

NBL to distribute funds to clubs

From the AAP:

Kestelman said the new media deal is a financial "game-changer" for the NBL with the current 10 clubs to benefit from a revenue-sharing agreement with the league.

"Sustainability and providing the tools for them (the clubs) to be sustainable is our No.1 goal," Kestelman said.

"Being able to distribute some funds to them is a great start and it's something that I think will continue into the future.

"We already have clubs that are profitable and doing well and I think it's fair to say that we have some clubs that still have work to do.

"We have a renewed focus as a league to make sure that we give them both the tools and the assistance to make sure that they keep improving."

"This is the first time for a very long time where there's been a substantial cheque written to the NBL," Kestelman said.

"We're going to keep investing in what our product looks like, to what the head office looks like and to what the NBL delivers.

"The investment is going to go back into the league and into the product.

"We're in this for the long-term.

"The league came from having almost no revenue to being sustainable, profitable and growing.

"That's our goal. We're going to continue to keep investing in basketball and in particular the NBL."

From the SMH:

"From a financial point of view, we have reached what is a bit of a watershed moment in the history of the NBL in that I think this will be the first time to distribute funds to our clubs ... we hope that it continues long into the future and that those amounts continue to grow," Loeliger said.

Also, News Corp has agreed to having a full-time dedicated basketball reporter for its digital and newspaper mastheads.

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Two months ago

I look forward to the idiots of the world having a problem with this.

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Two months ago

Cram disapproves.

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Two months ago

Thejust hope the basketball,show does t replace overtime, can't stand heal, Healy and rucker taking over with newscorp

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Two months ago

"There is an agreement in place with all of our clubs in relation to revenue sharing and importantly a significant part of that revenue sharing is to go to salaries for players, which I think it will mean we will continue to see the product grow and develop on and off the court.

“It is a huge development for clubs and the league, in terms of doing our part to ensure the sustainability of clubs long-term."

I hope that means better players, and not just shit players paid more.

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Two months ago

So what clubs are making a profit? Bullshit LK

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Two months ago

2 clubs are making profit.

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Two months ago

"So what clubs are making a profit? Bullshit LK"


found an idiot!

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Two months ago

So who are the 2 clubs? Please don't tell me Perth.

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Two months ago

What would be a good distribution model for this revenue?

1) Every team gets an equal amount?

2) Use memberships as determinant? Sum all memberships together and work out a ratio based on each team's share?

3) Use team revenue? The more you earn the bigger share you get?

4) The less you earn the more you get?

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Two months ago

Possibly more will go to the clubs teetering on the edge of oblivion so the NBL doesn't have to prop them out of other funds (or Kestelman's own pocket). Who knows tho. It's a first so something is better than nothing, but people will be upset no end still that they didn't get enough or they got too much.

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Two months ago

Would make sense that the distributions were even initially, but as time goes on those teams that contribute more to ratings would ask for a bigger piece of the pie.

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Two months ago

I hope that means better players, and not just shit players paid more.

Been thinking about this a fair bit lately. Ultimately, we want a scenario where the $$$ is top heavy - those that can get paid well elsewhere, they're the ones we need to funnel the money into.

Those 8-10/11 Aussies should get paid basically close to the minimum. Essentially clubs need to focus on attaining those big time players, and risk losing average Aussies to other NBL clubs to avoid bidding war that sees too much paid to Aussies and not enough cash left to attract top talent.

We also want the NBL to be a respectable professional sport where the players are full-time professional athletes. The minimum wage as it is at the moment, for essentially a 6 month stint is pretty decent.

Potentially if we see the NBL 1 get greater revenue through better coverage and administration ie. we're seeing coles express, bunnings etc sponsor; then we might be able to see slightly better salary caps for NBL 1 sides and some of those minimum wage NBL Aussies may be able to command some decent money there too? ~$15-25k?

Would love to see NZNBL become a conference in NBL1 for this exact reason - to be able to ensure minimum money an NBL player makes over the course of a full year ends up around ~$90k+.

The crux of it all is - we want lots of cash stashed aside to lure top talent; more average talent to have decent year-round wage with a compliment of NBL1/NZNBL.

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Two months ago

Brisbane Tightarses may actually spend some money if the NBL is distributing payments to teams.

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Two months ago

Kevin Martin and co could not give a toss, probably waiting till 2031 when they have a 15,000 seats stadium and let lk grow the clubs price.

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Two months ago

"those that can get paid well elsewhere, they're the ones we need to funnel the money into."


That's an expensive, and possibly pointless trap.

It needs to be balanced, and we need to focus on making basketball a sustainable career for more players. Ideally you want a system that makes it a attractive for young players, and stops the losses to AFL, where by talented young players are giving up on basketball simply because even an AFL rookie slot pays so much better

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Two months ago

I'd prefer it to be spent on the non negotiables that a professional basketball team need to deal with ie travel, accommodation and venue hire. If all clubs got a set amount for those things (yes it's not fair in terms of what each team spends as Perth and New Zealand have the largest travel costs) then it allows clubs to still dictate where they spend their resources.

I'm also aware that funds given by NBL should exceed travel, accomodation and venue hire costs but I think it's understood where I'm coming from but the logistics need more thought.

I just want it to be fair and we are in a climate whether we like it or not where schedules are constantly being changed so I'm afraid of the costs of changing flights etc.

Also intrigued if the NBL players association will put their hands out wanting something themselves too.

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Two months ago

A rainy day provision would be a good idea.

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