Last year

Patty Mills signs with Brooklyn Nets, $12m over 2 years

What the hell is wrong with his agent?

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Last year

Seems like Patty might be doing a favour for his old mate Sean Marks by taking a discount

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Easy As  
Last year

He was never winning another championship with Spurs, so why not take a discount for the opportunity to win another? The probability of luxury tax effecting what brooklyn could pay, which resulted in a 29 million dollar tax hit for his contract is high.
Don't get me wrong, I'm disappointed with the deal, but at this stage of his career perhaps money wasn't the main factor in this decision from Patty's point of view.

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Last year

2 years 12 million and people complain it's not enough?

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Last year

How's he gonna put food on the table tho?

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Last year

Great spot for him. At this point I'm sure he's excited to be playing for a ring again.

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Last year

I loved Patty as a Spur but he doesn't make sense there anymore. And I'm glad he's not a Laker. Given his effectiveness off the ball, he's a good fit with all the ball-dominant Nets guys and should be a good contributor who can step into a bigger role if stars go down. Hope he gets another ring or 2.

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Last year

Not sure he made much sense there last year or two either. Always thought once they were done with him, he should go get a big pay day and be FIBA Patty on any team with the FGA for him.

I guess this way he gets enjoyment out of contributing to a strong team. Good fit for him.

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Last year

The second year has a player option. He'll decline the player option and become a restricted free agent again for some more coin.

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Last year

Sorry, unrestricted free agent

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Last year

Jock Landale just signed with the Spurs for 2 years, big. Congrats Jock

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Last year

Patty will be open looks virtually every time he is on the floor with Hardens insane court vision and playmaking then with the added fact all of the Nets big three command do much attention. Not even counting Joe freaking Harris marksman ability. The Nets are loaded and still will add a piece in the upcoming Spencer Dinwiddie trade to Washington,

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Young Gun  
Last year

over to the dark side

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Last year

Bloody love Patty and want him to go great guns.

For me, Lakers and Nets easily the most dislikable teams in the league. I'll be hate watching his games hah :)

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Last year

Yep, this feels like Luke Skywalker suddenly realizing that the dark side might be worth joining under the Emperor and Darth Vader.

I might actually have to cheer for them sometimes now. Weird.

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Last year

At least if there's a Nets/Lakers final as everyone expects there'll be patty's play to distract people from the farce of super teams.

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Last year

It has been suggested that BA or FIBA confirmed Thybulle takes one of the naturalised spots. This still seems very odd to me, that Thybulle obtained Australian citizenship while living in the US, about a decade after he last set foot in the country.

It's what stumped me as well but you can apparently prove a link to Australia while remaining overseas and having no intent of residing here. Playing for the Boomers would be it.

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Hakeem Mills  
Last year

Maybe that was the biggest contract offered? So dark side comments unnecessary.

Tbh a team rebuilding won't want him as he's too old. So only contenders will want him & with the superstar contracts atm there isn't much space for the rest of the roster.

Happy Patty will be able to compete for a 'ship again at the very least.

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Last year

" obtained Australian citizenship while living in the US"

Sssh don't question it, be cool, be cool!

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Mat B  
Last year

>>Tbh a team rebuilding won't want him as he's too old. So only contenders will want him & with the superstar contracts atm there isn't much space for the rest of the roster.<<

If I was rebuilding he'd actually be a priority because of his experience, exceptional leadership and communication which would be ideal for mentoring the younger players - just as he's done for the past few years in S.A.

I agree with others sentiments, it will feel very weird seeing him play for Brooklyn

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Last year

Could definitely have cashed in more elsewhere but obviously took a cut in order to win another title. Will fit in well spacing the court and brings undoubted experience and leadership.
With Dinwiddie looking like being a wizard, wonder what they can get in sign and trade there.
Along with Porter signing with GSW, probably the best non star pickups in free agency.

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Hakeem Mills  
Last year

Mat B

I think when people look for a locker room presence.

They tend to look for guys willing to come back on near minimum contracts. And go without minutes.
Juwan Howard on Miami for example.

Patty taking minutes away from young players on a rebuilding team seems like what a team doesn't want to do.

Horford / Walker is meant to be a great locker room guy. But OKC wanted to give the young kids minutes.
I think that's pretty regular for rebuilding teams.
(Horford was told to stay home until a trade was found) (Kemba has been bought out)

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Hakeem Mills  
Last year

PS I also feel when most teams say X is a great locker room presence it's an attempt to up their trade value do they can ship them out.

IE Rockets John Wall is a good example.
Rockets front office keep saying he's a great locker room guy while trying desperately to trade him.

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Last year

When you already have Durand, Harden and Irving, I don't think anyone else could be a genuine locker room presence

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Last year

Great spot for him. He'll get plenty of wife open looks and with their main guys all having injury issue in the last couple of years, there'll be plenty of minutes.

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Plenty of wife open looks? I'd be careful whose wife I was openly looking at if I was him.

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Last year

Haha damn auto correct

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Last year

With Kryie 'flat-earther' Irving applying his conspiracy theory logic to his decision to get vaccinated, it looks like he will be unable to play in home games due to New York health laws. This might open up more minutes and starts for Mills. Or even Irving traded.

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