Two months ago

Internationals taking State Team positions

What are people's thoughts on juniors taking State team positions, but declare themselves for overseas teams. Are State teams for Australian team selections?

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Weedy Slug  
Two months ago

Starting to become a problem for sure.

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Two months ago

No issue.

If they live there its their right. If the Australian National program doesn't want them then they should go play for their nation of birth. If some other kids isn't good enough to earn that spot then they need to do the extra work to get opportunity in the future.

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Two months ago

What's the % of state players declaring for another country, surely it’s negligible?

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Two months ago

It's a good question that the original poster presents.

At present IMO the numbers would be small but in the future there could be more.

It's a bit like local players and imports.

The players can take all that knowledge of systems to other countries.

Also it gets down to the individual's ethics but there was a time when to play for Australia you had green and gold in your blood - could this create divided loyalties ?

Having said all that - there is nothing that can stop it happening.

It's a free world here.

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Two months ago

I agree with Really. If the young person is selected for their state team but are not wanted by basketball Australia for the national team, they should be free to represent their parents country of origin. No parent in their right mind would wait for Australia to suddenly come calling when their child hasn't been selected to the camps for national selection. It's a small window of opportunity and it's pointless waiting for Australia to come calling. I've had this conversation with parents whose child has gone across to represent another country. They said they weren't waiting because Australia might not come calling even though they may be on the cusp of selection. Good for them I say.

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Weedy Slug  
Two months ago

The problem is they are being scouted and offered prior to any state team selection.

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Two months ago

State teams based on domestic residence thus making international eligibility completing irrelevant.

Its not state of origin here.

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Two months ago

Agree Lobby, sounds to me some folks trying to find a reason to exclude players so their little darlings get a chance.

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Two months ago

Interesting to note that the u18 national womens final between NSW Metro and Qld South had a lot of internationals in their teams. I think NSW had 5 internationals and Qld 4.

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Two months ago

I think representing a state team should be consistent with prospective selection for national teams such as Australia. If we all support the internal team, the progress of the national system may be slow.

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Two months ago

If you not good enough to make a state team over other domestic players then there is no chance you making the national team. State teams are not trials for the national team.

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