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NBL1 West JUNE 2022

June thread

Halfway point of the season and the long weekend bye now behind us who are the front runners for MVP race and All Star team?

My top candidates below

MVP: Devondrick Walker (Flames), Jesse Ghee (Giants), Shaun Stewart (Buccs), Marshall Nelson (Flames), Caleb Davis (Senators)

Based on season to date I think Walker takes it.

All Star 5
PG: Ghee (Giants)
SG: Nelson (Flames)
Wing: Walker (Flames)
Forward: Davis (Senators)
Centre: Ferguson (Hawks)

Bench (if there was this award)
PG: Stewart (Buccs)
SG: King (Eagles)
Wing: Michaels (Senators)
Forward: Coleman (Buccs)
Centre: Ford (Giants)

6th Man of the Year (if it was awarded)
Thoseby (Hawks)

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@Boomer - COTY?

Woj bomb - same for women?

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Camel 94  
Last month

COTY - Dayle Joseph from Buccs by a long way especially for the recruiting he has done for both starting 5 and depth of squad.

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Woj Bomb  
Last month

All NBL1 Women Team So Far

First team
G: Barr 26.6p 8r 4a
G:Ryan 20p 4.6a 5r
F: Clarke 22p 11r
F: Morrell 21p 10r
F:Edwards 22p 15r

2nd Team
G:Dyer 21p 4r
G:Smith 20p 5r
F: Parker Williams 19p 10r
F: Tudor 21p 6.6r
F:Blazejewski 19p 8r

MVP Candidates Barr, Morrell, Clarke, Edwards, Ryan

Ryan and Morell will split the 3-2-1 vote making it hard win, Ryan missing the first two games.
Edwards has been elite in most games at 60% FG.
Clarke would get at least the 2 votes in all games played so would be around 16 votes.
Barr has been exceptional with a solid supporting cast likely placing 3 votes in 7 games.

At mid season i think Barr is leading with Edwards 2nd. Whilst i feel Ryan is the best player in the competition, Barr or Edwards will come away with the MVP.

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Billy Bob  
Last month

No Sharpe? Second on ladder? Not all about stats

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Camel 90  
Last month

Yeah, Sharpe is ahead of Dyer and Blaz.

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Last month

Agreed Sharpe definitely team two minimum.

J. Williams surely ahead of Smith or Dyer? Similar numbers, leads league in assists and has to compete for votes/numbers against Tudor and Edwards every week.

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Round 9 Mens Predictions

Eagles v Senators @ Herb Graham
Sadly there is little hope for this to be close game. Touted as NBL1 game of the week. Im not sure I agree. Still no Roberts for the Eagles. King is in for a long night. Senators apparently not at full strength but will still have way too much firepower and get this by 20.

Hawks v Wolves @ Bendat
This is my game of the week. Hawks have been up and down and will be a defining game for them. Are they a legitimate contender or a scrape into the 8 type team? Wolves likewise will be looking to use this game as a bit of a defining one. Do they solidify themselves in the top 3-4 teams or do they drop into the lower playoff level team? Expect Hawks to be up and about on this one after dropping one to the Giants before the break. Hawks by 5.

Slammers v Tigers @ Eaton
If Tigers are full strength they will get this one easily. If not its anyones game. Slammers play hard and they dont quit. They are young but if they are on they have enough to sneak one. Im still picking Tigers here by 15.

Wolves v Cougars @ HBF
Cougars get to play Wolves on the second game of a double header whilst themselves being fresh. Whilst this does have some impact on the team playing their second game, the Wolves this year have younger legs than years past and should be playing their energetic brand of basketball regardless. Expect Pesava to be up and about in this one playing against one of his old clubs. When Pesava fires they are hard to stop with Wade and Turnage all doing their things. When he doesnt they battle. Likewise with Cougars, when Field turns back the clock and he plays like an MVP candidate the Cougars are hard to stop. Im picking Wolves in a close one here by 3.

Senators v Buccs @ Warwick
Senators on back end of double. Buccs fresh. Buccs undefeated. First time in a while they have been on the road but they will be coming into this one full of confidence. If anyone matches up with the Buccs well it is the Senators. However, given their being on back end of double and unsure of their roster being at full strength this week Im picking Buccs to stay undefeated and get up by 11.

Tigers v Magic @ willo
Tigers on back end of double, Magic fresh. Tigers with more depth inside should Hayes Brown and Vigor both be available. Armour playing against his old club will likely have something to prove. I think this is a danger game for the Magic, who have continued to have cohesion issues post the coaching change. Im picking an upset here and taking the Tigers on their home floor by 8.

Giants v Redbacks @ Kalgoorlie
Redbacks first game post the departure of Head Coach CJ Jackson. The team has had chemistry issues from the beginning and we know that if history has anything to say, there is often an initial boost when there is a coaching change mid season. Is this enough for the Redbacks to compete with a deep Giants team on the road? Giants create a lot of matchup issues with the Redbacks with their size and mobility. Ghee and Daow have been a handy backcourt due and with Ford and Manylok inside they have great versatility. Im picking the Giants in this one to continue the Redbacks woes. Giants by 12.

Flames v Eagles @ Rocko
Flames fresh, Eagles on backend of double. Put simply, I think this is a blowout game. Walker and Nelson may have 40 each. Flames by 35.

Suns v Lightning @ Kalamunda
The Lightning upset the Giants last round and are a different team with 2 imports on the floor. Reath is a tough matchup no matter who is guarding him. Add the sharp shooting Taliaferro and the athletic slashing of Vaughan you have some weapons. Lee, Davey, Jackson, Garang and Palleschi all play solid roles for the Lightning. Look for them to make a run in the back end of the season. Suns are a certified basket case in 2022. Have yet to be competitive against any of the real teams. Lightning to build a win streak and get this one by 25.

Cougars v Buccs @ Wally Hagan
This will be a tough game for the Buccs. Both teams on the back end of double header. Both playing legit teams in their first games. Sunday games always feel and play out differently. If Chukwu stays out of foul trouble the Buccs dont really have anyone to counter him. If Field goes vintage, the Buccs also dont have anyone who can really counter him. Buccs have the edge in the PG position but is that enough? Coleman will need to be on. Meunier will need to be on. Narkle will need to be on. Im going for the big upset here and say that Cougars sneak one here at home giving the Buccs their first loss of the season. Cougars by 2.

Magic v Hawks @ Mandurah
Interesting game for a Sunday given they are metro based teams. Both off double headers. both with tough opponents. Hawks again need to define their season this weekend, which includes how they handle this game. Are they in the contenders mix? if so they have to show they win games like this. Can the Magic click finally and show what their roster is capable of? Im taking the well drilled and cohesive Hawks in this one to get up by 7. Purser and Ferguson match up well with the Magic front line. I think they will expose the Magic's defensive shortcomings and get the W to end a big weekend of hoops in the west!

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Last month

Eagles-Senators postponed.

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Last month

Womens preview anyone?

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Last month

Any reason why KR??

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Last month

There was a fire at the gym

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Last month

Cockburn will be kicking themselves. Could have a great weekend beating the buccs today but gave up the 20 pt lead to the wolves in the 4th

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Last month

Giants also kicking themselves struggling at home against the Red backs and now fall back to the large pack chasing.

Cougars are starting to charge will be an interesting battle for those last top 4 positions over the next chunk of games

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Round 9 Mens Recap

Eagles v Senators @ Herb Graham
Prediction: Senators by 20
Result: Game postponed due to a fire at the stadium. Heres hoping there wasnt too much damage and everyone there safe and sound.

Hawks v Wolves @ Bendat
Prediction: Hawks by 5
Result: Hawks by 6
Was close fought battle on this one. Turnage had a down game going 6-20 from the floor. Wolves shooting 42% from the FT line. Purser and Ferg as expected caused problems for the Wolves.

Slammers v Tigers @ Eaton
Prediction: Tigers by 15
Result: Tigers by 17
Tuach and England carried the load for Slammers but Tigers just too deep across the board. Nice little game for young Josh Ibukunolawa who is one of the most promising juniors coming through the Tigers ranks.

Wolves v Cougars @ HBF
Prediction: Wolves by 3
Result: Wolves by 1
As predicted, Pesava was up and about against his old club top scoring for the Wolves. Turnage was able to turn things around with a better performance against the Cougs. Colton is proving very handy off the bench for the Wolves. It was a vintage performance from Field that had the Cougars in this one before a 4th quarter implosion from the Cougars gave the game away. Chukwu only playing 15 minutes and scoring 8 points on 25% shooting was probably one of the big factors in this game.

Senators v Buccs @ Warwick
Prediction: Buccs by 11
Result: Buccs by 7
No Zunic or Michaels for Senators which is a big chunk of their scoring gone. The Senators were in a prime position going into the half in this one but got dominated in the second half and struggled to score freely. Great spread of points across the board for the Buccs. Had Davis and Ellis shot a little more efficiently and the Senators got more than Tony Snell type stats out of Shand, Pike and Staig in their combined 23 mins of play they could have stolen this one.

Tigers v Magic @ willo
Prediction: Tigers by 8
Result: Magic by 7
My predictions up to this game were spot on! I was feeling confident with the Tigers holding an 11 point lead going into half time. the Magic to their credit made adjustments and blasted the Tigers in the 3rd quarter. Armour with a milestone this weekend playing his 250th and playing his junior club in the Tigers I probably didnt factor in enough. Interesting to see Mandurah have signed former Lakeside and Tigers big Simon Lokan, who didnt play in this game but listed on the box score.

Giants v Redbacks @ Kalgoorlie
Prediction: Giants by 12
Result: Redbacks by 5
Giants will be disappointed in this one. Is the second game they have dropped in successive rounds that they would have expected to win. Credit to the Redbacks who bounced back from the departure of Head Coach CJ Jackson. Malek was not his usual self with only 4 points and likewise Ghee who only had 13. Big performances from Daow and Reid to keep the Giants in touch. Gattorna, Timms and Jackson combining for 68pts. Interesting that Grace did not play in this one. Unsure if he was just unable to make the road trip or if he has departed team with Jackson.

Flames v Eagles @ Rocko
Prediction: Flames by 35
Result: Flames by 23
Nothing out of the ordinary to report on this game. Flames scoring spread across the board. Eagles struggled. When is Roberts in?

Suns v Lightning @ Kalamunda
Prediction: Lightning by 25
Result: Suns by 18
I have to stand corrected on this game. Suns came out of the blocks hard in this one! They blasted Lakeside in the first quarter with a 15 point lead and pretty much held it the rest of the game. No Taliaferro for the Lightning and sub par performances from Reath and Lee off the bench. Disappointing performance for the Lightning considering the big upset they had against Giants the previous round.

Cougars v Buccs @ Wally Hagan
Prediction: Cougars by 2
Cougars by 4
It was bound to come to an end at some point and it came in the second game of their double header. I did say in my prediction that it would come down to Field turning in a vintage performance for them to get this win, but it was Skaggs erupting for 37pts on 9 from 13 shooting from 3 that was the difference. Stewart was quiet by his standards for the buccs which also didnt help their cause. It was a great run by the Buccs to reach this point in the season undefeated. Kudos to Coach Joseph and the players for a great start to the season.

Magic v Hawks @ Mandurah
Prediction: Hawks by 7
Result: Magic by 9
Magic making it 2 from 2 this weekend and causing me to reconsider their outlook on the season. Bowie and Abrom lead the way for the Magic whilst it was a real team effort on the scoreboard for the Hawks. Hawks are in a tricky position now as they are winning games that could really go either way and then losing ones they expect to win. Are they a piece or 2 short to really contend? Magic will be looking to build on their 2 win weekend to get some momentum in the back end of the season.

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Round 10 Mens predictions

Mental Health Round
*I love that the League is highlighting this. Great initiative.

Wolves v Redbacks - Friday @ HBF
Wolves coming off a tough double header last week into a danger game. Wolves would not want to take this team lightly. Getting a win in Kalgoorlie last weekend, as underdogs would have given the Redbacks a massive confidence boost. Will the backcourt of the Wolves be too much or will it be the front court of the Redbacks that wins out? Im taking the Wolves at home in this one by 5.

Magic v Cougars - Friday @ MARC
This should be a ripper game. Both teams are in good form and both fighting for positions in the 8. Turner v Chukwu is worth the price of admission alone. Bowie and Abrom will be tough for the Cougars to cover here. The Magic will want to try and keep Skaggs going off and will be a focal point for them. Armour v Chan matchup will be entertaining. Im going again with the home team in this one after I tipped against the Magic in both games last week and they proved me wrong. Magic by 7.

Eagles v Senators - Friday @ Herbie G
Roberts is in the country, but will he be cleared to play? If he is will it be enough? Senators have been down on their full squad but are still a force to be reckoned with regardless. The depth of the Senators I expect to be too much for the Eagles in this one. Davis and Ellis to combine for 50+ pts if Roberts isnt available. Senators by 15.

Buccs v Tigers - Saturday @ Active West
Buccs coming off their first loss of the season will be mad as a cut snake. Back on home soil in front of a packed house will serve them well to get back in the win column this week. Tigers have lacked at the PG position all year and will not have the matchups to handle Stewart and Meunier. Will be fun to watch Hayes-Brown and Wundenburg go at it. Coleman will be a tough cover for the Tigers in this one. Buccs in a comfortable win by 20.

Slammers v Wolves - Saturday @ Eaton
Wolves taking the long trip down the freeway for the second game of their double header this weekend and will be thankful it is against a team that is not a contender. The Slammers play hard and cannot be faulted for their endeavour. They just have a young squad and have a ways to go with their roster. Whilst the Wolves will have a game under their belt and a long trip to make this game, I expect their experience and talent level to shine through. Wolves by 20.

Senators v Eagles - Saturday @ Warwick
Same teams, different venue, same result. Senators by 15.

Giants v Hawks - Saturday @ Niels Hansen
Giants would be disappointed in their performance last week against the Redbacks on their home floor. Ghee and Malek were far from their best and you wouldnt expect that to continue. Hawks coming off a tough double header last week where they split games. The Giants beat the Hawks at Bendat a few weeks ago and would not be far from Coach Parso's memory. Both teams need this win for their position within the 8. This will be a barn burner! Giants by 3 in OT

Lightning v Magic - Saturday @ Lakeside
Lightning got their butts handed to them by the Suns last week which was not expected. Will Taliaferro be available? This will be the first game that Bowie and Armour return to Lakeside following the sudden departure of Dave Daniels in the offseason that saw them move to the Magic. Expect both of them to be up and about in this one. Will be interesting to also see if Lokan suits up for this one, another ex Lakeside player. Vaughan v Bowie matchup will be fun to watch. Palleschi v Armour will also be a fun matchup. Ultimately I think the Magic will have too much firepower for the Lightning and will take this one by 11.

Suns v Flames - Saturday @ Ray Owen
Suns coming off a big win against the Lightning last week. Whilst they will be full of confidence after clicking, the Flames are a whole different beast. Walker and Nelson have to be the best backcourt scoring combo in the League. Godfrey continues to run the team with great leadership. Role players are all contributing nicely. Suns will need to redline to hang with the Flames. Im taking the Flames by 20 in this one.

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Last month

What would you say about a coach that benches their best player for the last 6 mins of the game (save for the last 14 seconds when they are down 5) in favour of their own son?

Eye roll moment

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Woj Bomb  
Last month

NBl 1 Women Power Rankings

1. Wolves 12-0, pushing towards an undefeated season, Phillips coming into her own as a sniper off the bench, took care of Cougars, EP next. Injuries only way to slow them down.

2. Tigers 9-1, dismantled a poor Mandurah with excellent contributions from Gandini and Winter, team continues to notch up win after win, Lubke back pushes this team to possible outright favourites, cant wait for rematch v Wolves.

3. Senators 9-2, real test this week against a visiting Magic, Roscoe out and in comes euro import Fiebich who has dominated the glass with 16 rpg and has legit range. The team has scoring from everywhere. Forster unsung hero of the team.

4. Magic 8-3, had to make a statement and they did with solid wins over Cougars and Lakeside. Wittenger leading the way at 17ppg. Milo bouncing back into some form. Huge test up at Warwick in the game of the week match up.

5. Cougars 6-4, 2 game losing streak as teams are starting to lock down their perimeter long bombs, Jessie still in MVP form, Lakeside this week and important game, Jessie v Davis should be epic.

6. Flames 6-4, Rocko quietly working their way up the ladder, interesting Ortlep missing last week, they have the scoring punch to make noise in the finals. Hawks this week.

7. Lightning, 5-5, Davis literally a huge addition but she is getting into foul trouble early in games, when she can stay on the court she is unstoppable. Ash Isenberger likely to return this week which makes this team even tougher and stops teams from doubling the post. Big game v Cockburn.

8. Hawks, 5-7, Loss up at Kal really hurt. They likely will stay in the 8 come end of season but would not want to drop too many games to teams around them. Rocko this week.

9. Giants, 3-7, getting wins at home which is great, Mcrae lighting up Hawks with 26p. Tigers coming up. Probably another win or 2 in them at home.

10. Eagles 3-9, Ironmonger joins the team to give them some upfront help, struggling to score now with teams scouting Blazejewski and Smith. Wolves this week ouch.

11. Redbacks, 3-9, Dyer in a form slump and the team aint winning when she gives 4 points in 30 mins. Pirini carrying some of the scoring load. Bye this week.

12. Suns, 1-10, new import big finally arrived. Slammers this week in the battle of the bottom. Should get the W on talent.

13. Slammers, 1-10, missing Cibba and import last week, hopefully back this week to give them a chance at a win.

After 10 rounds the top 8 looks set, now the battle begins to lock up a top 4 advantage come playoffs.

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Pasadena 72  
Last month

Ortlepp didn't with a football team didn’t she? Just a coincidence or is she gone?

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Pasadena 72  
Last month

Signed with.

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Woj Bomb  
Last month

Signed with Carlton Football Club

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Last month

Mandurah women with a big weekend
Willeton and Wolves don't play again until finals unfortunately. Which begs the question will both teams go through undefeated the rest of the way? Both teams with MVP candidates in Sharpe, Morell and Ryan and DPOY candidates in Gandini and Ucich.

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Last month

great to see the goldfields giants women notch another win . klastorney,gatti and scaffidi doing a consisitent job each week.
only makes me wonder how they would be going with 2 good solid imports.
senators women are the smokey in the womens competition maybe a little to top heavy ? lightning will make a late push with the addition of isenbarger . the womens competition is a lot closer than people think.
a nice verbal stoush to end the game Friday night in Mandurah . I have been told it started with a comment from the cougars coach to riley parker regarding his non selection in the WA U/20 squad the previous year - parker reacted . lets hope these 2 teams down south meet in the playoffs .

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Last month

Round 11 Mens Predictions

Hawks v Flames Friday @ Bendat
Hawks 8th on the ladder are on the precipice here currently sitting 6 wins 6 losses and equal with Redbacks who sit 9th. Tigers are a win behind these guys which means there are real problems on the cards for the Hawks if they drop this one. Flames are at full strength now with Beard back in the lineup. Ultimately I think they will be too much for the Hawks here and expect the Flames to get up by 15.

Eagles v Wolves Saturday @ Herb
Roberts finally here and couldnt arrive sooner. Interesting that Maharaj has now also joined the Eagles debuting for 2022 last week with a 16pt, 5rb, 3as, 3st performance off the bench. With Roberts and Maharaj joining King, this changes their outlook dramatically. I think the Wolves might be in for a dogfight in this one. They struggle defending the interior and Roberts is someone they dont have a great matchup for. Im going to tip the Eagles in an upset victory on this one, taking down the Wolves by 5.

Buccs v Redbacks [email protected] Active West
This might be the only saving grace for the Hawks this week. The fact the Redbacks face the toughest team in the League on the road in Gero. Will Redbacks be at full strength? Both teams match up reasonably well if so. Stewart v Grace, Coleman v Gattorna, Wundenburg v Timms. I just cant tip against the buccs on their home floor right now. Buccs by 4.

Slammers v Suns Saturday @ Eaton
This is one I think the Slammers will be up and about for and see a realistic opportunity to win. The Suns have been utterly disappointing this year with the roster they have. Can they bounce back and show the potential they showed against the Lightning a few weeks ago? My tip is for the home town Slammers to get a big home court victory taking down the Suns by 6.

Senators v Magic Saturday @ Warwick
Senators have not been at full strength but have managed to still get the job done. Mandurah have the roster on paper but been up and down like a yo-yo. What Magic will rock up on Saturday? I am going with the home team on this one with the Senators showing their depth getting up by 9.

Cougars v Lakeside Saturday @ Wally Hagan
Cougars are in some great form right now and Lakeside struggling. Skaggs really starting to find his rhythm. Field more consistently putting up big performances. Chukwu continues to get in foul trouble limiting his minutes but he is still having a big impact on games. I think the Cougars will be too much for Lakeside and will get this one by 15.

Tigers v Giants Saturday @ Willo
Tigers have been underwhelming this year. With the roster they have many would have expected them to be higher placed on the ladder. I think Williams not being in the lineup has really shown how much impact he had on their play last year. Hayes Brown and Scott are tough, Vigor is always serviceable but it hasnt been enough to equate to as many wins as they would like. Its a danger game for the Giants at the same time. If they drop this one they go further back into the mix with Cockburn and Magic instead of closing in on Wolves. Will be a great matchup in the paint with Ford and Malek vs Vigor and Hayes Brown. Tigers dont have anyone that matches up on Ghee well at all. Expect a big game from him in this one. Giants by 10.

Flames v Giants @ Mike Barnett
Both teams on the back of a double header. The flames getting an extra day to recover. This should be an interesting one as last time they met neither team was at full strength. Giants getting a close fought win in Kal. Both teams now at full strength should be a barn burner down in Rocko. Walker and Nelson v Ghee and Daow. Hire and Jervis v Malek and Ford. Im going to give the edge to the Flames here taking down the Giants in a close one by 3.

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Last month

Love your write ups!!

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Last month

Got to admit I have been enjoying them as well

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Last month

Mandurah men were 4-2 with Trahair, and have gone 4-4 since including some bad beats like tonight against Senators.

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Last month

.. with 3 Americans and a more than decent local contingent

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Last month

What a smart move by the Hawks dropping Thoseby and picking up Isenbarger.

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Last month

Thanks for the love Knowall and ';'

What an interesting round of results this weekend brought. Below is my recap for Round 11

Hawks v Flames Friday @ Bendat
Prediction: Flames by 15
Result: Hawks by 9
I dont think anyone saw this coming. Perhaps except for Parso and the Hawks team themselves. The signing of Jack Isenbarger for the Hawks appeared to have a massive impact for the up and down Hawks as they knocked off the Flames. If it has come at the expense of Thoseby that is a shame as I really thought he was doing a great job for the Hawks and is clearly a very talented player. Expect there will be more than a few clubs seeking out his signature next season.

Eagles v Wolves Saturday @ Herb
Prediction: Eagles by 5
Result: Wolves by 22
The much anticipated debut of Lee Roberts for Eagles which did not have the level of impact the Eagles were hoping for, at least in being able to push the Wolves. Maharaj in his second game for the Eagles also. On paper its a talented starting 5 but clearly needs some time to gel. Only problem is they dont have time to spare! Pesava and Wade proving a deadly combo. Clearly I was too optimistic on the Eagles.

Buccs v Redbacks [email protected] Active West
Prediction: Buccs by 4
Result: Buccs by 25
Again, my optimism may have got the better of me on this tip. Redbacks with a reality check going down to the Buccs big. Great to see Parfitt celebrate his 200th game and knock down a beautiful triple in front of the home crowd as a cherry on top. Buccs would have to be the title favourite as they have bounced back hard after their loss to the Cougars.

Slammers v Suns Saturday @ Eaton
Prediction: Slammers by 6
Result: Suns by 4
I knew it would be a close one but the Suns pulled it out down the stretch to beat the Slammers down in Eaton. A few key errors by the Slammers down the stretch. I love Tuach's game. Another one who I think a lot of clubs will be working to sign next season.

Senators v Magic Saturday @ Warwick
Prediction: Senators by 9
Result: Senators by 24
A full strength Magic taking on an undermanned Senators and getting belted by 24 was not what I expected. It speaks to the issues the Magic are having getting the most out of their roster. Its hard to fathom looking at the box score and seeing last year's leading scorer in the NBL1 in Jay Bowie taking 6 shots in 30 minutes of play for a total of 7 points. There just appears to be a lack of chemistry in the team. On the other side of the coin, the Senators are a cohesive group and just continue winning without their star player in Bryan Michaels who is recovering from minor surgery. This is a team that can legitimately shake for a championship.

Cougars v Lakeside Saturday @ Wally Hagan
Prediction: Cougars by 15
Result: Cougars by 10
Cougars are in great form after going through a bit of a flat patch. Handing Geraldton their only loss of the season would have been a massive confidence boost. Skaggs really starting to find himself in this league. Field in a groove. Role players seem to be consistently contributing. Im baffled a little with Lakeside. Seemed to have had a season defining moment when they took down an in form Giants team a few rounds back. Since then have been very ordinary dropping to teams like the Suns. Interesting to see Reath didnt play in this game and only played 9 minutes the week before. Is he injured? None the less they still have enough talent with Taliaferro, Vaughan and a group of Aussie role players who contribute well. This would have to be well below their expectations for this season.

Tigers v Giants Saturday @ Willo
Prediction: Giants by 10
Result: Giants by 5
The end result of this game was close to what I expected but not the way the Giants got there. They trailed the entire game practically and snuck it at the end. Hayes Brown was a force. Black was solid. No Vigor or Mincherton for the Tigers which are big outs for them. Ghee and Daow were prolific on the scoreboard for the Giants and largely the reason they got across the line in the end.

Flames v Giants @ Mike Barnett
Prediction: Flames by 3
Result: Flames by 29
Flames would have been seething after their loss to the Hawks on Friday and made a real statement in this game. I did not anticipate it being a blow out by any means. It was the Flames really blasting the Giants in the second half. Nelson was the catalyst for the Flames with great contributions from Jervis and Durnin. Walker was below his average by a ways but was more than accounted for with contributions from other guys. Notable omission was Godfrey who did not play. The way the Flames dismantled the Giants in this one shows their capacity to shake for the championship also. In contrast to the night before, Ghee and Daow were non-events in this game and instead it was Malek that gave the Giants their main scoring production. The Giants show a lot of promise one game and then underperform the next making it hard to predict which team will show up.

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Last month

Woj bomb?

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Last month

I'll also add my thanks here for your write-ups Boomer.

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Last month

Yes, enjoying the write ups, thanks.

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Ratty Mussell  
Last month

Write ups are top notch ...much appreciated

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Last month

I agree your write ups are awesome

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Woj Bomb  
Last month

Womens NBL1 Power Rankings

1. Wolves 13-0, running through this league with vengeance, taking scalp after scalp, Robbie Ryan single handedly dismantled Eagles to a tune of 39 points in 33 mins. Team is well coached, strong vets and power house big 3. Cockburn this week a test but will again get the A+ score.

2. Tigers 12-1, they just keep winning but needed the full 40 minutes to beat a spritely Giants at home. Up big early they let the giants eat away but the class of Lubke got them over the line. Parker wouldn't be happy scoring 77 but the team keeps winning. Have Suns this week for the win 25+

3. Warwick 10-2, delt a blow losing German import Fiebich before the game to national team duties, but in popped Roscoe to take a visiting Magic. Game was a tale of two halves as Warwick dismantled the magic defence with ease in the first half 50-27. Jordee turning the clock back and magic stars in early foul trouble, but then Magic got their defence going for 50-35 2nd half and drawing within 4 points of the win. Both teams taking good and bad out the game. Toeaina with 24 points dragged them back into the game. Time will prove how big the Feibich addition will be, she dominated her first 2 games. Slammers this week.

4. Magic 8-4, with the loss to Warwick that all but ends their top 4 aspirations as is how tough the top of the ladder is with cockburn chasing them. It will be extremely tough to win the chip outside the top 4. Coach Alava would be happy with the 2nd half defensive performance but there are issue with their scoring droughts against top 4 teams. They are on the road to Kal this week, Giants no push over at home but should get the chocolates. Willetton next up.

5. Cockburn 7-4, big bounce back win over lightning and put on an offensive masterclass dropping 108 points. The splash sisters back in town with Williams (7) and Tudor (6) leading the cougars with 22 3pts made on a whopping 53 attempts. Can this style win in big games, well the test is this week as they host the wolves. Morell v Edwards round 2 is easily the game of the round.

6. Rockingham 7-4, just quietly on a 3 game win streak and locking in a finals berth. Pretty unconvincing last week up at Hawks who were missing 2 starters. That game went to OT. Ortlepp with 8 points in the final period the difference. Redbacks this week will be a W by 15.

7. Lightning 5-6, Just when the team got whole they lost starting PG Catie Jones for 6 weeks with injury. Benn and Priestly to step into the role. Ash Isenberger was back for her first game and replaces young gun Mia Jacobs. Her vet experience and back up big to Hamblin is needed. The loss of Jones is a big issue. Still would you want to face the team as an 8th seed in August. Got Hawks this week which wont be easy, but if they are to contend this is a must win game.

8. Hawks 5-8, facing some injuries to their young group and picking up COIVD on a Kal trip. Still they faced tremendous resolve pushing Flames to OT. Clarke again is near unstoppable in this league and one of the best to watch. Ella Newman with 21p in a breakout for the youngster. This team on paper is over acheiving and an 8th spot would be a great result. Still they need 4-5 more wins to get this done. Lightning this week.

9. Giants 3-8, really pushed tigers on the road. Wayment with her first decent scoring game finishing with 20p and Gatti making tough plays with 19. Mcrae seams to be reborn as point forward and had the better of the Sharp match up with 22. If all stars can play their best version of themselves each week they are can win more games, they wont make finals but still a terrific start for a first year team. Magic travel up this week and this game will be closer than ladder positions. Very interested to see Mcrae v Little go head to head. Magic's overall size and experience will be too much , Magic by 15.

10. Redbacks 3-9, the playoff ladder is now set as none of the teams outside of the 8 could go on a 6-7 game win streak. The legs have fallen off the backs. Again Mak Dyer needs to drop 25 for this team to have a chance. Pirini with 18 and 25 in her last 2 games needs this to continue. Rocko this week.

11. Eagles 3-10, got the bye this week after a 30 point belting from Wolves.

12. Suns 2-10, Got a solid win over Slammers in games that they should win. New import Imani Guy making a difference. Tigers this week.

13. Slammers 1-11, had a real chance to get a W over Suns, Cibba with 10p won't get the win. Senators this week.

So with 7 rounds to go it looks like the top 8 is now set. That all important top 4 seeding is what is up for grabs. Can Wolves hold onto an unbeaten season? Can Magic stay in the top 4 or will Cockburn make a run up the ladder.

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Last month

Thanks Woj

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John Bagley  
Last month

Top-8 not necessarily set in the women. Giants have 9 games left and 5 of them are against teams below them. They have the same amount of losses at the 8th-placed Hawks but two extra games to play....

Possible Wins:
Slammers (twice)
Suns (twice)

Tougher Games:
Magic (twice)

A 5-4 finish for them is realistic, leaving them at 8-12.

The two teams at risk are the Lightning (5-6) and Hawks (5-8):

(1) Lightning Games to come:
Senators (twice)
Hawks (twice)
If they lose to the teams above them, split against the Hawks, and beat the teams below them, they finish 8-12.

(2) Hawks Games to come:
Lightning (twice)
If they lose to the teams above them, split against the Lightning, and beat the teams below them, they finish 9-11.

What could determine the fate of the Hawks and Lightning are the two games they have to play against each other. If one team wins both, the other team could well and truly miss the playoffs, with the Giants sneaking in.

Alternatively, if the Giants snuck a win against the Magic, Cougars or Tigers, and beat the teams below them, they will finish 9-11 and probably make it.

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Last week

Whoever picks Game of the Week has had a good run lately.

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Last week

Slammers men with a second import on the roster last night. Shame Tuach missed the game

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