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Opinion Depth Charts

PG McCarron/ Dufelmeier
SG Hannahs/King (NS)
SF Dech/ Wither
PF Johnson/ Malou
C Humphries / Sotto

PG Sobey/Cadee/Wigness
SG Moss/Krebs
SF Patterson/Drmic
PF / Deng / Samuel (DP)
C Harrison/ Salt

PG Machado/Kenny
SG McCall/ Djeric
SF Noi/ Ngatai/ Kual
PF Deng / Pinder
C Oliver / Jawai

PG Trice / Naar/ Dent (DP)
SG Harvey / White
SF Jessup (NS) / Cleveland
PF S Froling / H Froling
C Reath/ Ogilvy/ Gak

Melbourne - White Injured
PG Dellavadova / Ili
SG Goulding / Prewster / Triplett (DP)
SF / Newley
PF Peatling / Barlow / Okwera
C Hukporti/ Lual-Acuil / Dalton

New Zealand
PG Siva / McDowell-White
SG Webster / Bach / Besson
SF Abercrombie / Dieng/ Davidson (DP)
PF Delany / Galloway
C Wetzell / Loe / Timmins (DP)

PG Norton / White
SG Cotton
SF Blanchfield / Travers / Shervill (DP)
PF / Wagstaff
C / Majok

South East Melbourne
PG / Adnam
SG Gliddon / Le'afa
SF Broekhoff / Te-Rangi
PF Creek / Tohi-Smith Milner
C Hankins / Pineau

Sydney - Vasiljevic injured
PG Adams / Bruce / Bayles
SG Hunter / Glover / Swaka Lo Boluk ( Injury replacement)
SF Cooks / / Galloway
PF Martin /Vodnavich
C Hunter / Maker (NS)

PG Magette / Weeks / MacDonald (DP)
SG Adams / McDaniel / Deans (DP)
SF Mikhailovskii (NS) / Stendil / Keyon
PF McIntosh / McVeigh / Krslovic
C Magnay / Bairstow / Perry (DP)

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Last year

Sydney and nz looking strongest, other rosters still not completed. Tasmania talking finals up, lol. Cairns not good. Phoenix get a good point guard and will look good. Hawk strong. Sixers should play finals if Humphries stays fit. Brisbane, Perth and United depends on imports brought in, Gleeson big loss at Perth.

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Last year

Any word on Hodgson? Perth seem to need a C

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Last year

Perth won't get hodgy. They'll go import hodgy wants a lot of money

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Last year

No way Hukporti starts in front of Lual-Acuil, at least initially.

Hodgson not having a home yet is interesting.
I think it's likely he will stay in Brisbane but perhaps Perth or Cairns

Perth looks really shaky with Trev gone.
But, you can never write them off, especially if they get two stud imports to pair with Cotton. Will Mooney be back?

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Last year

36ers announcing a new player tomorrow or soon?

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Last year

36ers need back up centre. Humphries is injury prone and can't trust Sotto to play any meaningful minutes.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last year

A lot of good teams with a lot of athleticism coming through, but i think we can see a clear tier system coming in with SEM, Tasmania and Bullets at the bottom and everyone else contending for playoffs.

Adelaide need another back up big and a forward and I think they'll get both of those done. You wouldn't want to rely on Sotto for big minutes as has been mentioned but if they fill those spots they look like a playoff team. Outside of that this is as solid and as deep as I think the Sixers have probably ever been.

Kings are a clear favourite based on imports alone. Hawks have a real solid starting 5 and main rotation. If Perth get their imports right they'll be in the mix again but if they don't, this might be the first season that they miss the playoffs.

Either way, the league is littered with great players and even on the shit teams there will be players of interest for different reasons so should make for a fun season. A whole lot of athleticism, a lot of youth, some NBA level imports, the most Sudanese-Australian representation we've ever had, Delly's back. A lot to get excited about as the season rolls ahead.

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Last year

PG Trice / Naar / Dent (DP)
SG Harvey / White / (DP)
SF Cleveland / Grida
PF Reath / H.Froling / Gak
C S.Froling / Ogilvy

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Last year

Bullets fan^
Hodgson won't be at cairns they have a full rosters
Mooney is in Japan
I have Hukporti starting over Lual acuil because lual-acuil is bench player he gives united that energy.

are you serious SEM bottom tier they're bringing back 7/11 players from their finals team...

I think so

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Last year

They put a fb post up which eluded to another spot being filled.

Personally, I think they need an import starting PF that's defensive.

If they went with a backup guy- I don’t think that’s quite enough to be a top 4 side

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Last year

Purchase and CJ turnage ( NBL1 Central MVP)
I feel like it'll be purchase and someone Ket.

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Last year

Adelaide's only priority right now should be a star SF.

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Last year

Isn't Withers an SF?

Why would they do that if they’ve already got Dech and Withers

King is also a lengthy SG - so Adelaide already has 120 minutes to deal with between McCarron, Hannahs, Dech, Withers, King, Duffelmeier. There’s not a 30 minute gap to have a star import.

Whilst bigs wise - it’s IH and DJ, then it dips significantly to Sotto and Malou. Take IH off for a breather or foul trouble and they’re screwed defensively.

Starting defensive PF, then you’ve got 80 minutes between IH, DJ, Import - and if someone gets in foul trouble or injury you try to conjure minutes out of Malou/Sotto

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last year

are you serious SEM bottom tier they're bringing back 7/11 players from their finals team...

So? Other teams have got better. Who do SEM have? Te Rangi? Adnam? Gliddon? It's just not a good team.

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The Ibek-Way  
Last year

Nice mate, thanks for doing this up

I guess we will see when the season starts but SEM starting Creek, Gliddon and Broekhoff with two imports ain't too shabby. they already have the luxury of a better local unit than half the other teams do.

Is Jessup (Hawks) and Oliver (Cairns) returning? i was under the impression that both were playing elsewhere this season?

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Last year

KET, we need another scorer. Someone who can get their own bucket.
Everyone so far on the team needs to be assisted.
From the eye test Withers is a SF/PF.

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Last year

Jeremy Lin, I Thomas and Jimmer Fredette waiting for a call?

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Last year

For Jimmer, I don't think he will ever leave the CBA for the NBL. He has a lot of things going for him there. Signature shoes, the way fans treat him, his setup, etc. At the end of the day, he is a basketball player and he did leave the CBA for the NBA and Europe, but I don't think he will be attracted to the NBL. Don't get me wrong, he could, but it is unlikely that he will, even Ra Gun-ah of Korea won't play here because of the pay. If they could pay him well, I can see him play here.  

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Last year

if united are shit that Barlow and Newley will walk for young players

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Last year

How are White and Vasiljevic's rehabs going?

Achilles can be variable like any injury- are they coming back in December, or March?

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Last year

Ra Gun-ah told me he would like to play in the NBL. But the pay difference is too big.

I think Ra Gun-ah is in his early 30's. Getting late for him if he wants play in the NBL or not?

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Last year


I am not sure, but I think Ra is in his last year or something in his KBL contract? Quick Google says that he is 32. From what I have seen of him in the ACQ and the OQT, the dude is such a high-level player. I never understood why he was not playing in the NBA. He was scoring on everybody against Lithuania. Ra is an Ox. Ra still has a good 2-3 years, in my opinion, before he starts to regress. Based on his performances, he seems like the same guy to me at least. If it is indeed the last year of his deal, he will be a free agent next year. For me, he is in a position where he will take the best deal possible. He's not getting any younger and he must maximize his earning potential for his family.  

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Last year

They said he was poormans draymond green a few years ago

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Last year

My hope atm is

6'0 B.Cotton
6’1 M.Norton
6’2 K.White
Next star cg
6’5 J.Antonio
6’7 T.Blanchfield
6’7 C.Shervill(dp)
6’8 L.Travers
Import pf
6’8 J.Wagstaff
6’9 M.Majok
6’10 M.Mathiang
Import c

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Last year

Even though Ra is American-Korean, I think he is still classified as an import in Australia.

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Last year


Oh so if hypothetically. Angelo Kouame of the Philippines gets a contract in the NBL. He is also classified as an import rather than a Special Restricted Player?

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