Dwayne Johnson
Years ago

Sporting superstars off-field antics

SPORTING SUPERSTARS OFF FIELD ANTICS: Do they diminish their reputation and/or legacy obtained on the sporting field?

Throw some names around:
Shane Warne
Wayne Carey
Gary Ablett
Byron Pickett
Graham Johncock
Mark Davis
Kobe Bryant
Ken Cole
Pete Rose

All of these sporting personalities (and there are plenty of others too) have had their legacy tarnished by off field incidents.

How does it affect the way that you perceive them?

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Years ago

Definitely impacts their personal brand and legacy negatively in my opinion.

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Years ago

Andrew Symonds cricket

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Deosnt diminish my thoughts of them at all. I think of them as sporting icons, and i really dont care what they do in their personal life

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Years ago

Come on Symmo only got pissed, and what is wrong with that. I think it is very Australian!

Shane Warne is a god and always will be! - a legacy in Australian Bowling.

He should be judged for what he does on the feild not off it, as goes for all the others.

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Dwayne Johnson  
Years ago

Two names I forgot to mention, and these might change some people's thoughts: Mike Tyson and O.J. Simpson

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Years ago

so ELG if like most of the world you believe OJ was lucky to be found not guilty

you still think they are a icon even if they are a wife killer?

a child molestor? a wife basher? a bank robber?

I agree with you majority of our own private lives wouldn't stand the scrutiny and everyone deserves a private life but there must be a line drawn somewhere.

surely you can admire their sporting talent but abhor how they conduct their private life.

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Years ago

Wayne Rooney.... Christiano Ronaldo... in all sports... Ben Johnson..
Al Green.... not in the same breathe mind you.
If you are willing to lap up the adulation.. and earn the big bucks through sponsorships then you have to cop the intensity of the media.
They like it when it suits them to be "role models".. then when you stuff up you too have to cop it sweet.

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Years ago

What did Al do?

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Years ago

Anybody game to touch that one?

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Years ago

Kriss, Al enjoyed the time honoured pass time of peepin'!

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Years ago

many years ago there was a pic of Al at athol park when west and woodville we co tennants of the stadium. the photo of Al had venetian blind slats texta'd across his eyes.

that might give you a hint

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Years ago

"be more concerned with your character than with your reputation,
because your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are".

--john wooden

"let he who has not sinned,
cast the first stone"

--J. C.

i don't know about you guys, but i'm
fresh out of stones......

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Do i care about what people do in their private life? No. its why i dont read Womans weekly. I dont think any less of the Who, even though Pete Townshend is a child molester.

It shouldn't diminish anyones view. "they were a great player but... he showed up to a game drunk one time/cheated on his wife/found not guilty of raping a woman' So what? does this affect their legacy on the playing field? Does it make them any less of a player? Does anyone deny Jordan, Magic's and Wilt's (arguably the greatest 3 players to ever play) greatness, even though they had a less-than-squeaky clean personal life? no.

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Years ago

if i was earning big money like some of them i would be getting up to stuff alot worse.

Its just superstar baggage it comes with the territory. A bit like getting with a really hot chick who already has a kid.


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Years ago


Lets hope your kids dont grow up thinking its ok to be a SHIT citizen (as is the case with some of the above-mentioned stars) - JUST BECAUSE.... they are GREAT AT SPORT.

Seriously, think about the example they are setting.

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Years ago


"it's ok to be a shit citizen".

who says that they are a "shit citizen"?

hey, i don't know all these people or what their apparent crimes have been, but let's not enter the realm of the "SELF-RIGHTEOUS S.O.B.'S"

what about the example YOU are setting or SUPPOSED to be setting and the message you're sending???

oh that's right, you're not a celebrity therefore you don't have to be a "role model / good citizen"!!!

your dirty laundry is tucked away nice and neat and that's just where it's going to stay.

in the meantime, let's bring up someone else's skeletons and have ourselves a little debate....by doing so, everyone's enjoying themselves and are much too busy to point out my FCUK UPS!

you know........i've had it up to my diamond studs with YOU PEOPLE who think that these guys/girls owe you something........like it's their responsibility to make life easier for you & your kids.

like they're supposed to NOT fall into traps that you yourself or someone you know and love fell into.

"no, it's just that i want my kids to be the best that they can be and you have to help me with that because i don't qualify"!

"just because i can dunk a basketball......doesn't mean i should raise your kids".

--charles barkley


--yours truly

YOU put in the 5 minutes that started these kids on their journey, so you should RAISE your own DAMN kids.

you're responsible for them....."HOOK, LINE & SINKER", not johncock, kobe or ken cole.

that's right you heard me.

YOU should be the ultimate role model to your kids, brothers, sisters, etc., because they smell, hear, feel, touch and see (OBSERVE) you more than the crows, port power, 36ers, fellas/lightning and any other professional clubs and athletes rolled into one.

i mean really, just take yourself off the hook, why don't you!

......"mcdonald's made me fat".

now i fully understand what it means to be a good citizen, but this shit is OVERKILL.

pete rose should be in the baseball hall of fame, because he's one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game.

now as a person, maybe he's cool...maybe not, i really don't know.

what i do know is that he had a gambling problem. he bet on baseball. that's a no-no. he was banned for life from baseball. those were the consequences of his actions.

if you feel that what pete done wasn't morally or ethically right.......you're correct.

if you're saying that what these guys above done wasn't morally or ethically right.......maybe you're correct again.

but just like pete, haven't they PAID THEIR DUES / DONE THEIR TIME?

there names & legacy may have been
tarnished, some ruined.

their livelihoods may have been tarnished, some ruined.

they've made mistakes, whether it was foolish, stupid, childish, or otherwise.......we should all GET OVER IT and turn over our membership cards to "S.R.S.O.B. CLUB"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



my wife and i hope to have kids one day.....if we do, we're not going to expect a professional athlete, coach, or any other celebrity to raise our kids.

yea, it's ok to have heroes, but we'll teach them that their/our heroes are human beings and human beings are FALLIBLE.

it's ok if you want to be as good a basketball player as michael jordan, BUT, you shouldn't worship him or have unrealistic expectations of them....

......and you shouldn't judge them!

"should we proceed"?
"because he's only HUMAN".

oh yea, for those of you who miss the point............NO, i don't condone!

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Years ago

"i've had it up to my diamond studs with YOU PEOPLE"

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Years ago

KB again pure gold and well said. Couldn't agree more.

Everyone makes mistakes even famous people because in the end we are all human. We shouldn't hold it against them just because they are famous, they do the same thing millions of other people do it's just they are in the spotlight so we hear about it.

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Years ago

That was well written KB.

Not getting self righteous, just a little annoyed at ELG being so flippant at some of the so-called "skeletons" .
Jokes about child molesters,rapists and such.

I agree with you on the Pete Rose issue. Clearly he broke a "guidline" that has kept him out of the H.O.F, but he deserves to be there on Merit even if people dont like his ethics.

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Years ago

We have two discussions running here. One is whether their antics impact their reputations and personal brands. I say, yes, definitely.

Most longtime NBL followers will think of one thing first if I named a particular Perth import who was convicted. I, for one, couldn't tell you much else about the guy bar his conviction.

The other is whether a Warney is a "shit citizen" for making dirty phone calls. I'd say no. Not a model citizen, but barely deserves to be locked up.

OJ Simpson, however...

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Years ago

Errrr...KB, I don't have kids.

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Years ago

Yes thats a pretty important distinction to make Isaac. OJ is most certainly going to be thought of in a different way to Warney.

So KB when are you due ? ;)

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Johnny Comelately  
Years ago

Everybody has skeletons in the cupboard...Some just rattle louder than others!

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Joe M  
Years ago

"A good name, like good will, is got by many actions and lost by one" Lord Jeffery

BTW well-said Kevin

If parents took it upon themselves to raise there children and took the time to know where they are and what they are doing there wouldn't be so many 13 year old stealing cars and breaking into houses.

Parents should not blame the influences of celebrities if their children break the law; it is not a celebrity's responsibility to instruct families of the differences between right and wrong.

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Joe M  
Years ago

There is only one difference between a famous person and everyone else in society; a famous person has the ability to simple things exceptionally well.

If you have the ability to break the law and do stupid things, so does a famous person

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Years ago

What a load of crap. If you are a celebrity in the public eye, you have a responsibility to keep yourself clean. If you want to commit the indiscretions that ordinary everyday people commit, become an ordinary everyday person and not one who is constantly in the spotlight. I watch whenever the Sixers are available for signing autographs and talking with fans. The kids' faces light up with delight at getting close to them and having autographs signed. It makes me sick in the stomach to think these kids have so much respect and admiration for these players and then in their private lives they are committing adultery, murder, rape and any other criminal or unsavoury behaviour. Its like any job, if you work for a bank you are in a position of trust. If you are a doctor you have to keep confidentiality. Sorry, exemplary behaviour goes with the territory.

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Years ago

Warne sends text messages, Carey does it with a team mates missus, Byron Pickett DUI etc. Who BLOODY CARES!!!!

All these, with the exception of Ablett and Kobe, who like anyone who commit major crimes are going to face media scrutiny, its none of our business what they do. I agree high profile people should be careful what they do in the public eye especially while competing but their personal lives are their business. Its the media that is the problem. Damn, I am sick to death of hearing about Shane Warne sending text messages or Pickets driving offenses - Who Cares!!!

Who cares if mark davis is dui??!?! I can hardly remember who he is anyway.

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Years ago

"if you are a celebrity in the public eye, you have a responsibility to keep yourself clean"

"what a load of crap"

i agree totally.

dude, celebrities ARE ordinary, everyday people.


all you celebrities out there; sixers, crows, lightning, port power players, etc., etc.

you better make DAMN SURE that you live up to these expectations.....'cause if you DON'T, than that's EXACTLY what you're going to be remembered for!

"man, so you're here to save the world?"

"what do you say to something like that?"

they better not so much as see you pick your nose at a red light or God forbid......step in some dog shit and it's all downhill.

as for me, well........the vietcong never called me a nigger!!!

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Years ago

You forgot one person Dennis Rodman and his antic's

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Years ago

um.. KB did you just racially vilify atleast half the hoops population by calling them damn skips??

Agree with a lot of what you say though. Parents do need to take more responsibility with raising their children and leading by example. It's very easy to blame someone elso for your own short comings.

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Years ago

nah, skip i didn't.

"you damn skippy", means "you damn right/correct".

it's an american thang.

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pickles housemate  
Years ago

Parents do need to take more responsibility for their kids, rather than leave it to sports personalities.

Parents need to teach their child/children right and wrong.

Parents need to teach their child/children right and wrong so they don't go and do the dumbass things some of their sporting heroes do occasionally.

sporting heroes must know that if they do something dumbassed and they get caught - they are gonna cop it right between the eyes from the media. Duh!

1 - don't do anything wrong.
2 - If you are doing something wrong, don't get caught!!!

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