Last month

Are Adelaide the championship favourites?

Incredible roster they've built so far. Sydney will struggle to bring back their team since they spend below the cap.

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Last month

not even close

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Last month

Trolling. Maybe we all wait until players actually sign with clubs.

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Last month

A lot of Adelaide's championship hopes hinder on weather Kai Sotto will come back or not.

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Last month

Surely Sotto will be a lottery pick though which severely hinders the Sixers. If only he wasn't so dominant in his first season with Adelaide.

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Last month

Perthworld he's predicted to go 2nd pick right?

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Last month

On paper, yes. As we saw with the Jumpers, paper does not mean shit.

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Last month

Sotto will not be back, if he is not drafted he will be in the G-league, but I hope he ends up back here somehow as he would anchor our defense and be valuable off the bench.

If Sotto is drafted it will be in the late 40s IMO. Dieng (from the Breakers) has been projected to go as high as 14 here:

You would more than likely draft Sotto just to win the entire Pinoy fanbase and sell Jerseys lol.

Am excited to see another Aussie (Daniels) likely be taken top 10 and hopefully Jo Lual finds his was to an NBA roster.

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Last month

To start with the question shouldn't be "are they championship favourites" because they haven’t built much yet. It should be “if Adelaide managed to sign the three imports that they are rumoured to be in discussions with, would they become championship favourites”.

Cleveland they’ve supposedly signed, but no announcement yet

Franks they’ve only put an offer in - albeit apparently the best. Never know if someone else might top it.

Munford they’ve only started preliminary chats.

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Last month

I doubt it, kings and United will be there again.

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Last month

Adelaide haven't confirmed anything yet, but if they do land all 3, I can see Sydney and Melbourne spending even more.

Need to wait and see but one thing is relatively certain is 36ers recruiting and team should both be significantly better than the last few years

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Last month

I think we can safely say Cleveland is secured given their tease video

The other two though...

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Master Chief  
Last month

Peter, I think that's a good point actually. Adelaide have gotten in early and been aggressive, but I'm sure it can still be a case of whatever you can do, we can better.

I think we can safely say Cleveland is signed.

I have to admit, I didn't watch a lot of NBL last season. It seems like Adelaide have gone pretty hard to sign him, but are they putting their eggs in the right basket? Is Cleveland the type of player that can elevate a team, or is he more so a piece of a puzzle? It's not a criticism, but certainly open to further analysis considering how hard they seemed to have gone to get this guy. I'm just saying, Cleveland is clearly an elite defensive player, but without all the pieces around him, how much better can he make Adelaide?

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last month

If Adelaide were to make the proposed signings they'll be a much better team than last year. But does that make them favourites? Id say no. A big reason why is because it will spur on an arms race. We are very early in the off-season and if Adelaide picks up Mumford, Cleveland and Franks, there will be plenty of time for the big spenders to reply with something of their own. If anything it just encourages other teams to do more. Adelaide may be throwing down the gauntlet but it's far from over. I expect Melbourne, Syndey and Perth to hit back and hit hard.

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Last month

Yes, that's my point. The other big clubs will know where the bar is and where Adelaide strengths are, have a long time to recruit and spend accordingly.

A positive if it happens is Adelaide should know what they are getting (which is a very good core and a huge upgrade from last year) as all 3 targets have played in NBL before.

There is still a bit of a risk bringing in new players to the league which can go either way, as they say it's better to have the runs on the board

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