Earlier this year

Revamped NBL All Star game

It seems to be talked about ad-nauseum.

North v South didnt really get much movement in the trouser department or am i wrong?

Now that basically the whole NZ squad and lots of non american internationals are playing what other options are there?

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Earlier this year

How about get fans to select top 20 players and top 2 coaches. Either have ballot to create teams or coaches chose their captain and team selected by capt and coach..
Empowering family and fans to select lije Cadbury favourites .. some ideas are great this be mega brilliant concept...
Better still run fan comp for 2 to be asst coach... let's get some fun back into the world...Easter hoops bunny could be mascot...

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Earlier this year

Personally All-Star games don't interest me. We desperately need to avoid cross over at the pointy end of the season with the football codes so wasting a weekend for a nothing game doesn’t get a vote from me.

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Earlier this year

Australia v World
Australia/NZ v World
Locals v Imports

Four team structure (two mini semi-finals and a final) with AUS, NZL, Imports, another side?

Boomers v NBL

Team Cotton v Team Goulding

Under 30s v Over 30s

Black v White

Shirts v Skins

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Earlier this year

what about a weekend

first day 3pts shot
dunk contest
skill challenge
Imports vs Aussies, Kiwis vs NS and under 23 team
Harlem globetrotter

2nd team team Gaze vs team Heal legends game
Celebrity game
Harlem globetrotters
and who ever wins between imports vs aussies game and ns vs kiwis

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Earlier this year

So many formats to go with, but I personally liked the Aussie All-Stars, World All-Stars format. It was used between 2005 to 2008. I never liked East, West and North, South since most our major cities are on the east to south coast.

I remember Homicide and Kirk Penny playing for the World All-Stars in 2007. I think Kiwis and Aussie's should be in the same team, but it doesn’t really matter what choice the nbl go with.

Not sure about a celebrity game but if it’s for charity then I’m all for it. Goulding, Cotton team would be weird because the teams would be random. NBA All-Star game is a bit of a joke now.

Be good if Spark Arena gets the nbl all-star game since New Zealanders missed so much basketball.

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Earlier this year


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Earlier this year

Locals vs imports

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Earlier this year

I remember Homicide and Kirk Penny playing for the World All-Stars in 2007.

Since you're a Tigers fan and the 2007 edition was hosted by Melbourne at SNAHC do you recall the three point contest?

Anstey entered it, over rating his shooting prowess after returning from Europe, in which he kept laying bricks to the point where his own home crowd booed him. Classic NBL moment.

The backstory was that his previous team in Russia loved bigs jacking it from range (unheard of back then, maybe they were ahead of their time?) but the kicker was they had bizarre things at the club like employing a witch doctor for the players.

While Anstey wasn't bad from three in-game a little later on when his ex-teammate Martin Muursepp joined it showed it wasn't good as an all-encompassing idea.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Earlier this year

Hate to be the Grinch that stole Christmas but I really don't see the point. Have any of you ever remembered an All Star game with anything more than a passing "meh"? These Mickey Mouse games without defence that serve no purpose, drawn across meaningless "east and west" lines in Australia that confect rivalries and mean nothing are the antithesis of the things I love about basketball. Maybe I am too much a purist but what most impresses me about a basketball play is the level of difficulty it takes to pull off. What is so rewarding about a dunk in the NBL is that you have to work to get it. Open dunks and three pointers and Australian players pretending to be streetballers doesn't interest me. You could make argument for the game when it comes to exposure, interest for kids, and all that should be weighed up and considered. But if it's going to take players out of their teams and risk injury for the purpose of making a weak knock off of the NBA showcase then I'd personally pass on it. We get basically the same boxes ticked with meaningless showcases in the NBL X NBA games that are set to return next season.

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Earlier this year

Yeah, the NBL doesn't have the talent to put on a "showcase", the NBA does that far better. The only All-Star games I have any memory of is 1989, which came down to the final shot, and 2007, where I attended in Adelaide.

The only half-decent idea I've seen is having the big markets play against the small markets, but even that isn't really all that worthwhile.

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Earlier this year

So Adelaide hosted in 2007 and Melbourne in 2008. NBLTigers referred to the 2008 lineup as 2007 which was confusing.

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Earlier this year

Personally, I've never felt that we had the talent to make an NBL ASG worth watching.

The NBA ASG has become such a farce with its token defence and obsession with dunks and fancy stuff that I won’t watch it.

I’d probably watch an NBL ASG provided it was a genuine contest where each coach and team tried their best. Otherwise, if it’s modelled on the NBA one, forget it.

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Earlier this year

So Adelaide hosted in 2007 and Melbourne in 2008. NBLTigers referred to the 2008 lineup as 2007 which was confusing.
Might be a calendar year/season thing? Don't recall when the 2007/08 season's All-Star game was. The one in Adelaide was for the 06/07 season and was played in calendar year 2006, but the one in Townsville for the 2005/06 season was also played in calendar year 2006.

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Earlier this year

Might be a calendar year/season thing?

Ah yes calendar.

According to Wiki:

2007-08 NBL All-Star Game
12 December 2007

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Earlier this year

It's calendar year. 2007/08 all-star game was 2007 all-star game since it was played in December. You can watch the game on nbl classics. There’s no 3 point shootout, but makes sense the nbl didn’t put it up since it was awful.

Jawai was a beast back then. First year as a pro with the Taipans. Was a fun game to watch.

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Earlier this year

There's no 3 point shootout, but makes sense the nbl didn’t put it up since it was awful.

What a shame since it's worth a watch for the home crowd reaction to Anstey.

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Earlier this year

Used to like the locals vs imports. Had a lot of intensity as at the time the imports were (probably) noticeably dominant and the locals would go all out to beat them. That's probably the only criteria I would like to see - other formats not as interesting or intense

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fan since the old snakepit  
Earlier this year

Like the circus that the nba has it would be a complete waste of time.

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Earlier this year

To be honest, NBL Allstar game doesn't sound compelling at all me.

But even then, I never watch NBA version of it, I keep to the three point contest and skills comp.

NBL doesn’t really have the stardom to make that kind of thing remotely entertaining - Even if they did - with NBA stars it feels like an uncompetitive match of pure offence that doesn’t attract me to it, so the NBL with whatever limited star power definitely wouldn’t.

I’d rather see some sort of Asia Cup situation instead where we see the best few clubs of the Japanese league etc play against the best few clubs in the NBL.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Earlier this year

I don't think talent is the problem. Certainly there are leagues out there that hold All Star games that don't have the talent we have. I think the issue is more celebrity culture in Australia - or lackthereof. We just don't hype our own to the extent Americans can and do. Australians see our equivalent of celebrities as basically equals. We dislike people who seem too big for their boots. When Australians think of All Star games we think, "meh.. what's so great about those guys?" Put any NBL player on the court against any of us and they'd smoke us with ease. And yet, we see them as equals. In the NBA their players have prestige to their public and they seem almost like immortals. I can't think of any group of Aussies that has that appeal in this country. Most AFL players get around unhindered and mostly unnoticed in their day-to-day lives. Maybe I am grasping a bit broad here but the problem with an NBL All Star game is less about talent than it is about what an All Star even means in this country.

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Earlier this year

All Star concepts broadly speaking can work but most don't get close to a real competitive game.

I'm as big of an NBA fan as there is and the NBA All Star game doesn't really excite me, though I did enjoy the rising stars format this season.

Potentially the best example of one that does work is the NRL State of Origin. Its a simple concept, with the majority of Aussie players coming from one of those two states (or having some tie to one of them somewhere along the line to be eligible) and there is genuine feeling and competitiveness. So much so that I know a lot of people here in Melbourne who couldn't care less about Rugby League but tune into the origin games.

AFL used to have good support for origin footy as well, but it isnt as clear cut with players coming from all over the country, and even if you limit to the "main" states, its still 3.

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Earlier this year

Not worth the hassle/expense in the NBL IMO. Needless distraction. Would probably be better off having some sort of in-season tournament where results counted towards something.

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