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36ers - Lead Assistant - Mike Wells

Adelaide announced a lead assistant. Mike Wells. Time spent at a lot of NBA clubs. Good move, bad move??

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last month

Well Id say its a good move but weird to me that our assistant is infinitely more credentialed than our head coach. Seems like a recipe for a coup or maybe Adelaide finding a better option that they want to bring in but dont want to pay Ninnis out or something. He could be being groomed as replacement.

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Last month

Looks like Wells and Weston were at the Spurs together around 08-09, which would be the connection there.

As for if he's a good hire, who knows? They've obviously identified Ninnis needs some more help and the vibe I've initially gotten is they see Ninnis as the "culture" guy for the 2 years he got to help build that aspect of the team and then they'll potentially move on from him after that.

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Last month

I don't think at this stage that subterfuge would be my first read - I can imagine Weston and Ninnis are very much on the same page, and this hire would be made with the understanding that Ninnis leans on Wells tactically. Agree with LaPark's assessment.

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Last month

This is great news if only for confirming the Brendan Joyce rumour was BS. But yes it is a bit weird when a new AC is far more credentialed than the HC.

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Master Chief  
Last month

Yeah, I don't really like this move..

You have to question the motive of an NBA level coach taking up an assistant coaching role you would assume is less money, and in a city and league he likely knows little about.

It strikes me as an unnecessary move, especially considering Ninnis is not a rookie coach, and dare say it would only cause issues. Hopefully my gut feel is wrong on this one though. You should be able to find these guys locally, and put the effort taken to scout a lead assistant globally, into something else.

NBA level or involved coaches have not automatically been better than local coaches as far as I observed.

I just feel like they really needed to give the Ninnis/Kubank tandem a go!

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Ballin Fan  
Last month

He has had no head coaching experience even his college stuff
And a large chunk of his coaching work looks to have been scouting
So that does not necessarily mean to me that he is more credentialed

Strange though that they have gone for a scouting specialist in a ten team league.

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Last month

If he's been in the NBA that trumps everything Ninnis has done and keep in mind until last season Ninnis was a career AC in the NBL other than two seasons as 36ers HC when he got sacked after winning the wooden spoon.

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Last month

The Joyce rumours were based on some truth. He did talk to the club, he also made it very clear that he had zero ambitions to be the head guy and was only going to be there to support Ninnis. Given the club has talked to someone like Joyce and then hired this guy, it does look like an experienced coach to be assistant was 100% on the radar from the moment the GM came in.

That Joyce info is probably the only time I'll ever have some legitimate info to share, but I asked after Boti posted Joyce had the gig and got told Boti massively jumped the gun on posting and it had only been talks.

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Last month

If for nothing else, if Weston knew Wells from that long ago and has stayed close enough involved / in touch to broker this deal, it gives me confidence that between the 2 of them, they should have good contacts around the NBA to get the 2 imports right.

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Q Anon  
Last month

Joyce was coming. There's been a move that have changed things at the very top.

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Master Chief  
Last month

Q Anon, new ownership?

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Last month

Assuming that Ninnis has been consulted about this and sees value in bringing this guy on board, then I think its a good move. This guy has been a career assistant, with long stints supporting Tomjanovich, Popovich and then Quinn Snyder.

Hopefully he will have connections that will finally help us sign quality imports. If he just does that, it would make a massive difference! If he also helps with scouting opponents and shares what he has learnt from the above coaches then that is even better!

On his motivations, he only seems to have signed for one year? Perhaps he wants to get a feel for the NBL and make himself known in the league so that if a vacancy comes up, he can have a crack at a head coach role down the track?

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Q Anon  
Last month

Just joining everyone else Master Chief

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Last month

You can't have enough smart people around quality organisations, if he fits the bill, isn’t a troublemaker, I say welcome on board.

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Pablo Escobar  
Last month

Career assistant coaach who doesn't have the fortitude to be a head coach himself at any level ever? Rightio then, that's what you want next to you in the trenches.

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Last month

I bet Ninnis would rather this guy alongside him than a career NBL HC like Brendan Joyce who would've been moving here with a nod and a wink that if Ninnis got fired he would be the new coach.

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Last month

Scott Roth was ana NBA Asst Coach beforecoming to Perth to work with Gleeson so what would be the issue.

He spent a number of years with Perth before becoming a Head Coach.

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Last month

I'm getting more of a shit-tastic ScoMo with Mike Kelly vibe regarding this move.

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Last month

maybe wells can help with imports ex players he coached like Isaiah Thomas and Mentzel Harrell

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