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NBA All Star Weekend

What does everyone think of the All Star weekend so far?

Dunk comp was awful.

Patty did well to finish 4th in the three point shoot out. That opening rack blank was killer.

I actually liked the rising stars games. Thoughts have the rookies, sophs and ignite players in there and drafted into 4 squads was great. Giddey played well and I think, despite losing, his squad was the most entertaining, going out there to have some fun.

Daniels got heaps of playing time for the winning squad. Thought he looked good. Clearly a touch of nerves but he defended really well and showed something at the offensive end. That experience is gonna be huge for him.

The skills challenge was, as usual, terrrrrible.

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Earlier this year

My thoughts for changes:

World vs USA match instead of east vs west

1 vs 1 matches instead of skills challenge

Keep dunk contest but bring back some all stars one way or another. Get some entertainment back to it. Something needs to change.

Keep rising stars the same. First to 50 was great.

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The main all star game hasnt been East V West for a couple of years now. They just use the East and West to pick the teams (I think they could get rid of that too, to be honest). I like the school yard pick of teams and the elam ending.

And yeah the first to 50/25 in the rising stars was great.

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Earlier this year

Get rid of the dunk comp - execution always underwhelming. Nature of it with all the hype.

Skills comp is my fav followed by 3pt comp.

Lebron vs Durant, east v west, us v world never really interested in a bunch of guys playing for yolos

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Earlier this year

Dunk comp should be like the Olympics, every 4 years or something. Give players time to come up with something.

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Earlier this year

I re-watched the 2016 Gordon vs LaVine comp and Gordon was very good. 2022 sounded cringeworthy so I haven't dared look up clips yet.

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Earlier this year

The most entertaining thing about this year's dunk contest was the TNT commentators slamming it.

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Earlier this year

Although already a crammed weekend, I think a Legends game would be insane. Chuck Vs Shaq, Hakeem, Robinson, Ewing, Reggie Miller, could go on. Even if it was taken very light hearted, it'd be great to see all those legends on court again.

US V's World would also be a great shake up to the big game. I haven't watched it for quite a few years because of the way it's played. I think there might be a bit more pepper in it if it's US Vs World. Bit of National pride at stake for the US and us Vs Them mentality for the world.

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Earlier this year

I think the potential problem with legends is that there's a good chance they'll suck. They tried a legends shoot out a while back and it....wasnt good.

I think at one point there was a 3-on-3 type thing which had generally a legend and current player and a WNBA player connected somehow. I'd like to see that with players repping their country or college or NBA city etc.

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Earlier this year

Well that national anthem was...….interesting. :).

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Earlier this year

oh and i didnt bother with the celebrity game because i only recognised maybe 2-3 names and even they didnt interest me

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I would love to see some major shake ups. Would be cool for each team to send 3 reps and have a 3 x 3 tourney. Could even have some of the prelim games earlier on and just play the last few rounds as part of ASW. Otherwise you could even get the 6 divisions involved with each having a 3 x 3 team.

Something major needs to change in the dunk comp, because I honestly wasted an hour of my life on that Sunday. I did like the new rising stars and skills challenge format and 3 point is fine enough.

The actual all star game is strange to me. I really dont know how they get players to care. I always wanted the to change to USA vs World, but I don't think the NBA are heading that direction anymore.

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Earlier this year

The best dunk was in the celebrity game by some high jumper!!

As for the rising stars make it first to 10 as it only got serious when about 10 points left to get to 50.

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Only way they might get players to care is by doing something like go back to East vs West and winning conference of the game gets homecourt in the finals regardless of record.

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I only saw the highlights package of the All-Star game and it consisted of zero transition defense, players jogging casually up the floor, matador defense inside the 3-point line, and warm-up style dunks. It seems like the whole event could be condensed into players lining up for warm-up dunks and 3s.

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Earlier this year

Dyson is gonna be so much better than giddey imo...he can impact the game at a reasonably high level in practically every aspect and on both ends of the dimensional players like giddey typically don't really last long in the nba regardless of how many mickeymouse records they break in their rookie year..

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Earlier this year

Mickey Mouse records?

Please show us your extension body of basketball achievements.

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Earlier this year

@lovebreaker well forgive me for not being a pro basketball player who was born into a basketball family and had a very privileged upbringing kind sir..

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Another Anon  
Earlier this year

Just bury the all star weekend already.
It's a joke.

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