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Referee Coordinator

Now, what kind of person are BASA going to attract to oversee the referees when a salary of $30 - $35 K is on offer? Also, surely this kind of info should be confidential. With this low salary been public it says to me that whoever the successful incumbent is to be that I am the cheapest available and not I am the best for the job and opens them to criticism from all basketball areas including their own colleagues.

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Years ago

I'm sure Brad Pitt said it in Fight Club and if he didn't, he said something fairly similar:

"You are not your salary."

I don't know what the specific job requirements are, or what experience/age they're expecting, but this could be a good opportunity for someone to make a difference while working within their favourite sport.

If you get in there and make improvements for referees and the sport, then who cares what anyone thinks about your salary?

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Richie Cunningham  
Years ago

or that he/she has to taken a massive paycut from their normal job to help raise the standard of reffing in SA. Doubt it. Pay peanuts, get .......? Although some outstanding coaches in SA are working countless hours for approx 1.62 an hour in their roles as coaching director, so i guess attracting a quality candidate for the job is possible.

Lets assume money is not an issue, who are the best three people for the job in South Australia.

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Years ago

(Excuse my ignorance) Is it a traditional 'full time' position? What are the likely hours one would put in? If not, wouldn't that (30-35k) be reasonable renumeration?

Not knowing much about it, these are a few of the questions I wouldn't mind answered.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Knocking the chosen candidate before they even are selected doesn't help get the best person for the job.

Secondly, this may well just be a good chance for someone young and upcoming to get their foot in the door of the sport.

In any case, as I'm currently in uni looking for a career path I've come to a crossroads. Do something I dislike for a huge salary, or do something enjoyable and relaxing to me for something a bit more modest. Surely someone else might think the same, and feel earning 35k a year doing something for the sport they love is a better lifestyle than a 60k high pressure job.

Well just have to wait and see how it turns out. Does BASA even have more money to throw around right now?

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Some interesting comments. Wouldn't be surprised if it's someone older who takes the job, who doesn't necessarily need a high paying salary any more.

On a separate note, has anyone noticed how run-down the Homes Dome is looking. It needs a fresh paint, sweep of the spider webs, consistent lighting, relacquering of the wood in the stands, new carpet in the restaurant - it's starting to look very tired.

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Mr Nice Guy  
Years ago

I think it is important for the Referees to respect the person. Without respect, the officials may as well walk away from the sport.

The role as it is right this instance, too much time is taken up on a day-to-day basis finding referee replacements on games. Which brings us back to the shortage of referees in general.

Refereeing in this state will continue to seem amateur while the incentives don't exist. Love of the game only goes so far, the commitment involved takes its toll eventually.

In an ideal world the position would be filled by one of the top NBL Referees in SA so that person would become a full time basketball referee. All the other referees would listen to them, look up to them, etc. Queensland has two such positions, a North and a South, both of which are filled by quality NBL Referees.

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Ralph Malph  
Years ago

does this person have to be a referee???? Gary Fox's role in the NBL and David Parkin and Jeff Geischens role in the AFL are interesting precedents.

I noted that any mention of refereeing skills was about the sixth point raised in BASA's criteria for the applicant.

The successful Junior Coaching Directors of the past and present have experience in communication with coaches, committees, players and referees. They also recruit and then mentor coaches.

I think it is crucial that this person is a highly personable and respected around the basketball traps. Refereeing needs this sort of figure to attract refs, then keep them in the sport.

If this job could be considered 0.6 - 0.8 i suspect several outstanding applicants could emerge

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Years ago

I wouldn't point towards Jeff Gieschen as any sort of good example.....

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Nathan Wieland  
Years ago

Whoever is selected they will have our support.

If the new person delegates parts of the current role, the job will be a lot easier to manage.

Good luck to all those who apply! If you are thinking about it, throw your name and experience in to the ring - you never know until you try.

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Hoop Addict  
Years ago

Can we expect to see you throw your name 'into the ring'?

Does anyone know of any people who ARE thinking of applying?

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Nathan Wieland  
Years ago

I won't be applying for the position.

How about yourself Hoop Addict?

Too early to speculate really, I'd like to see some coaches apply.

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Years ago

A Coach in the role might be great for a few years to get some respect back for umpires.

Im not trying to say umpires dont deserve respect, though, because I think they do just like any other humane being, but judging by some posts they feel they dont get it.

At least if coaches had "one of their own" this might encourage better teaching of respect for the game and consequently umpires.

I would have a problem, though, if I was an umpire with someone running the shop that hadnt at least spent some time umpiring at district level.

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Hoop Addict  
Years ago

No, Nathan, I won't be applying.

For that I think I'd need to have some concept of basketball refereeing :-)

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Nathan Wieland  
Years ago

Hoop, I'm not applying for exactly the same reason :)

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Andrew Lea  
Years ago

Good one Nathan ;-)

Not having seen the position description, but having talked to people about it, it sounds like a hell of a lot of work for quite a small remuneration package. I'd imagine rostering at the best of times is hard, but when you have to deal with emergencies it can all go pear-shaped quickly!

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Nathan Wieland  
Years ago


I don't think $35k covers the number of times I read the word "responsible".

I think the new position calls for a lot of delegation because you are spot on, rostering is far too time consuming for this new person to do. Otherwise it becames the only thing the they'll do.

Good to see STOP covering those games last night too.

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