Years ago

ABL: Norwood's home venue this year

Anyone know where Norwood will be playing from in the ABL this year? Have they made up with MARS or will they be back at the Dome?

Any other suggestions besides the sleeping bag next to Kent Brockman's bed? (Advantages: attracts a good crowd, could pick up Vukona to bolster the Flames forward ranks; disadvantages: crowded, limited parking).

Mr Hamburger - care to run through their best options?

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

If Norwood are prepared to pay the right money that sleeping bag may well become a fold out talks though.

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Years ago

You reckon it might be a bit of a wait and see with Clubs using non-BASA affiliated stadia. That would certainly be one way to cut costs.

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In the Know  
Years ago

Well said BMG. I would think Mars, Starplex and Mt Barker could have games taken away to save costs of paying for court hire. Not stirring the pot either but we are talking about huge hourly rates to non basa stadiums. I definetly beleive they won't be used for State Champs and carnivals. I may be wrong.

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Years ago

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Mr Hankie  
Years ago

Well said Anoun #66149!

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Years ago

why not use st bernards

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Years ago

cause it is a shithole

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

Not a good time for me right now, Isaac - I've just had to sack the entire board of Bo Hamburger Inc and appoint myself as administrator.

Still, here are a few that I've quickly whipped up:

- play the nostalgia card. Rebuild all the stadiums (stadia?) no longer in use around Adelaide to remind everyone of what they miss and rotate home games through all of them, ie: Bowden, Athol Park, the former Forestville and Sturt stadiums, and of course, the jewel in the crown: Apollo.

- play the nickname card. Build a stadium which is, in effect, a giant sauna. No airconditioning. Minimum temperature inside 50 degrees. Call it the Incinerator, or even the Crematorium.

- play the backyard card. Drive around Norwood until locating suitably sized backyard with backboard/hoop in it (suggestion: look for tennis courts which also have the backboard strung up on one of the fences). Sure, there won't be a lot of fast breaks because there's only one ring and teams will have to "take it out" before being allowed to score - but it's only a minor inconvenience.

- play the modern technology card. Commission forumgoer DJ to come up with "ABL Live 2006", featuring all ABL teams and players. For each Norwood home game, the two teams will appoint one player from each team to play each other in ABL Live 2006, with the result counting as the "official" one and players' stats being charted for their HSAness.
For example: Norwood have a home game against Eastern. At a predetermined time, say Brad Davis from Eastern will go round to, say, Andrew Webber's house and they'll play ABL Live 2006, with Davis playing as Eastern and Webber as Norwood. Work out how to beam the game on the Internet, and then claim however many people log on to watch as the "crowd".

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Years ago

Any truth to the rumour changes are happening on the planet MARS. With people flying off the planet into the sunset. I heard a rumour of a sale but do not put much stock in it. Any info.

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Years ago

davis isnt my league

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Years ago

St Bernards was a shithole when I played volleyball there 20 years ago! God help ankles and knees if anyone has to play there.

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Years ago

Hilarious Bo!!

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

You know, based on today's front page Tiser story, Norwood could use the new airport as a home court until it gets around to being fixed - so, at the current rate, that would cover the Flames for at least the 2006 ABL season...

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Years ago

I heard a romour this year they will be playing out of
Wayville, sharing with the Eagles.

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