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The NBA are looking at introducing a mid-season Cup (in the vein of the FA Cup, and several other European Competitions), with all 30 teams competing, and the winning team receiving $1M for each of the winning players.

By the looks of it, the idea has been around for a while.

For an already packed 82 game regular season + playoffs for over half the competition, too much or cool addition ?

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Earlier this year

With their 82 regular season it's too much. NBA should do what WNBA did. Just make the Cup games part of the regular season.

If NBA brought the Cup earlier like the European competitions then having it as a seperate competition could of worked. But it’s a bit too late.

Be interesting to see how it pans out. NBA players won’t really care winning the NBA Cup.

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Earlier this year

Nah, just seems like extra games for the sake of it. Load management has only really begun recently in the NBA, can't see a LeBron wanting to play for pocket money in his case. Maybe if they had a 3x3 tournament at all star game that could have some interest. Players in actual game would be ruled out and usually teams want to rest players over break. So could be made up out of all the teams, maybe having to have a rookie or second year player in squad. Might see bad teams having a chance and give the fans something to root for. Have winners get a couple million each, winner take all.
But Silver seems to be coming up with a lot of new ideas. Play in was needed because of Covid, has pros and cons. And massive TV deal coming up will probably want more content.

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Do it in the preseason.
82 games is already more than enough.
Best players are normally stuck in all star weekend unless "injured".

30 teams 15 games in first round.
15 winners + best loser to round of 16.
Then quarter finals and so on.

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I think it would be nice if only 16 NBA teams could join. They could either be the bottom 8 of each conference, or a mix. Then 16 other teams from Europe, the NBL, BAL, the CBA, etc. 

Another option could also be just 24 NBA teams and 8 of the best international teams for better competitiveness, I guess.

They should also probably model the format of the World Cup. It lasted 16 days with 32 teams.

The only thing that would stink is that the games would be under NBA rules, from the refereeing to the court and etc.

It could serve as a preseason for the NBA teams joining in the competition or whatever. I don't really see where on the NBA schedule this could be added other than in the preseason.


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A shift to pre-season would be good, but I also think Silver would want to legitimize it as much as possible, and a pre-season comp wouldn't probably be attended by the big dogs as much.

Think if they do it Pre-Season, they invite the Euroleague champion and either another big league champion (maybe NBL?) or a G League All Star team, and make it a straight 32 team knockout tournament.

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For teams outside the NBA, it is really a tricky situation. Teams in the Euroleague are a very good standard. These teams are the best collections of talent outside the NBA. Top teams in Spain, top teams in France, top teams in Serbia, etc. 

How about this

The top ten European league teams

National Basketball League champion

Basketball Africa League Champion

Champion of the FIBA Americas League

Champion of the FIBA Asia Champions Cup

Best CBA team (Chinese market)

The last spot will be a wildcard. It could be the top B league team or the next European team or whatever.

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Earlier this year

I can't see the NBA Cup becoming an International competition like the FIBA Intercontinental Cup.

The big issue with the Intercontinental Cup is that it’s meant to have the champions of each continent, but the last couple of seasons they only included countries from the Americans and Europe.

At least the 2022 FIBA Intercontinental Cup will finally have a team from Africa. But why aren’t they including teams from Asia and Oceania.

FIBA needs to scrap the Intercontinental Cup and start again. They need to include every continent. It definitely needs a makeover. The past winners are inconvenient when there only from 2 continents.

If FIBA weren’t Stubborn with the Euroleague then the Euroleague champions would be the better choice. BCL is the 3rd tier European club competition even the EuroCup is better then the BCL.

If FIBA could move forward they need champions from the Euroleague, Americas champions, BAL champions, NBA/NBA G-League champions and for Oceania the National Basketball League champions. Asia I’m not too sure what’s their main club competitions. They should include Australia and New Zealand in the future.

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They should just call it the FIBA Club World Cup like the FIFA competition. Definitely needs a makeover.

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Earlier this year

If they were serious it should be Anadolu Efes (Euroleague)/San Pablo Burgos (BCL), Melbourne United (NBL), Zamalek (BAL), Flamengo, (BCLA), Alvark Tokyo, (ABC).

Not sure why it hasn't happened yet?

Fiba and Euroleague need to get their act together.

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Earlier this year

How many teams outside the NBA would want to play in a competition under strict NBA rules, courts, etc?
Unless there was a lot of money in it for them, and the possibility of players being drafted, you'd think they'd have Buckley's of winning a game when everything is in favour of the NBA.

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Earlier this year

It did exist and it was great!

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Two months ago

The big issue with the Intercontinental Cup is that it's meant to have the champions of each continent, but the last couple of seasons they only included countries from the Americans and Europe.

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