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Games played by highest paid NBA players

Saw the usual chatter about what changes might come in the next CBA. Probably some owner discontent over the power of players forcing their way out of contracts, off teams and whatever else. Thought I'd quickly look up the top 2022 contracts and games played by those players: lots of money going out to injured players or guys whose DNPs are a bit more self-inflicted, both of which would be frustrating for teams.

Obviously amongst these, there are people that pour themselves into the game (Curry, Butler, Durant, etc) or pushed hard to get back from injury (Davis, PG, Klay).

Curry - 64 games plus significant post-season
Harden - 65 games + PS
Wall - DNP
Westbrook - 78 games, Lakers couldn't convince him to play fewer minutes!
Durant - 55 games (not calling it a post-season...)
LeBron - 56 games
Giannis - 67 games + PS
Lillard - 29 games
Kawhi - DNP
PG - 31 games
Klay - 32 games + PS
Butler - 57 games + PS
Harris - 73 games (other Harris got $17m, mostly injured)
Middleton - 66 games + PS
Davis - 40 games
Gobert - 66 games
Irving - 29 games
Beal - 40 games
Siakam - 68 games
Simmons - DNP

The Nets (and 76ers) with Simmons and Irving would not be loving life. Clippers had it rough getting 31 games combined out of their big guns.

Wonder how this compares to past seasons?

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