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Which NBA division is currently strongest?

Just looking at the standings this season and thinking about how the Southwest was once a powerhouse division with Spurs, Rockets, Mavs and Grizzlies. Grizzlies upcoming, Mavs on the cusp or middling depending on your attitude. Pelicans are a disaster this season, Rockets mid-tank and Spurs should be tanking.

Atlantic is decent with Nets, 76ers, Knicks, Raptors better than expected and Celtics underperforming. Pacific has Warriors, Suns, Clippers, Lakers and even the Kings aren't quite hopeless.

So, how do you rank the divisions? And then would that change if you were pulling out a five man team?

Atlantic: Durant, Harden, Embiid, a Jay or two from Boston?
Central: mostly grab from Bulls and Bucks?
Southeast: Four from the Heat and Trae?
Northwest: Lillard, Jokic, Mitchell? KAT or Gobert? Who else?
Pacific: surely has this comp won with Curry, Booker, PG, Kawhi, LeBron, AD, etc to pick from.
Southwest: Doncic, Morant, tapers off then unless you can pick Zion.

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