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New TV Deal?

I see lots re the new TV deal with ESPN, Kayo and 10.

Will NBLTV still be available, as it has been?

Will NBLTV continue with NBL1 streaming? If not, will the group above? Will anyone?

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NBL1 will have a game of the week on kayo

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Thanks, Anon. So, to watch all/lots of games, it's a Kayo subscription, right?

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Last week

This has also been something I was keen to know because I live overseas and NBL TV and twitch have been great to allow me to watch whichever games whenever.

However just got this email from NBL TV:

This is to inform you that your subscription with NBL TV has ended.
Your recurring payment has stopped because NBL TV no longer offers this specific subscription.
Check out their website on NBL TV in order to understand how to get access to their premium content.
On behalf of NBL TV,
Thank you

What a joke. I've held on to the subscription through these announcements hoping that it would continue even after i started watching more and more through twitch last season as it was just easier. They even took a payment a few days ago.

No transparency on this issue since the tv deal announcement has been pretty poor form to say the least. What will those of us overseas use to watch the NBL? And by watch, i mean pick and choose what games we watch and when. The subscription based services are relatively expensive and its not clear how well these would even work through a VPN as they are only technically on offer within Australia. No guarantees on which games will be shown via the free services.

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Last week

" No transparency on this issue since the tv deal"

I mean ESPN/Kayo/Foxtel paid like $45mil, did you think NBL TV was going to continue and compete for subscribers?

“ The subscription based services are relatively expensive”
That's how they afford to give the NBL some money.

“ No guarantees on which games will be shown via the free services.”

Sunday 1pm and 3pm AEDT regular season games on Ten Play and 10Peach.

The fixture is out, to the extent it’s unaffected by Covid, that gives you all the games that will be for free.

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Last week

Thanks for your input KET, but im talking specifically about overseas viewers here (7 hours behind here). The new TV deal is great for the NBL no doubt and yeah I agree, its hard to compete given the context of the deal and the new premium services.

However, I wish to mainly watch Bullets games and NBL TV was great for watching whichever games, whenever. I just dont have the free time to watch whatever content will come to free to air etc. I want to watch my team when I can, though I know thats me, however small my niche is.

Yes, no transparency. NBL TV should have been discontintued after the TV deal was announced not dragged along for a few months and new features teased - and money taken. Probably naive to think it would continue but there is a market for overseas viewers which seems to fall outside the newly available options. So my my only option is to hope that the free content covers to some extent the content I want to watch, rather than pay a fair amount to get the exact content I want to see.

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"I mean ESPN/Kayo/Foxtel paid like $45mil, did you think NBL TV was going to continue and compete for subscribers?"

KET - None of the TV deal announcements I've seen mentioned discontinuing the NBL TV service. The NBL website (still) promotes NBL TV subscriptions as a way watch games live. Taken together, I think it's more than fair for people to think the service might continue.

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Last week

I assume this means there's no more Classic Games archive on NBL TV either, then? Haven't checked it in a while but that used to be included in the subscription.

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Last week

" but im talking specifically about overseas viewers here (7 hours behind here)."

Understandable - you (international subscriber) might become an unfortunate loser in the scenario of this tv deal. Worth flicking the NBL an email to see what the situation is. Hopefully they do find a way to make it broadly available.

They have said they are still working on overseas broadcast agreements which may affect things too.

“ Taken together, I think it's more than fair for people to think the service might continue.”

I think the NBL has always purposefully vague about NBL TV in order to get people to use other streaming - this time I agree they should have been clear about it. From an Australian perspective I think if you're aware of the tv deal it’s probably a safe assumption though.

From an international perspective it’s always very vague by the NBL unfortunately - they never really list the TV stations the NBL can be watched on (there have been some historically for a few countries) and something definitely worth asking the NBL and checking in on. I’d be livid if I was overseas and not able to watch!

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Last week

Yes KET, that's it mate. There has been no other way to watch the NBL right now where I am other than via NBL TV or twitch, which are both now of course unavailable. Probably had it too good almost. I had also occasionally watched via SBS on demand via VPN. I imagine I will be able to do the same with Tens online services, but it's not even clear whether the Kayo free service will function via a VPN (or stream quickly enough) so its a bit of a hit having full coverage to what is on offer at this point. I sent them an email in response so let see what they say. Hopefully the overseas options are announced soon, but I'm not holding out too much hope. NBL is the one sport from home that I have been able to keep in touch with since I moved overseas. Fingers crossed.

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Last week

All the best. It's never easy watching sports when you move overseas. Not clear to international viewers but your best choice is watching the games on 10play.

SBS On Demand was the best opinion last season because every game was free to watch.

I never really understood how NBL TV works. It played up on me when I use to use it. NBL still have Classic games which are free without charge.

Surprisingly you can’t find the classic games on the NBL TV website. You’ll need to search Classic NBL games on google search to find the missing link. It’s /classicgames if I’m right? Not sure why NBL are trying to hide the games.

NBL haven’t put any extra classic games. I’ve nearly watched all the games from the eras I enjoyed watching. They need to show more games of the Slingers, Pirates and Falcons. There isn’t any games of Gold Coast Blaze which is a massive joke. Be great to see Goulding in his prime..

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