Years ago

Pontel NBA DVD's

Has anyone ever used this site before?

I have just signed up to receive a double dvd pack every week for the whole regular season.

If your interested heres the link:


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Years ago

hey bizzy sounds like a good deal.....

reckon u could hook me up??

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Years ago

Sounds kool i might look into it more,do u no if the price includes postage?

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Years ago

Yeah - DVD's to Australia are generally $22.50 each, including postage. Some good vintage games on the site too. I have got about 8 or so DVD's from there.

How much did the 2 games per week deal set you back Bizzy? Around $500 or $600?

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Years ago

So TCP have you bought some individual DVD's off of the site for bout $23 including postage??

How long did they take to arrive??

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Years ago

Yep - I've bought some NBA & College games from there. Usually takes about 2 weeks to get here.

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Years ago

This site has been around forever. Gary Fox used to have these Pontel videos at the old Apollo that he would rent fort $5 bucks. Very reliable and good quality.

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

Yeh bizzy how much did the season deal cost? and is all that in US dollars or Aus dollars?

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Years ago

Cost me about $550AUD for the season. 50 DVD's plus the whole all star weekend.

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Joel Withers  
Years ago

I alos purchased the Lakers Season Ticket from pontel. Maybe we could hook up wit each other and trade some of the games ??

let me know if interested at [email protected]

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Years ago

I'm a huge NBA fan from France and I've also suscribed at pontel for the entire year (both GOWs).
It's been a while I was looking for other regular customers and double-pack DVDs suscribers.
Each week, there are more than 2 games I'd like to watch. For example, this week, the 2 Lakers games, the 2 knicks games, the 2 rockets games look to be great. That's why I would really LOVE to meet suscribers interested in keeping in touch on a regular basis in order to get all the great games of the season, and then trading for them. "Bizzy" and Joel Withers, if that's the case, please drop me an e-mail. Cause I'm sure many of us buy the same games and it's a pity because for the same price we could get 4,5 or 6 different games instead of 2. And at this point, THAT would be really interesting.

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Years ago

I'm looking to buy some pontel games, maybe we could trade or something. Looking for Dallas Mavericks dvds. Hit me up at [email protected]

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Years ago

What is the quality like of these games? has someone just taped them off the TV or are they something more official than that?

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Years ago

i have over 1000 nba dvds, if interested in a trade email me. [email protected], i'm after Dominique Wilkins games

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Years ago

i'm urgently looking for 2001 lakers playoff games (vs spurs games 3, 4 & vs kings games 1, 2, 4) I am prepared to pay well for having them.

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Years ago

does any one know a contact for this site

email address does not work

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Chen Yu-quan  
Years ago

I have many nba games on dvd.
I want AI games dvds whichs I have not now.
So if you want trade nba games,please email me
at [email protected]
And if you want buy some games,you can also ask me.
I can sell you for cheaper.

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Years ago

i have a large collection of nba dvds including about 4 seasons of pontel games. email me your list of basketball games to me at [email protected] and i will email you back my list and we can trade. thanks

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mr clutch  
Years ago

Are pontel DVD's burnt or pirated in anyway or are they official? Thanks

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Years ago

hey,been subscribing to pontel since the early 90,s ,if anyone has bulls games during the jordan era,lease email me and will work something out.

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chris wilson  
Years ago

how many pontel videos do you have damian and do you have any nba action episodes as well

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Years ago

If anyone is intersted in trading NBa dvd's, please email me [email protected]

I habe many MJ games and many other classics.


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Years ago

Does anybody have Season Games from Pontel back in 90's. I have been looking for these since 2003.. Wish someone can reply need help

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Years ago

My girlfriend bought me the 1993 EC finals series between NY and CHI from Pontel. Every game was the full broadcast and was great quality.

Im wondering if any one has any Chicago Bulls dvds from the 'dark days' of around 1999 - 2003/04ish. Living in the UK I have never seen any footage from around this time (apart from one game from 99 which I own) and the NBA was very hard to keep track of for me then. (I had no idea Pippen/BJ/Perdue etc returned to the Bulls). Also could not believe Starks was a Bull and would love to know if anyone has any footage.

If anyone can help or has info my email is [email protected]

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Years ago


I don't do overseas trading, due to the high costs. But, if anyone wants to make a trade with me, my e-mail address is [email protected] I have hundreds of College Basketball games and about 30-40 NBA games.

I'm after the following:

Atlanta Hawks (Mostly games involving Dominique Wilkins and also games featuring Mutombo and Steve Smith from 1996-99)
Boston Celtics
Charlotte Hornets games (from 1988-2002; mostly during the LJ/Zo/Muggsy Bogues eras - circa 1991-96)
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers (Games from 1987-95)
Dallas Mavericks (games featuring Rolando Blackman, Mark Aguirre, Adrian Dantley and James Donaldson from 1983-90/The Three J's era from 1994-97, Dirk/Finley/Nash era from 1998-2004/05)
Denver Nuggets (Doug Moe "Run and Gun" era from 1982-88 and Mutombo games from 1991-96. Also, some Van Exel/McDyess games from 1999-2001 and Carmelo Anthony games)
Detroit Pistons (Games from 1982-2000 and 2001-05)
Golden State Warriors (Games from 1988-97 and 2001-07)
Houston Rockets
Reggie Miller games with the Indiana Pacers
Los Angeles Clippers (Games from 1988-93 and 2001-02)
Los Angeles Lakers
Memphis Grizzlies (Wouldn't mind their days in Vancouver)
Miami Heat (1988-01, 2003-06)
Milwaukee Bucks (1969-74, 1980-2001)
Minnesota Timberwolves (1989-2005)
New Jersey Nets (1982-86, 1989-95, 1996-2006)
Orlando Magic (1989-2003)
Philadelphia 76ers
Phoenix Suns (1988-2005)
Portland Trail Blazers
Sacramento Kings (Mitch Richmond era and J-Dub/C-Webb era)
San Antonio Spurs
Seattle SuperSonics (Mostly Shawn Kemp/GP era)
Toronto Raptors (VC and T-Mac era)
Utah Jazz (Stockton and Malone era)
Washington Bullets (C-Webb and Juwan Howard era. Also, I wouldn't mind Bernard King games)

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NBa fan  
Last year

Hi, I'm looking for regular season matches of the MAVs from 1996/7 and college matches from 1994

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Last year

Haha, it's nearly 2020 and Pontel are still in business.

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