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Funny Sixers Roster: Smyth and Daws Q&A

Let's kick this off. A forum discussion is just a bit more of a pain than I can schedule right now so we're going to do it via email and this forum.

  1. You submit questions via the forum
  2. I put them in some sort of order and pass them on
  3. Phil and Mike reply with their answers
  4. I clean-up the responses and post it in the near future
  5. Maybe we have a round of follow-up questions
So, post your questions here, or if you'd prefer, email them to me via the contact page of this site. Please no anonymous posts - put your name to it if you can, your usual alias if you'd prefer, or if you're usually an anonymous poster, make something up (a street near your house, a city you've never visited, I don't care).

The questions are to focus on the 2006/07 Sixers roster. BSA, junior schedules, the government and so on are off-topic. Also, it's probably worth realising that there are some things they can't answer regarding salary specifics, sometimes exactly who they're trying to sign, etc. I think you'll get better responses if you keep these things in mind when asking your questions.

Post away!

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Years ago

What kind of performance criteria is been put in place for, and in consultation, with smyth for this year?

How do you measure the success of a coach that had so much success early in his tenure but seems to be slipping further and further behind in so many areas?

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Years ago

Are the Sixers going to be utilising the full salary cap in the upcoming season?

Will there be a second import this year or are we looking at using just Willie and the remainder of the team to be Australian

Did Ingles sign with the Sixers indicating he would play here in season 06/07 and then renig on this to go to the Dragons?

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Years ago

Are you looking at any new imports that have or have not yet played in the NBL? If so who are they? or at least what spot would you be looking to fill with them?

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Rueben R  
Years ago

Phil - how many more NBL-useful years do you think Mark Nash has in him?

Mike - IF the sixers were to be sold, what sort of personell changes would you make in the lead-up to the change over?

Mike - In recruiting players, how much say does management, coachings staff, and recruiting staff have?

Mike - will the sixers be spending ALL of the salary cap, or will you be trying to shave some cash to save some cash?

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Doctor E  
Years ago

Are we looking at imports that have played in Australia previously or can we expect to see someone completely new.

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Doctor E  
Years ago

Sorry, I doubled up on skips post, which wasn't there when I wrote it.

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Years ago

For Smyth: When a player like Brett Wheeler has been out of action for a year how do you assess his ability? Do you request footage of him playing ABA now or travel to see him play or have someone else tell you or take his word that he can still play at the NBL level or what?

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Years ago

Potentially adding Lanard Copeland to the roster impacts on Brad Hill's place in the team. What role do you see either of them playing for the Sixers should Copeland sign in Adelaide?

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Bill Gates  
Years ago

1. Is there a reason Pero is snubbed by the 36ers every year?

2. What imports are we currently targetting if any?

3. What plans are being made for the future starting point guard and shooting guard when Maher and Farley are gone?

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Bill Gates  
Years ago

Are we to expect more price rises on season ticket sales for next year?

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Doctor E  
Years ago

1) Is Derek Rucker an option or is Copeland your first choice for the guard position?

2) What sort of role and minutes do you envisage for Copeland if he is signed?

3) I believe after one and a half seasons in the system Brad Hill is ready to take the next step and be given more responsibilty. Does recruiting Copeland show a lack of faith in the development of Brad Hill? And what will it mean for Brad's playing time?

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Bill Gates  
Years ago

What plans are in place to bring fans back to the Dome for games?

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Years ago

How is it possible that one of the best kids for their age in the country, Joe Ingles, was apparently only offered a spot in the 13 & not in the 10?

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Doctor E  
Years ago

Now I've doubled up on Isaac's post. Can everyone please stop writing what I'm about to write? ;)

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Bill Gates  
Years ago

Are the coaching staff and management going to U18/U20 Nationals to see what is around the place?? The name Daniel Jackson comes to mind??

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Years ago

Quenstion: How do the Sixers approach young talent and what can the club offer to these young, future-of-Australian-basketball, players in terms of development, playing time, mentorship, off-court growth, future and potential to selected for National squads?

Statement: NBL clubs are becoming multi-national companies and have to conduct business as such, which includes breeding and nurturing new talent to provide for the future of the business. Club needs to offer long-term security, growth and development with potential for players to achieve their personal goals within the structure of the club.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Mike , what do you feel is the reason behind basketball in SA being under the financial pressure it is. Dome debt, poor management previously, carrying teams like the Lightining at a loss?

Phil, is there and expectation that SA born players will autonatically want to play for the sixers regardless of finanical offers from other clubs?

Phil, how do you feel when leaving players site personal development as a reason for leaving. Do you think as a club we nurture players to the degree they are looking for?

Phil in the past teams have had great success with castaways from otehr clubs, what do you look for in a player in this position is it ability, heart, training eithics etc?

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Doctor E  
Years ago

How many Australians playing in US colleges do you think are capable of playing NBL? Are we currently talking with any about the possibility of joining the 36ers for the upcoming season?

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Joe M  
Years ago

Phil Smyth  Are Lanard Copeland and Brett Wheeler being recruited as potential starter next season or a role player of the bench? If either are being recruited as a starter how can you justify that to us supporter as he is 40 year old? If both players are recruited as role player who come of the bench then I thing that potentially could be a good move.

Mike Daws  It is not secret that the basketball and more importantly the Adelaide 36ers are pricing themselves out of the family as a potential target audience in the membership area. An average adult silver membership at the Adelaide Crows is $236 for 11 home games (per game $21.45), at the Port Adelaide Power the equivalent season ticket is $232 @11 home games ($21.09), Adelaide united is approximately $237 @ 11 home games ($21.54).

Is it going to be feasible for the Adelaide 36ers in the not to distant future to beat or at very least match those pricing structures of other sporting franchises in Adelaide? As sport in South Australia is a very competitive industry.

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Joe M  
Years ago

Isaac can you please use this one rather than my first question for Phil Smyth

Phil Smyth

Are Lanard Copeland and Brett Wheeler being recruited as potential starter for next season or are they going to be a role player? If either is being recruited as a starter how can you justify that to us supporter as one is 35 years old and hasn't played for 12 months and the other is 40 year old? I don't have a problem with either being recruited as role player to give the side that depth but it doesn't give a supporter a whole lot of confidence in the side when they are being recruited as a starter?

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Years ago

Let's keep the focus on the playing roster. Maybe we can run another Q&A in the future on game nights and ticket pricing, etc.

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red nut  
Years ago

Joe M,

The 36ers season tickets currently work out to be less than all the teams you listed ($20.30) and the 36ers have 16 home games. Bit confused?

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Joe M  
Years ago

I just wanted it in the public forum as that is another excuse people roll out for not going ie: tickets are to expensive, because the Adelaide Crows and Adelaide United have a very respectable record at attracting a home crowd.

I guess pricing isn't not an issue then if they have a lower structure then the other clubs.

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Years ago

Is it true that you are in talks with Paul Rees about postponing his retirement?

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Ken Richardson  
Years ago

Phil - for development of young players do you feel they are better off with the Sixers + Academy structure or going to college in the U.S given a chance?

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Years ago

One for Mike Daws - Can you please advise the fans why an option year is offered as part of the contract and when it comes to taking up the option year, a player is screwed by the club trying to cut his salary? This is not how you treat players who have serviced the club well and will lead to other players getting off side with this club. Is it any wonder that no one wants to come and play for Adelaide? Salary alone is not a deciding factor because players will get financial benefit from living in Adelaide rather than Sydney or Melbourne. The problem has to be with the way the club treats them and what else it offers other than just money.

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Years ago

One for Isaac - please don't do too much editing of the questions presented as it will not give an honest indication of how fans feel. Unless it is downright offensive, I would leave it alone.

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Years ago

What is happening with the recruiting of a C and PF and a SF and have you been looking at the following players Wade Helliwell, Simon Dwight, Rouben Vesmadian, Austin Bruton, Jordan Dodman, Jason Dix, Brad Bungey, Jason Eversteyn and Steve Leven and how are you going on gathering more sponsors

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Years ago

Phil & Mike, is it true that your recruiting of Copeland & Wheeler is just a front to strengthen Fitzy's Monday night over 35's team? Can we expect you to chase Rose, Rucker & get JC 'the Alabama Slammer' out of retirement for the same cause?

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Years ago

Is it a fair perception that Adelaide is not a good option for player development???

I'm very concerned about Brad Hill who appeared to be progressing during the season but his time dwindled-particularly in the finals. Surely any recruiting that undermines Brads minutes is an issue....there seems no point recruiting them if you don't use them. Comment?

The perception of a "laid back" coaching style seems to be a label of the Adelaide team....which is now backfiring. Comment??

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Years ago

Is the Adelaide 36ers players going to come to schools in the near future?

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Ben Fitz  
Years ago

I am in talks with their management at the moment. Seems Rucker may have an issue of coming off the bench as my back up, Copes however is up for it and i can declare now that we have no interest in Wheels as we are solid in the Centre spot.

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Years ago

With the demise of Hunter where is Jordi Cullen heading?
Is Adelaide an option?

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VC fan  
Years ago

IMO Pero Cameron would be the prefect pickup in the 4/5 spot, do you agree? Is he a realistic pickup?
If so, is anything being done about recruiting him?

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Years ago

Phil: Firslty congratulations on your coaching efforts, i think you have done a great job and the team even though it doesnt win all the champioships is always up there and usually exceeds expectations. Is there any chance of Derek Moore and/or Pero Vasiljevic joining the 36ers next season??? as i think either/both would be a great fit and starting centre/power forward for the club. And are you considering Jayson Wells for the 2nd import id love to see him in a 6ers uniform!!
Good luck, i look forward to seeing the new look 36ers in action!!

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Years ago

How do you feel when players like oscar & jacob leave for better offers $$ wise when they have been offered decent contracts from the club and been supported for 5 years and basically learnt the professional game through the sixers and yourself as a coach.
What can be done do you think to encourage young talented guys to hang around and become lifetime 1 team players when the nature of the game seems to be players switching teams quite a number of times throught their career. Obviously they have to provide for their future as basketball is short term career.

Players always want to come back to Adelaide, it just doesnt seem to happen (cat & mee for example) what are some of the reasons behind this never occuring as it seems like they will come back for half what they are worth??

Who is the next Brett maher for the Adelaide 36ers( or as close to as he is one of a kind)??

Why are the benches so long if guys like Gerlach, Hambour & Madgden never get a run. Last season they didnt even hit the court when the game was all over. Surely those spots could be utalised better??

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Years ago

Will players come out to the schools in the future?

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Years ago

Phil, why do you persist in playing players out of position? Do you discuss this with the players? Overheard a certain young player say recently that when contract is over he will leave without question as he is sick of being played out of position, and this was a complaint that hung around when Jason Williams was forced to run at point, when he was more comfortable at the 2/3. Have also heard that a lot of young players are opting elsewhere due to lack of focus on youth development (eg. Forman, several ABAers). Can more be done to develop and support the young plalyers to keep/get them in to sixers uniforms?

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Years ago

Smyth and Daws - Would you rather have consistent yet unspectacular player who delivers week in and week out, or someone who will win you games by themselves but can also be very bad? Because i seem to be a bit confused with the way Dusty Rychart was treated. He is the most consistent player in the league and delivers week in and week out yet he is offered way less than Willie Farley who can be extremely good i agree, but also is not consistent and doesnt deliver consistently.

I may be talking a lot of crap, but i was very disapointed when Dusty seemed to have been let go so easily...thats all

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Years ago

Phil - What is happening with making sure that we won't lose all of our home grown talent to other teams; Newley, Ingles

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Years ago


Who said Mee wanted to come back to Adelaide? Far from the truth.

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Years ago

Phil, when do you leave?

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Ken Richardson  
Years ago

Phil - How many individual sessions did you personally spend with Oscar or Jacob to help them improve?

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Years ago

Phil, in the recent article in the advertiser you mention that clubs dont necessarily develop their own talent but rather rely on the US college system to develop talent and the pick them up after 4 years.

If that is the case why arent the sixers more active in trying to get guys like Gerlach and Sutton over to the states when there is obviously limited potential for development with the sixers?

Do yourself, Breheny, or anyone in the sixers organisation have a solid relationship with any college coaches (as in Goorjan and Dunlap) and if not why not?

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Years ago

Sorry Ken and 76326 - I should've noted it already, but I've submitted the questions today to Mike Daws for his and Phil's responses. If there is a chance for Round Two, you can add these then.

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Years ago

phil - as per the previous question.

why did you so activly pursued oscar and jacob not to go to college, but to join your system instead?

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