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Two weeks ago


New message thread for MAY.

And...... go!!!

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John Bagley  
Two weeks ago

At this stage I think the Buccs are the team to beat. They have two quality imports in Stewart and Coleman, both with excellent resumes at NBL1 level. Then there's Muo, who is getting on a bit, but he's still a veteran leader who can give them 15ppg.

But the key here for the Buccs are the bits-and-pieces players - Meunier, Blanchett, Klasztorny, Wundenberg and Hunt. There's some serious size there, and experience. Particularly as Hunt should get better and better as the season progresses.

The only three concerns for the Buccs...
(1) Backcourt depth. If Stewart goes down, that will hurt them.
(2) The form of Blanchett. A high profile recruit who is only giving them 2.7ppg, a fraction of his output at the Suns.
(3) Their schedule strength to-date has been light, against teams missing significant players. Even last week's win over the Cougars was against a team missing their best player (Field).

Their next three games (Giants, Flames, Magic) will probably tell us how good they are.

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Two weeks ago

Cougars poach Dawkins from BWA. Tigers take Robbins.

Two staff one week, not a good look for head office

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Two weeks ago

game of the round for me is the buccs v giants

will be a barn burner up there in gero

i do agree with bagley that the run for gero so far has been a bit light on. will be a solid test for them against a talented giants group

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Last week

POWER RANKINGS anyone? Woj bomb and boomer had some great insight last month

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John Bagley  
Last week

Have worked out that to win a championship this year, you need players who could win a game off their own back, particularly in crunch time. These rankings have factored that in....

1. Buccaneers
Easy schedule to start with, but have proved themselves in the past two weeks with wins over two other quality teams (Cougars & Giants). Stewart, Coleman and Muo are a deadly trio.

2. Flames
There is no better scoring pairing in the league at the moment than Walker and Nelson. Their only loss (to the Giants) was when Walker and Jervis did not play.

3. Senators
Michaels and Davis are a great 1-2 punch, and they have some quality support behind them, including three players with NBL experience (Zunic, Ellis, Wroe).

4. Magic
Finally have got it together after an indifferent start. A new coach is also refreshing. Only issue is their aging, injury-prone starters.

5. Hawks
Solid start to the season but lack that 'crunch time game winner' to be a top-4 team.

6. Wolves
Not as good as their 4-1 record might indicate. And troubling signs when their two leading rebounders are their two starting guards.

7. Giants
Saturday's loss to the Buccs was the first time they had all players available. Ghee is the best PG in the league at the moment.

8. Redbacks
Seem to have a different line-up each week, and their form will mirror the availability of Timms. They are big which could hurt them.

9. Cougars
A good starting-5 but fall away after that. Have shown how fragile they are when Field is missing.

10. Tigers
Hayes-Brown helps in the big-man department, but outside of Scott, their back-court is a little suspect, particularly at the PG position.

11. Eagles
The Eagles are only ranked this high due to Justin King. If it wasn't for him, they would be 14th. The addition of Roberts may push them higher.

12. Lightning
Now that he is finally playing, Taliaferro will be a marked man for opposition teams, so he will need to bring more scoring versatility otherwise Lakeside are in for a long season.

13. Slammers
Only ranked above the Suns because of Tuach. They will get a few wins here and there.

14. Eastern Suns
Okay yes, they have won a game, which is one more than the Slammers or Lightning. But it was against an Eagles team missing Roberts, Johnson, Donlagic and Anastasio - four potential starters. So let's not make too much of it.

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Woj Bomb  
Last week

Rumour is [email protected] is back west side, hopefully we get his insights again!

WOMENS Power Ranking

1. Wolves- 5-0 and looking very good with addition of Robbie Ryan, a combo guard who can create her own shot and feed Morrell inside, teams are struggling to contain Williams from range. Big matchup coming up v Magic in 2 weeks.

2. Cougars 4-1, cracking game v Magic where Edwards stamped her to claim to the MDB status dominating magic frontline to 37 points, Hartmann is yet another athletic shooter to add to TT's spread offense. Team is rolling right now.

3. Tigers 4-1, how can the defending champs be sleepers but they just go about and do what they do, same core as last year with the underrated addition of Hepburn. Gandini in career best form.

4. Magic 4-1, bringing in the final piece in Hannah Little this week, team has depth which has been the issue in previous years. Milo 19ppg is leading from the front, Toeano looks good, had a great first game with 25p off the plane.

5. Hawks, 3-2, winning the games they are supposed to win. Will push the top 6 this year with only one import. Tigers this week will test their small frontline.

6. Senators 3-2, team on the climb, rumours of Sam Roscoe making an appearance prior to their import coming in. Big frontline come end of season.

7. Flames 3-3, a little underwhelming with two imports, Boag and Ortlepp. They really miss Burrows. Kracker looks decent.

8. Eagles, 3-3, pushed Magic last week, BlazeJewski and Smith high scoring duo but they need more help up front. Need more than 4ppg out of Dewit.

9. Lightning 2-3, got pantsed by the wolves last week, missing any front court size which is killing them at the moment, Two legit bigs coming in shortly, but how many losses can they take until then.

10. Redbacks 2-4, lost to EP last week in game they would of fancied getting, again Dyer is playing a lone hand, import Lee is struggling.

11 Suns 1-6, a fun team to watch with 3 undersized pgs just jacking it each night in trans, Willo junior Shannon Johnson give some size now upfront. Long season for them, Magic's massive frontline this week.

12. Gaints 1-6, Congrats on their first ever wiin, team is trying hard, Klastourney in great form as she leads this young team, they will get a few more by end of season.

13. Slammers 6-0, Cibba back in the league is great for them as she starts to find a strong 1-2 punch with Tylinn carter, finally the kids have someone that can take the pressure off them. They won't win a game but will be vastly more competitive pushing Rocko in the 4th last week.

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Last week

Don't underestimate the difference a new coach will make at Mandurah. NBL level coach who will demand more from the likes of Turner and hold everyone accountable.

Hawks a little high on Bagleys list for mine. The league is stronger than last year and they are worse.

Expect the tigers will start to click once Hayes B is a regular starter. If they reclaim their top 4 form from last year and add in HB, they'll be solid.

From the bottom its either Lakeside or Redbacks that could make it back to the 8. Redbacks need to figure out how to play all their talent across the full game. And Lakeside adding another import and Shervil but might be too late.

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Last week

Giants women have only played 4 games so 1-6 is incorrect. Give it a couple more week's baha

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Last week

Dont disagree with Bagley really. I think its pretty accurate

My power rankings/thoughts following round 5

1. Buccs are definitely one of the top teams in this league. Are the best in the league? that still remains to be seen.
To me, they still lack a bit of depth in their bigs and was evident on the weekend when Wundenberg got in foul trouble against the Giants. Coleman, Muo and Stewart are tough. It will be interesting to see how they go against other teams with dominant inside presence.

2. Flames have not only the best 1-2 scoring punch in the league, they have 2 NBL championship bigs in Hire and Jervis to anchor them. Add in Beard and Godfrey and they have all the makings of a championship roster. Will add young shooter Redhead after returning from college. If the old boys stay healthy its hard to go past them as favourites.

3. Magic with new head coach o'laughlin seem to be re-energised. if he finds a way to get turner, bowie and armour firing on all cylinders this is a team that you wouldnt want to face come playoffs. Riley Parker is playing the best basketball of his career and just gives them another dimension. Abrom is handy. Jurlina and Rickwood-Pitt will play a key part of their success also.

4. Senators were very lucky to get out of jail against a well coached tigers side who are still not at full strength. They have a heck of a back court with Wroe, Zunic and Michaels. Ellis and Davis are two of the more experienced and talented front court combos in the league. When firing on all cylinders they are exceptionally tough to beat. They have been patchy to date but they still find a way to win.

5. Wolves beat Lakeside fairly easily. But then again so has everyone else. Taliaferro was back in the lineup but clearly not enough to close the gap. Turnage and Wade are the backbone of this team and will be their key to success.

6. Hawks. Did what was expected. Nothing more nothing less. I really like the look of Thoseby. If the NBL1 did give a 6th man of the year award he would be a clear frontrunner. Ferguson, Purser, Cassir, Smith. These guys just all do their jobs week in week out. Spurs of the NBL1.

7. Tigers. Although they didnt come up with a win this weekend, they definitely proved a point they can take any of the top teams right to the wire. Nener knows how to get the most out of his teams and is well underrated as a coach in my view. Big Ollie didnt play this weekend for some reason but had he been in there you would probably argue Tigers get the W against Senators. Still awaiting the return of Williams at PG who will make a big difference.

8. Giants. It was a tough matchup to get out to Gero and push the undefeated buccs on their home floor. It was a low scoring first half for both sides. New import Smith had his first nbl1 minutes and looks to have a bit of acclimating still to do. Ghee continues to show he is one of the best guards in the league. Manylok Malek is tough as hell and competes on every possession. The Giants were without their head coach for the buccs game which also is another factor. although they went down, they showed they are a tough and talented side.

9. Cougars. Without Field they arent a serious contender. Love Chukwu. Hunt had a nice poster dunk. that was about it for them this weekend.

10. Redbacks. Losing to a highly undermanned east perth eagles whilst being at full strength themselves is a big slide for them. They have the makings of a good roster but need to find a way to play together. Im sure CJ will figure that out but they need to do it quick

11. Eagles
Need roberts immediately. Beating redbacks one night, losing to suns the next. Have to give them the edge on the suns in the power rankings because they beat redbacks and hopefully have help on the way soon.

12. Suns had their first win on the weekend against an undermanned eagles. its going to be a very long year.

13. Lightning
Cant go off potential or history anymore. these guys are still winless. Hopefully Taliaferro can start to really light it up and the lightning get in some additional guys.

14. Slammers appear to be more competitive recently but still winless.

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Last week


1. Wolves- 5-0: With Slammers to come this week, it's a bright start for coach Wong. Test will be Magic before the bye, and Cougars twice in a month straight after. Surprise packets, would think top 4.

2. Cougars 4-1: Now this is a well rounded group. Zaya Black not even back yet and going at nearly 100 points a game. Edwards making an early claim for MVP status. Will rue the loss to Willo where they led almost the whole game. Long way to go, but could be the first top 4 team for the Cougs in a loooong time.

3. Tigers 4-1: Culture a big part of this. Weirdly constructed line up being so top heavy, but they just know how to win. Need to beat Hawks tonight to show this is still last year's champions. The championship still runs through Gandini and Sharp.

4. Magic 4-1: Almost an entirely new group, with Hannah Little in this week. Really weak at the point guard spot, but otherwise long and athletic enough to bother most teams. And how good is Milo? Unbelieveable.

5. Hawks, 3-2: Surprise packets. Will sit 5-6 and could be outside change for the 4. Import looks okay, will be very reliant on Clarke all year.

6. Senators 3-2: Will be a season of two halves for this group. Import and maybe Roscoe in makes them top heavy, but tough. Will get better all year.

7. Flames 3-3: Don't sleep on them, but shaky start. Match up well against the Cougars for the round 7 derby, that'll be the test. Drop that, and well, Knowles could be heading to the bye under .500. We know what happened to Reynolds last time that happened..

8. Eagles, 3-3: Blazejewski makes this group fun. With the Lightning group unlikely to peak until late in the year, could be a battle with them for 8th spot.. and they play eachother twice (including tonight).. H2H could be important.

9. Gaints 1-3: Better than their record suggests. Will win games and bother top 8 teams. Wayman is an issue, had they got that spot right, they may be in the 8 for their inaugural year.

10. Lightning 2-3: Crying out for Davis and Isenbarger to get back. The latter won't be here until the last third of the season. Outside Jones, they just don't have the scoring punch. Benn is same old, Priestly is just getting older. Danger game against EP tonight.

11 Suns 1-6: A team that's fun to watch and will get better as the season goes on. Have been depleted at different stages and still have an import to come.

12. Redbacks 2-4: Better hope Pirini is back this week, the Cougars are waiting them at home. Could get ugly this week, this is a team in trouble.

13. Slammers 0-6: New coach Vogel takes the reigns this weekend against the undefeated Wolves. You don't want to be the team that helps them break their duck. It won't be this week. But mark your calendars, May 21, this team are a chance to roll the Eagles.

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Last week

A bit of pain in the womens games tonight. Few teams looking shaky already.

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Last week

Kat Tudor 7/12 3PT tonight and 26/58 (45%) on the year.

Cougars have a Whitcomb-esque shooter at their disposal. May just eclipse Barr as best shooter in the league

Fun to have imports back

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Last week

If you're 7/12 from three, you're not getting enough shots up.

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Earlier this week

Something has to be done about the standard of commentary at some venues. Neutral supporter watching the Geraldton / Rockingham game tonight and had to turn it off prior to half time due to the extremely biased pro-buccs commentating. It was so bad that the special comments guy even had a crack at the refs in the fourth (I saw it got close on love stats so gave them a second chance, history will show that was a very poor decision) when they called fouls against Geraldton he didn't agree with. Morley last night wasn't much better and the same can be said for Random and Whopper in Rockingham last week. It's supposed to be a professional League as part of a much larger national product, yet on multiple occasions the D-grade community commentary department continue to make it look like the Bush League alot of the rear of the country still see it as. Fix it up Mr Bowler or BWA need to find someone who will

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Earlier this week

Where exactly do you expect them to find quality commentators for every game?

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Camel 90  
Earlier this week

"If you're 7/12 from three, you're not getting enough shots up"

Played 19 minutes I think. Redbacks had like 5 players out, 3 starters.

Wasn't even a game.

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Earlier this week

Yeah Redbacks had a bunch out, but still, highlights their major depth issues.

No one on Cougars played more than 20 mins by the look of it.

29 points off 7/12 in 19 mins is tough.

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Earlier this week

Yeah Redbacks had a bunch out, but still, highlights their major depth issues.
Any club with enough talent to cover seven of their top 10 being on the sidelines is hoarding players that could be better utilised elsewhere.

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Earlier this week

7? think that's a stretch.

Of those, how many are actually going to influence the outcome? Mak, Jakens and import the only real difference makers. And even import being impactful is a stretch.

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Earlier this week


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Earlier this week

That team still goes down by 30 to top 4 sides

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Earlier this week

Have to throw Hartree in there as well, but she would have been the only one out there last night who would expect to play significant minutes I would think.

Whether there's an overall lack of talent or not, taking that big a hit to your roster is going to hurt regardless of how deep you are.

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Earlier this week

^And Pirini.

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John Bagley  
Earlier this week


1. Buccaneers (7-0) - Last week's ranking: 1st
Beat a visiting Flames team missing Jervis and the two Beard brothers. But you can only play who is put in front of you. Another big test at home this week against the Magic.

2. Flames (5-2) - Last week's ranking: 2nd
Their only two losses this year have been on the road in Kalgoorlie and Geraldton. And they were missing Jervis, Walker and J.Beard against the Giants, and Jervis, J.Beard and C.Beard against the Buccs. One slip-up by the Buccs and the Flames will move to top of the rankings.

3. Wolves (5-1) - Last week's ranking: 6th
The big movers this week. Their 50+ point win over the Slammers was without Wade, but the addition of Maris Colton gives them that extra size they have been missing. No lack of scoring options on this team and they will need them against another high scoring team in the Giants in Kalgoorlie this Saturday.

4. Magic (5-2) - Last week's ranking: 4th
Overcame a pesky Eastern Suns team but had almost 100 points scored on them. And their 5 wins this year have been against teams with a combined record of 11-25. Jury is still out, and their performance up in Gero this week will determine whether they move up or down the rankings.

5. Senators (4-2) - Last week's ranking: 3rd
Dropped a tough one in Kalgoorlie but were missing their two biggest players in Davis & Littrick. When Cody Ellis is your only 'inside' presence and your leading rebounder, you are going to struggle. With another big team (Hawks) in front of them this week, they better hope those two are back.

6. Giants (4-2) - Last week's ranking: 7th
Last two home games have seen them get wins over the Flames and Senators, and have another tough home assignment this week against the Wolves. Have shown they can score without a problem, but can they defend another high-scoring team?

7. Hawks (4-2) - Last week's ranking: 5th
Their leading scorer (Ferguson) is 32nd is the league in scoring, and if you ranked each team's leading scorer, the Hawks are 14th out of 14 teams. Could only manage 69 points against a Tigers team who defensively, are ranked middle-of-the-road. Tough double against the Senators and Redbacks this week.

8. Redbacks (4-3) - Last week's ranking: 8th
In Timms, Gattorna and Smith, they have the best big man line-up in the league. If their backcourt of Grace, Jackson and Wagner can also come to the party constantly each week, they will start moving up the rankings. Will move above the Hawks if they can beat them this week at Bendat.

9. Tigers (3-4) - Last week's ranking: 10th
When they can get all five of them on the court in the same game, their starting-5 is solid. They do fall away on the bench though, and this could hurt them against the deeper teams further up the standings. Their match-up against the Lightning this week will tell us if they are worthy of being called a top-8 team.

10. Cougars (4-3) - Last week's ranking: 9th
Started the season on fire with 4 straight wins, but that 4-0 record is deceiving as 3 of those wins were against teams outside of the top-8. Since then they have lost 3 in a row, all against top-8 teams. Bench depth is a problem, and if either Field or Skaggs are having an off-night, they struggle for scorers. Tough this week on the road to the Flames.

11. Lightning (1-6) - Last week's ranking: 12th
Just got over the line against the Eagles, but need more from Taliaferro if they are going to break away from this group of 4 teams sitting at the bottom of the standings. Reath is a good addition but he is not going to win them games off his back. Intriguing match-up against the Tigers this week.

12. Eagles (1-6) - Last week's ranking: 11th
Justin King leads this team in scoring, rebounds and assists, and the Eagles only have 2 players scoring more than 7 points per game. Home game against the Slammers this week will tell us how good (or bad) they are. If King plays, they should be okay.

13. Eastern Suns (1-7) - Last week's ranking: 14th
Pushed the Magic and they will certainly be an annoyance for a lot of teams this year. But they are old, lack scorers and lack impact players. And they're now up against a Senators team who wouldn't be happy losing to the Giants on the weekend.

14. Slammers (0-8) - Last week's ranking: 13th
The Slammers rely on Buay Tuach just as much as the Eagles rely on Justin King. And not having Tuach last week hurt them greatly in their 50+ loss to the Wolves. If he plays this week against a Justin King-led Eagles team, it will actually be a good contest.

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Earlier this week

Lightning get their first win of the season against an erratic eagles team. Eagles nearly pulling off a stunning game tying 4 point play after Filpo was fouled shooting a hail mary which went in off the glass. He unfortunately missed the free throw to tie the game up. Lightning with a tough game this week against a resurgent Tigers.

Buccs with a solid win up in Gero against the Flames who took it right down to the wire. Flames have not had Jervis in the lineup on any of the long road trips so were again not at full strength. Walker going 7-15 from 3 helps with scoring though. Nelson did not seem himself in this game only dropping 17. Well under his high 20's average. One of the things yet to be talked about with these buccs is they play defense. they hold opposition to around 70 pts a game. Very tough to win games with that level of scoring production. Will have their work cut out for them this week facing an inform magic.

Giants with a cruisy win against the Senators who were also missing their starting 5 man in Davis as well as back up big in Litterick. Its a tough place to win when your not at full strength. Zunic, Ellis and Michaels all did their utmost to keep the scoreboard ticking over but wasnt enough. Ghee again proving he is the best PG in the NBL1 West. He was a nightmare for the Senators to deal with. Import Smith with a few nice dunks and looked more comfortable than his debut last week.

Magic accounted for suns easily and seem to have a good balance of scoring under new coach O'Loughlin. Bowie, Turner and Abrom combining for 64 points. Solid performances from Parker, Armour and Pearson. Surely Suns were not anticipating being so far off the mark this year? They have a good amount of talent in that roster but just havent gotten things together yet. Magic with a big test this weekend going up to Gero to face undefeated Buccs. Lets hope they can get their full roster available for the clash, which will be game of the week in my book if its the case.

Tigers handling Hawks fairly easily this weekend was probably not expected by many. But the signs have been there and if they continue to get good production out of young guys like Gerovich and Collins in addition to their usual suspects in Vigor and Scott they will continue to suprise teams. Once they are at full strength they are definitely a playoff calibre team. With the southern suburbs derby coming up with Lakeside this week, they will be looking to get another w.

Redbacks bounced back from an embarrassing loss to east perth last week to take down the cougars. Grace taking out player of the week honours. Cougars started the season red hot but seem to be petering out a little. So much of their success is reliant on Field being in MVP candidate form. If he is down in production they really struggle. This week with Field only garnering 8 points on 2-8 shooting goes to show this is vital to their success. Both teams with tough games this weekend with the redbacks facing the hawks coming off a loss and the cougars taking on the flames down in rocko also fresh off a loss. these two teams rarely lose 2 in a row.

Wolves absolutely pounded Slammers on the weekend but will have a tough opponent this coming week having to travel out to the goldfields to take on a deep tough Giants side. This should be a ripper game with the backcourt of Wade and Turnage facing Ghee and Daow. Daow has been dynamite this year. The Wolves may have the talent to go with the Giants in the backcourt but they are thin inside. Giants are tall, long and athletic in their bigs and they are deep. I expect that the Giants will have their way in the paint this week and it will really test the wolves who currently sit in 2nd place in the standings.

Senators back at home to face the Hawks on Friday night and then the Suns on the Saturday away. They will be looking for 2 wins after a tough loss to Giants this past weekend. Provided Davis and Litterick are back in the lineup I anticipate they will get both w's.

Suns Eagles and Slammers fans are in for another rough week ahead.

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Woj BOMB where are you at?

Reply #892295 | Report this post

Woj Bomb  

NBL 1 Women Power Rankings Round 7

1. Wolves 6-0- again taking care of business with a big win over slammers, everyone getting a run. Morrell unstoppable, Giants this week should be an easy W rolling into a blockbuster game v Magic.

2 Tigers 5-1. Moving up into 2nd with a solid win over Hawks without Lubke. Ayliffe stepping into the starting role. Should take care of lightning this week. Gandini to run havoc over the young lakeside guards.

3. Cougars 5-1, highest scoring team in the league, dropping 118 on a very undermanned Redbacks, still they can only beat who is on the court. Very impressive v Magic and have a decent test v Rocko. Boag v edwards, Ortlepp v Tudor good match ups.

4. Magic 5-1, impressive early on v Suns, new import Little mobile and good on the glass, A formidable frontline of Boag, Wittenger, Toeana and Little best in the league. Wolves will show if they are contenders or not.

5. Senators 4-2, Stacey Barr show is on dropping another 34p on the giants, possibly the best 1-2 guard combo in the league with Forster.

6. Hawks 3-3, finding it tough now to compete against big frontlines, Emma Clarke in career best form and MVP candidate at 23ppg 11.5rpg. Sentors and Redbacks this week, opportunity to sneak 2 wins.

7. Lightning 3-3, moving up with a really good win over eagles, Caitie Jones leading with 24p, young Jacobs showing her national junior level ability. Still have no frontline. Import hamblin coming in soon, any win is a bonus. Slammers this week.

8. Flames 3-3, bye last week and heading into cougars, tigers. Ortlep 19ppg leading the team.

9. Eagles 3-4, Blazejewski doing everything to have this team in games, Smith a handy 20ppg which would be her career high. Slammers this week could be a danger game. Drop this the team may miss finals. 9 wins will get you there.

10. Redbacks 2-5, forget last game, no one is competitive with both imports out. Talk is that Tea Charlton has headed home, do they replace her in time.

11. Giants 1-4, still not getting blown out in games, tough at home just missing experience to get the wins. Mcrae had a break out game last week with 24p. Wolves this week.

12. Suns, 1-7, apparently an import to come, hopefully she is a big, Magic frontline scored at will. Senators this week.

13. Slammers 0-7, opportunity to get a W coming up with Eagles, Cibba needs to drop 30.

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