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COE women intake age

A few Questions about the women's Center of excellence program.

1.) Why is the age group so young now? eg 15,16 year olds

2.) Will they continue to make the program for younger kids aged 15,16,17 or go back to the ages of 18,19 and 20 like it’s always been in the past and like the boys?

3.)Due to it being mid year and scholarships only lasting 6 months should we be expecting new scholarship holders this month or soon and will all the girls scholarships now be renewed?

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

Why would they have 19/20 year olds...

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I just mean the age group now is considerably lower than what it has been in the past and I'm curious for whether there is a reason for this? Will it keep giving out scholarships to younger kids going into u18 or give to kids going into u20s.

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

The players at Coe are selected for junior national teams. That's the main aim of the Coe, up skill and develop chemistry.

U15 oceania
U16 asia
U17 worlds
U17 oceania
U18 asia
U19 worlds

Expect most current 2004 born to leave for college or wnbl or nbl1 in lte 22, early 23.
2005s and 2006s will stay, some may leave or be released, and they will bring in more 2006s and possibly a couple 2007s in 2023.

Loughridge, Borlase, Puoch are likely going, so we will see 3 spots for sure open up.

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Womens COE has traditionally been younger than the mens. Most would graduate following the 20's nationals before heading to college or turn pro where as Men don't usually turn pro following COE, they would head to college for 4 years before turning pro.

Age also depends on where in the cycle they are for Worlds. Womens they want the U17's at the COE where as guys they want the U19.

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Last week


Re Fiba
U15 oceania I saw BA COE advertising for coaches, no info on this though via Basketball Aus web,
Only found it's in Guam Nov 2022
Where do the players from? U16 nationals?

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

Yes 2007/2008 born pLayers from this years u16 nationals

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Last week

I hear Dave Herbert is taking over the program from Kristen Veal.

Sophie Taylor (Vic Country U16) should be on first flight IMO for next vacant position.

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

Herbert would be alot better than graham, that's for sure.

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

Think they are pretty much done selecting 04/05/06 players for COE.
Possibly 1 more 06 chosen

Loughridge 04
Harvey 06
Gray 05
Clark 05
Shiels 06
Borlase 04
Puoch 04
Hanson 05
Bird 06
Petrie 05
Gordon 04
Juffermans 05
Portlock 06

Think probably 5-7 will be leaving in 2022/2023

Next crop
Countries best u16 players imo

Mccowan 07
Dimarco 07
Perkins 07*
Lehmann 07**
Hall 07**
Turner 08
Seumanutafa 07**
Dakic 07*
Baker 07
Fotu 07*
Corasaniti 07*
Bond 08
Notoa 07
Hodges 07
Thompson 07
De Dios 07

Nousis 08*
Bijkerk 07*
Reisinger 07
Russell 07*
Aherne 07
Taylor 07**
Somfai 07**

Francis 07
Mailei 07
Hanson 07*
Fagan 08**
Jackson 07**
Crook 07**

COE at some point imo
**Very likely

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Last week

If they start choosing players from 007 and 008 what will that potentially mean for the nbl 1 considering they will be so young. Also is there some benefit of waiting till u18s age group of being 16 or 17 before picking coe kids due to kids developing later and therefore possibly missing late bloomers.

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Last week

I hope you are not correct about them finishing with selecting 05 & 06 kids, there are some really good 06 kids in Vic who haven't had any national exposure. I'm sure its the same in some other States.

Similarly for 07 and 08 there are some kids who have outperformed those that were at the AJC's both in VJBL and at the Classic. BV and BVC are not totally to blame because their selections were in advance of there being much in the way of exposed form, given they have hardly played the last couple of years. I'm sure there will be a few of them bob up and surprise people over the next few years.

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

The u18 asia in 1 month and u19 WC next year are the last tournaments for 2004/2005 players.
Those players are headed to camp soon so we won't see and new 04/05 coming in to Coe.

2006s go around again for u17 oceania 2023, u18s asia 2024 and u19 WC in 2025 but the talent pool ain’t great, 07s as bottom ages will push alot of 06s out of these above future teams imo.

They have 4 06s currently at Coe, Harvey, Shiels, bird, portlock.
Other 06s like vics Deas, webb or Metcalfe from wa or Bobongie from qld are all possibilities given they are on jnr n.t lists previously. I think it’ll be likely a lot of the guards will be 07 at Coe and bigs 06 in late 2023.

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

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