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Basketball purchase

Can someone please tell me the best places to go (price-wise) for a decent leather basketball. Also any recommendations - Molten, Spalding etc..
Your help would be appreciated basketball colleagues of SA...

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Years ago

Is doens't really matter, Rebel Sport, Sports Power, Rowe and Jarman as long as it's from no cheap store.

You might want an inside ball, then a G7 or G6 (with the whit lines, the latest ball out)
Or a molten FX7 or FX6
They are inside only they are Very Good, but expensive. If you play club then it's a must get.

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VC fan  
Years ago

I'd go for an NBA matchball, might be able to find one at Rowe and Jarman at TTP for $200

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Years ago

Top of the range new style ball:
---> Molten GL7 = $140 - $150
Molten GF7 = $60 - $80
Molten GE7 = $30 - 50

Top quality ball ever I would have to say:
Spalding TF1000 = $90 - $100

If you want to keep up with the times and get a decent inside ball, the best if you dont want to spend >$100 then the Molten GF7 (size 7 basketball) would be the way to go.

If you're just a social player and dont mind paying $100ish then I'd lean more towards the Spalding TF1000. The grip on them is better then the Moltens and they seem to feel better in the hands when bouncing whereas the Moltens seem to have a lot more bounce.

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Years ago

anyone got any ideas for a good outdoor ball?? doesnt have to be top of the range just good enough for pick ups and schoolyard....needs to keep well though

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Years ago

Any spalding ball would be fine for outdoor. Just go into Rebel and look at the price range you're looking at from the ball racks. Spaldings make good basketballs. I'm not positive if they're still around, but the Spalding TF250 or TF500 are two decent outside basketballs that I've used before.

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jayshan Chagan  
Years ago

I just go the molten gf7 it is the best ball the price was a bit expensive $80 but worth it.

Don't use it outdoor ive heard it rips the outer.

If u are a really rich person another ball is the tf 1000 for 100 to 120 dollars

Go molten GF7

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Years ago

I currently have a choice of the Molten GE7(Possibly GF7) or Spalding TF1000.

I'll be using the ball mostly inside, though possibly using on tiles outside the house.
Someone mentioned ripping for the Moltens. Any issues with TF1000 outside?

Let me know if there are any other problems i should know about.

How long does the grip last on both balls. Some ware off in a short time.


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Years ago

Both the GF7 and the TF1000 are purely indoor balls. If you're going to be paying $80-120 for a good basketball you'd be stupid to use it outdoors.

Any leather indoor ball (GF7 and TF1000) is going to 'rip' the leather if you use it outdoors.

If you're going to use your ball outside and don't want to spend a fortune and end up ruining the ball get the Molten GE7. It's an indoor/outdoor rubber ball and is quite cheap and decent but not the best. It'll serve its purpose without breaking the wallet just for a basketball.

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Years ago

Spalding TF 1000.
By far the best indoor leather basketball made!

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Years ago

Does the TF1000 come in a size 6?????

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Years ago

I believe it does #95036

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Years ago

what's the difference between the GF7 and the GL 7 ??

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Years ago

The GL7 is Genuine Leather.

The GF7 is Synthectic Leather.

Both are size 7.


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VC fan  
Years ago

I would get a molten GF7 or Spalding TF1000 AND a $15 rubber outdoor ball if you are going to use it outdoors also, spending the extra 15 bucks now will mean your good indoor ball will last longer down the road.

Also, no one has mentioned wilson balls, I have only really used them in-store but they seem to have a load of grip and handle really well, especially the better ones, NCAA i think. anyone own one who can comment?

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michael jordan  
Years ago

the molten ge7 is the best outdoor ball for sure with its pvc leather it will show up the competition.At 59.00 au it is an all round great for outdoor use.

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Years ago

GO For the Molten GF7, Its grip is great,Dont go for the NCAA, they start to feel crap and lose bounce after a couple of months. GO the GF7

Theres also the TF 250 i think it is for about $55 Australian.

But if you can Afford it go for the GL7, Thats a fantatic Ball, But i still think the GF7 Feels the best out of any of the basketballs ive Used.

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Years ago

Moltens are crap - if they didnt have the white on them no-one would use them.

You cant beat the Spalding TF 1000. Ages like an old pair of slippers, really comfortable. Rebel Sport sells them for $99. They are leather so you acnt use them outdoors.

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Years ago

i have a gf7, use it indoors and outdoors, its great! we have a spalding tf250 its good for both but heavier and not as close to the game ball. i have the ge7 for out doors too but prefer to just use gf7 everywhere, it holds up pretty well. use it all the time.

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wollongong hoops  
Years ago

The Spalding TF 1000 is clearly the best ball. I am suprised no one has mentioned the old Wilson Jet evolutions though. During club games players often pick it ahead of the TF 1000's as the match all. I have had mine for over ten years.

The new Wilson revolutions are notvery good. They are expense and get slippery during a game. With their "moisture absorbing technology" the ball often gets heavier during a game!

If you spend more then $10 on an outdoor ball your wasting your money.

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Years ago

seriously get the gf7 really worth your money but if u are goin to use it outdoors dont get it get a ge7 but if u want a ball for indoors the gf7 is perfect and has the best feel.

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Years ago

gl7 used for many weeks it hink it`s best

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Years ago

Spalding TF1000 is the best, End of story. It becomes percious like your baby as it wears in and almost feels like it has more grip as time goes on. The ball has character and great feel. It's also very durable, I had mine for years before it got stolen. It was a sad day. The Wilson JET also felt great but I haven't owned one yet. Soft tacky feel and probably my second choice.

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Years ago

there are so many molten balls.. whats the diff between gg7, ge7, gl7, gf7??

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Years ago

I think gf7 can be used indoor or outdoor according to the store where I bought it

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Years ago

My Spalding Tack Soft worn out very fast outdoors. It now has kind of a weird sheep skin. So I went for Spalding's Street Ball last week (rubber). It felt kind of nice and bounced well in the house, but on the court it is waaay too bouncy as soon as it touches the ring or backboard. It was a (cheaper) guess which didn't really work out for me. I'll give it some extra days to worn a bit more bit I doubt it will change a lot to the bounce.

With the Tack Soft turning into a sheep skin and the Streetball being way too bouncy + the bad modifications on the TF1000, Spalding is loosing me.

Already looking out for a Molten GO7 or GM7 which should be Molten's best outdoor balls.

In response to previous question about Molten, I was curious myself and looked it up:
GL7: Genuine Leather INDOOR
GG7: Composite leather INDOOR
GF7: Composite leather INDOOR/OUTDOOR
GM7: Polyurethane leather INDOOR/OUTDOOR
GE7: Synthetic leather INDOOR/OUTDOOR
GO7: Synthetic leather OUTDOOR

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Years ago

I'm about to buy a GM7 for myself. The league I play in use moltens so I figured it'd be a good idea to get used to the 12-piece design and etc.

I play outdoor twice a week and indoor sometimes (like once or twice a month) and from the reviews I read, the GM7 is a good outdoor/indoor ball but then when I hopped on Molten's website in the UK it says it's for 'indoor use only'. Their website in the US says 'indoor/outdoor' too so now I'm confused...

Do they have this ball in 2 different specs or did something get lost in translation (from English to English haha)??

Can anyone comment on whether or not this ball will last playing on a cement court?


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Perth fan  
Years ago

Get the gf7 for indoor/outdoor. You will wreck the gm7 outside.

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Years ago

I'd love to get the GF7 but whilst I can get the GM7 for $60 delivered the cheapest GF7 I've found will be almost $40 more... My only other option price wise would be the GE7 at $52 then.

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Years ago

Try Basketball Outlet,, Sportsmart or the Basketball Victoria website.

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Years ago

Can someone please let me know if Molten GL7 and GG7/GF7 have the same weight?

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Dane Suttle  
Years ago

All models are FIBA approved level one basketballs and fall within the official weight/size required.

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T Dogg  
Years ago

Just came across this forum/thread after googling where to buy a GF7 several weeks ago.

For competition use at state level and under, I'd recommend a GF7! I purchased a GL7 several years ago, but it simply never gets chosen by the refs at tip off as the game ball! Grrr.

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T Dogg  
Years ago

Not sure what happened to the second half of my post. I found this thread when looking for a GF7 several weeks ago, ended up getting it from, thought I'd post back here to let everyone know. Was cheaper than Rebel and delivered to my work. Otherwise there are also plenty on eBay around the $75 dollar mark.

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Years ago

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