Two months ago

36ers Assistant Coach

Boti Nagy has posted an article on Twitter (X) that Brendan Joyce is the new Assistant Coach under Scott Ninnis.

Haven't seen anything official from the club.

Interesting appointment, a guy with Head Coach credentials as assistant.

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Ballin Fan  
Two months ago

Has he done anything recently?

Is it true that Ninnis wanted Kubank back as assistant, but was told he had to have Joyce?
Or is Joyce in addition to Kubank with Scotty's blessing?

In my own personal experience it never works when a head coach gets an assistant he did not want.

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Two months ago

Management as always
Choosing team ,now the assistant coaches.
Another season of missing finals unless ww get 3 stud imports but have heard only getting two .

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Two months ago

Just when you think the 36ers are finally done with the stupid decisions now this? Have they forgotten how things ended for Joyce last time he was in the NBL? Signing his washed up late 30's mate in Shane Heal letting him chuck and playing his NBL1 level son Daniel 30+ minutes a game. What a backcourt no wonder GC folded.

Even before that I'll never forget Hawks fans turning on BJ abusing him during games because he ran the team into the ground playing Daniel so heavily, even after coaching them to their only title.

Perhaps the only worse hire than this I can think of would be Heal himself, perhaps BJ will put in a good word for him? What a joke.

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Two months ago

Who's making these decision's? Looks like they have figured out how to get people to games but are clueless when making on court decisions.

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Two months ago

Ninnis and Kubank worked well together - but maybe he is not willing to give up a secure and good day job for the uncertainty of being an assistant basketball coach. It is not like most assistants get well paid and contracts are generally short term.

Must have been a special arrangement which enabled him last year to take off time for part of the season. Having a seperate day job is not possible together with being the lead assistant for the full season in the NBL.

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Two months ago

Did Boti's post coincide with April 1st? Surely.

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Two months ago

This is a tough one, on one hand you want Scott Ninnis to have the right people in place to take the team to the next level and on the other hand you don't want the coach undermined by a coach who wants his job.

I trust coach has agreed that this is good decision but I also hold zero hope that GK has learnt from his mistakes and will continue to torture this incredible clubs fan base for years to come.

Great GM hiring in the offseason with a great coaching staff with import spots available still gives me hope.

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Two months ago

Matthew you see so adamant that the offseason hires are good ones.
Can you share more info on why?

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Two months ago

Not to say it won't happen, but Boti jumping the gun a bit saying it's a done deal.

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Two months ago

This reeks of Nic Barbato doing what Nic Barbato does... and has always done since being at the 36ers. The guy is on a power trip. And single-handedly destroying the club in the process.

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Two months ago


Sixers may as well go full shitshow by bringing in Heal to assist Joyce right now because inevitably Ninnis is going to be undermined and knifed in the back.

It's pretty clear they only looked at Joyce's CV (NBL title, Opals) without doing any basic research or background checks. Who are these people? So embarrassingly amateur for a professional sports team.

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Two months ago

Someone get Ninnis a stab proof vest.

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Two months ago

In fairness to this discussion, what's Boti’s recent track record of breaking 'news’.

I’m still waiting for the Breakers to be relocated to the Gold Coast.

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Two months ago

Q Anon said it was Joyce a few days ago in the signings thread.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Two months ago

I don't know much of Brendan's story, and my question is why has he not featured in the NBL in like a decade? Is it because he kept trying to make his terribly average son happen in the league?

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