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Bronny James and the NBL

Bronny James, the highly touted son of NBA legend LeBron James, is considering playing in the NBL before he is NBA draft eligible, according to a report in The Athletic.

James is about to enter his senior year in high school and will be eligible to be drafted in 2024, with a strong level of intrigue surrounding where he will play before attempting to make the NBA.

In a story written by Joe Vardon of The Athletic, he listed Australia as one of three options for Bronny, unless a surprise route to the NBA presents via agent Rich Paul, who represents LeBron.

"Bronny, in the fall of 2023, will either be in college, with G League Ignite or in Australia ... or wherever Rich Paul places him," Vardon wrote.
The Athletic link

"wherever Rich Paul places him" makes this a bit of a weaker story, but a mention of Australia doesn't hurt. Good to be on the radar.

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i reckpn united are after him

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Last week

In the unlikely event he ends up here over Ignite I imagine it would be Sydney or Melbourne.

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Last week

I hope you're wrong and it's Illawarra.

A photo of Lebron Sr outside Chicko's and I can die a happy man.

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Last week

Agree with AngusH, Sydney (favourite) or Melbourne.

The red flag is that college coaches are chasing him, he's just not *that* good. Would Sydney, Melbourne or anyone else genuinely want to completely submit themselves to Klutch Sports, because you know they're absolutely going to want guarantees on playing time, how Bronny would be used etc in a manner they think best protects his draft value to NBA teams. Everything would be staged to a tee and the circus would be far worse than anything we saw with Melo.

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Last week

I genuinely don't know anything about Bronny (other than who his Father is).

Is this player highly touted because of LBJ's promise to play with him wherever?

Or highly touted as a standalone product?

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Last week

The journo did no work. It's the landing spot of every nba prospect

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Last week

Not happening but if miraculously it does, Illawarra did well with Balls draft position.

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Last week

He's off to Perth as insurance for the pending departure of recently drafted Luke Travers

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Last week

So 2023-24 season and LeBron is already old now and his contract expires before then - perfect - how about a father and son package deal?

LeBron did say he wanted to play with his son.

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Last week

You gotta think Ignite is the best place for him and NBL is being thrown around to make sure NBA pay up a bit more.

Ignite means not having to worry about winning so lots of playing time. I cant imagine how the NBA would let the son of one of the GOATs go somewhere else

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

No way the nba doesn't fork out multi millions for him to play at ignite...
Nbl could not match, no way.
Hampton was on 1.25 mill and ball on more.

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Last week

SEM GM Tommy Greer has said:

"Our owner has got a great relationship with LeBron and his team so that's definitely something we'll be putting some time into."

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Last week

Oh Weedy Slug with the Donald Trump style fake news. $1.25 mil oh my goodness please, drugs are bad.

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Last week

If he wants to be a good player he should play four years of college but thats not the aim.

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Last week

If he is anything like his father college won't be suitable since dad likes telling organisations and coaches what to do instead of listening. It's crescendoed with the current abortion of a Lakers squad and I'm personally loving it.

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Earlier this week

Interesting to see Chill getting in on the action and shouting out to LeBron on the twitter with the other ownership group of Phoenix...

I agree that it's such a long shot, especially if LeBron wants to have a hand in everything... Not that an NBL team wouldn't roll over onto it's belly for him, but it would be easier with the Ignite league...

Still, nice to be mentioned in the discussion all the same...

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

Sebastian (aka Sotto simp)

Hampton was on 1.25 mil +

4.05 in

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Earlier this week

Uhuh hahaha of course he is going to talk himself up on a talk show of why he is going to outback southern hemisphere. Because that makes it so legit! My lord man. Stick to being grumpy and miserable about junior girls selection and coaching appointments. It's your calling.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

Another podcast which loeliger was on said he got over 1 mil.

What do you think he got paid ?

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Earlier this week

Got a link for the Loeliger pod?

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Earlier this week

Is the "over a million" NBL salary, or total earnings?

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

I believe it was nbl 500k playing contract + around 700k on top of that to be a ns plus all the living expenses.

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Earlier this week

Hampton also signed a shoe deal at the time, some totals may be adding the value of it on top?

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

Shoe deal was seperate

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