croc hunter
Years ago

Sporting Pulse

can someone explain why sporting pulse not happening
div 1 men have played 3 rounds only week one updated and friday/saturday results well it be christmas at the rate the results are being posted - not
i guess if i did not have to pay 9 bucks or whatever to get i could visit stadiums myself

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what the  
Years ago

someone from basa has to do it

it is normally brad who looks after that - or colin

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Years ago

Frankly this is becoming a joke.

Maybe they should make a more modern system where results can be sent directly from the stadiums to the server so nobody at BASA has to uploade the results ?

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Years ago

Nobody gets a printed program any more...nobody gets very much at all from BASA anymore. They don't put the junior results in the Advertiser .......they don't put the results up on SportingPulse.

I am only a coach.......but I do feel for the people who are paying good money for their Kids to play "organised" sport. No wonder people are leaving District Ball to go and play at their local club for a couple of bucks a least they get programs and results.

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Years ago

They should build a system that automates the procedure. Allows people to upload scores, send out via email, publish online, export to a format useful for The Advertiser. Some development costs, but would save on labour and provide more for those involved in the sport.

Yes, BASA have no money, but it's a system that would be seen by everyone involved in the sport. Put ads in the mail-outs, on the league ladders, etc. Get sponsorship to pay for development.

That's what I'd do.

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Years ago

on the point of sponsorship,

what would it cost to be a sponsor of a junior side or what ever eg, name on back of top sort of thing or front what ever is allowed ???

been the short sponsor for a sanfl club but looking to other areas as well if i can afford it

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Years ago

I think it would be good to see some updated results and stuff so that we can see whats going on around the league.

'Organised Sport' is that wat its supposed 2 be.....

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Years ago

Isaac, your on the mark with this comment and cLaRky apart from your caps lock bouncing around, I couldn't agree more with you!
Where or how can we mere participators and contributors within the sport put some pressure on those "administrating" the game to get this ACTIONED?
(NB cLaRky: that's deliberate caps lock for emphasis!)

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Years ago

you just have to wait .....

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I have always thought the same thing. Some poor bastards (no offense intended to the actual person if they read this) job at BASA must be take all the scoresheets, check them, sort out the wins etc., put them into the internal BASA system then get them up on sporting pulse. I would think this may be a large part of someones job.

Surely an application could be built to get the stadium managers to input the scores for each game online. The table could be stored somewhere in an XML document for clubs, sportingpulse (if possible) etc. to pickup as a realtime feed to their sites. This kind of application would cost a bit but would enable the poor bastard that inputs scoresheets all day to move onto something else of greater significance + everyone could check out the scores much more quickly.

What are your thoughts Isaac? Surely this kind of application could work in many locations around the place. There may even be something like this alread.

I have often thought of this concept and even the possiblity of live links to the scoring tables.

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Years ago

You got it. Spreads the load a bit.

Easier for a bunch of team managers, coaches or club reps to put up some scores than it is for one person at BASA to get lumped with doing it all.

Could even have it read in boxscores automatically if they were formatted correctly with perfect club/team/player names (an expensive addition though and I wouldn't trust clubs to ensure perfectly clean data).

Another thing I'd do would be to try and get sponsorship from Internode or similar to provide broadband in each stadium. Put in a secure wireless connection (the router is $150 - cheap as hell) and allow authorised laptops to have net access. Then stats bench can upload straight from a laptop, ABL games can broadcast live stats better than the NBL setup (the software has an in-built Game Monitor function to do this, so no extra cost), all sorts of stuff.

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Years ago

What actually happens is that the stadium door keeper does a running sheet which is faxed into BASA.

The problem is that most stadiums do not have a computer and that this might be seen to cause more problems than it solves.

Hell, some stadiums still have miniball programs typed on a type writer rather than printed on a computer.

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most clubs have access to laptop for aba stats anyway. I would find it hard to beleive if there is not a pc somewhere in every single basketball stadium.

Isaac do you reckon this concept would be comercially viable? IE build the app so it could be used all over the place?

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Years ago

Clubs don't have much money, so probably not.

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Years ago

So back to my point some ways back in the thread. How do we as part of the basketball community progress this to make it actually happen?

Do we need to go through our clubs or is there another way?

We need it to happen.

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