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BSA club awards suggestion ?

So a 2024 idea. BSA's system of awards is fine and has served well for several decades. Juniors - State Champs and Premierships Summer and Championship seasons. Seniors & YL - premierships.
State Champs serves Div 1 & 2 juniors.
When set up there was lower Divs but not to the 2024 participation levels that we have now U10s to Div 5 etc.
In years gone by Div 3-4-5-6-7 etc have had no collective award other than a premiership.
A lot of clubs put work into their players and this suggestion rewards the clubs / lower Div teams.

In 2024 we should have some sort of collective club award for minor round placings or premierships won across all grades - even include Seniors and Youth League - a collective award recognizing the club that makes a significant contribution to basketball in SA. Not just Div 1&2 - they are a minority number stakeholder group.

It would also allow BSA to honour a more recent individual etc with a title in their name.

For example the recent Junior championship season - (might have some result splits wrong).

Teams in finals (Juniors only - Youth and Seniors still a few weeks off) -

Forestville 33 - 10 x Div 1&2, 23 x Div 3-4-5-6-7 etc
Norwood 32 - 15 x Div 1&2, 17 x Div 3 etc
West 27 - 11 x Div 1&2, 16 x Div 3 etc
Sturt 27 - 4 x Div 1&2, 23 x Div 3 etc
South 26 - 13 x Div 1&2, 13 x Div 3 etc
North 18 - 7 x Div 1&2, 11 x Div 3 etc
Woodville 13 - 4 x Div 1&2, 9 x Div 3 etc
Southern 12 - 2 x Div 1&2, 10 x Div 3 etc
Eastern 10 - 6 x Div 1&2, 4 x Div 3 etc
Centrals 8 - 4 x Div 1&2, 4 x Div 3 etc
Western ----------------- 7 x Div 3 etc
United ----------------- 7 x Div 3 etc
SA Church ----------------- 3 x Div 3 etc

It would be a reward for where the majority of contributors / stakeholders are.

1st after minor round 4pts, 2nd 3pts, 3rd 2pts and 4th 1 pt - then all collated - but it could really be done in a multitude of ways.

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Love the idea but issues arrise when clubs can stack lower divs with multiple teams...
if i have 2 team in each div from div 3 to 6 i get double the chance than say, eastern who have a smaller catchment and rarely field more than 2-3 teams per group

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as i stated it could be done numerous ways - % of teams that make finals per club


minimum of 10 teams nominated to qualify.

4 of 10 teams make finals = 40%

6 out of 18 teams make finals = 33%

20 out of 40 = 50%

just think it brings clubs together a bit - where the majority of contributors are.

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The question to be asked + is why do you want this award?

Some of your team numbers are way out, not sure where you accessed them from and as I understand there is a growing number of clubs that are reducing the number of "district" teams and building a stronger "domestic" program underneath from which they will draw players from for a smaller but more focussed district competition, players and coaches, heading towards a VIC system of sorts. All leading to a better standard of Basketball at the HP level for SA. Sounds like good thinking.

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benchballer - reason I feel the award would be a good one is the current awards were created decades ago (and are fine) - when the other awards started Div 3-4-5 wasn't a prevalent with stakeholders as much as nowadays. Nowadays Div 3-4-5-6-7 etc is where the majority of club stakeholders sit.
The award is an incentive to recognize the club teams that put work in basketball SA where the majority of stakeholders are and are BSA's investment. Also an opportunity to acknowledge a more modern BSA person / contributor / sponsor with an annual award named after them. It is poor marketing to just focus on what a club's Div 1 & 2 teams are doing and placing them on a mega pedestal and treating all the other ratepayers like second class. I feel this award balances the mindset. I spoken with several families who feel lessened Div 3>.

You question my numbers provided - well, as I said I went to basketball connect and tallied the top 4 from all tables (or w/l %) - and as I mentioned there may be one or two splits that I missed - because I didn't check season results for head to heads - but the rest is from basketball connect.

So to clarify it a bit more, Div 1/2 teams in finals B&G U10-18 -

Norwood 15
South 13
West 11
Forestville 10
North 7
Eastern 6
Woodville 4
Centrals 4
Sturt 4
Tigers 2

Div 3-4-5-6-7 etc in finals

Forestville 23
Sturt 23
Norwood 17
West 16
South 13
North 11
Southern 10
Woodville 9
United 7
Western 7
Centrals 4
Eastern 4
SA Church 3

good luck to all the teams / clubs.

I will add seniors and youth league when their season's finish

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benchballer - what I've seen / experienced with domestic comps is it's clearly a second / third tier competition - well below district at many levels - organization, referees, mindset, opportunities, infrastructure.
Ideal for new joiners but to cut back existing district players / families would again be treating the majority as second class and dispensable.

By all means cap the current teams but why shunt your existing stakeholders back to domestic when they have done nothing wrong ?

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Cutting back to Div 5 will need to be mandated to get a couple of clubs there but good to see another club is following the lead of others for next season.

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