Last month

Asia Cup - Boomers v Jordan

Have I missed the thread for this game?

Boomers won 78-60

Thon Maker dominant with 23 points, 8 boards, 2 assists and a block

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Last month

Have I missed the thread for this game?

You didn't - it's just that no one cares about the early stages of this Mickey Mouse cup.

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Last month

Maker would be a great fit for the Jack Jumpers. Nice game from Tassie Thon.

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Camel 31  
Last month

Not a great standard or picture to watch
(wnba all stars a coupla spots four (4) points. I'll be damned, a good idea)

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last month

Today against Saudi Arabia was more of the same. We struggled to get into rhythm and when we did we wiped them off the floor. The Saudi's were a touch better than i expected but still, this tournament means really little

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Old Coach  
Last month

Quality of these matches not even up to NBL1 standard

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last month

Yeah hard to see what benefit this is to the Australian team. Commentators talk like these guys are way further up the Boomers depth chart than they are, and like Frolling and so forth are the next in line. They're not. Not even close. Tyrese Proctor and Thon Maker probably the only guys who have legitimate Boomers chances on any full strength team

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Proctor nowhere near the first team.

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Last month

@weedyslug, he's literally a consensus 5 star recruit. Has to mean something.

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Last month

Boomers had a solid win against the Saudis. Saudis played a good 1st quarter but after that you could see the Boomers are at another level.

Boomers may end up playing South Korea in the semifinals. That will be the Boomers biggest test.

China has struggled in their group.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last month

Proctor wont be on the world cup team and probably long odds for 2023 given the talent at PG. After tha he probably walks in

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Last month

Indonesia certainly taking it to the Boomers

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last month

The Indonesia game went the way they all will. The Boomers will walk in underestimating the competition and then will slowly ease into the game, blowing their opponents off the court. But at the same time they still haven't impressed me. The tournament is a waste of time

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Waste of time yet you are watching it...

It's a good tournament imo and will get better over time.
Good exp for youngins and a look at potential 'A’ team boomers.
Thinking we will just run over everyone for years to come ain’t giving the other countries in the region credit. Several teams have gone up a notch since the last cup in 2017 and competition will go up another gear in 2025.

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Last month

Really impressed with Proctor, has a good handle, court awareness and plays hard on defence. Good size for the PG position. Thought his shot looked really good in both the Saudi and Indonesia games and his explosive dunk in transition showed he has serious athleticism.

Froling actually looks much better in the international game than with the Hawks. Much more confident with his three ball and able to use his ball handling much more.

Thon Maker should hold his position even with the full compliment available, purely because he adds a level of athleticism we don't have at the center position. Was impressed with his outside shot and overall shot selection. Working hard on defence and looks like the team thrive with his aggression.

I’ve actually enjoyed this series. The commentator referred to Rhys Vague as a long range "sharpshooter" which I though was amusing (maybe he’s added this to his game?)

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last month

I am yet to see anything from Maker that puts him above any of the other bigman prospects we have. I think JLA and Duop Reath are better as of right now.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

We were short 1 big at the Olympics imo, when Baynes got injured we had Kay playing centre in heavy minutes with or behind Landale and 6'5 Thybulle playing some pf.

WC 4 and 5 position should be

0 - 1 of Cooks or White cf
Kay pf
Landale pf/c
1 or 2 of Baynes, Reath, JLA or Maker c
+ potentially Simmons playing some pf and some pg

That’s 5-6 of 12 players

Baynes comeback form unknown.
JLA could play for South Sudan.
Leaves just Reath or maker as backup to landale.

Guards choices also have to dwindled down.


*1 or the other naturalised
You’ve got to cut a minimum of 3. Tough to do...

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Getting knocked out by japan is a real possibility as we lost 5 key players (Delly, white, Mcveigh, Blanchfield, Steindl) and they gained 3 key players(Watanabe, togashi, suda) since last time we played them,

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Last month

Watanabe got injured, that's the only good news for the Boomers.

If we lose to Japan it really makes the Aussie NBL a low standard league. Embarrassing the Boomers couldn’t select a stronger team. If you can’t win in Asia, then how can you win medals at World Cups and Olympics!

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Last month

Why would it make the NBL a low standard league?

There's so many top NBL players not in the Boomers team, it’s not a reflection of the NBL unless this really is NBL benchies vs Japanese league benchies

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

By no means a crap league, just poor selections and underestimating opponents.

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Last month

Is it poor selections or lack of guys putting their hands up?

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Poor selections.

Not in the NBA, Summer league, injured or playing pro elsewhere as far as I know.

Other nbl guys
Biwali Bayles
Emmet Naar
Mitch Norton
Sean Macdonald
Shaun Bruce
Angus Glover
Matt Kenyon
Anthony Drmic
Jaylin Galloway
Cam Gliddon
Ryan Broekhoff
Brad Newley
Kouat Noi
Makuach Maluach
Kyrin Galloway
Nick Kay
Cam Bairstow
Will Magnay
Jordan Hunter
Oliver hayes-Brown
Harry Froling
Angus Brandt
Isaac Humphries

No doubt some are on holidays, still quite a few that could have been selected.
Odd because we are seeing college kids like Ducas having to play.
Proctor with nba buzz the only 'ok, fair enough'

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Last month

Proctor will be a future star for Australia. But look at New Zealand's squad, mainly full of collage kids and guys trying to get into the nbl.

I watched their game last night. They have been doing well against the teams they should beat.

They should put up a fight against South Korea. Are all quarterfinals on ESPN tonight guys??

I thought ESPN were showing all Fiba events but it seems they are only showing the Boomer games.

Fox Sports use to show the whole tournament. It’s bad how our major sports companies lose more sports to streaming companies.

I got courtside1891 and it isn’t in HD while live which makes it shit. Streaming is overrated in my opinion. Anything on the web is bad unless you got efficient internet. Mine is pretty good and it was still fuzzy.

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Last month

ESPN are airing non-Boomers games on their app and via Kayo. It's standard procedure for overflow material in this streaming age.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Lebanon beat China
Jordan beat Iran

Lebanon playing very well.
Asia clearly shifting

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Last month

Exciting both China and Iran lost.

I am nervous if the Boomers lose tonight because we got no Jack White, McVeigh or Clint. If we can get to the semifinals there's always a slight chance.

NZ could beat Korea on a good night. Whoever is in the gold medal match from the Boomers side should win. I can’t see Jordan beating Lebanon though.

Lebanon have been impressive. I still scratch my head why the boomers didn’t select a stronger team. If we did we would of won another gold medal but I was just hoping China wouldn’t win. They already won it 16 times already.

If the Boomers do business against Japan and then tough it out against Korea/NZ we should be fine.

If the Boomers were in Jordan’s side of the tournament they would have a better chance. Strange how tournaments workout.

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Last month

I still scratch my head why the boomers didn't select a stronger team. If we did we would of won another gold medal but I was just hoping China wouldn’t win.

We selected the best of the players that were asked.
Asia cup gold medal is like a comm games gold medal, Doesn't mean anything.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Doesn't mean anything to the average chump chiilin in the basement but it means something to BA, its status, it’s staff, it’s players, the fiba ranking and everything else it filters down too.

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Last month

Very solid performance against Japan in the 1/4 finals - Maker, McCarron and Vague the standouts. Love the 16 o-boards and only 8 turnovers. Clinical over the first 3/4 but took the foot off a little in the last.

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Last month

New Zealand with a huge win over Korea, held their nerve when their opponents were imploding, now they face the Boomers. Flynn Cameron is going to be a star.

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