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State champs programmes

Anyone seen the draw for each of the weekends??? (Div 1 and 2)

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Wouldn't expect them till middle of next week.

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Years ago

The draw is on Sporting Pulse.

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Club 20 fan  
Years ago

Do Sturt compile their own draw for the champs?

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Years ago

Club 20 fan,

Do you have a point?

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Years ago

In reply to #80070.

Club 20 fan asked a question anon. Do you have an answer or are you tappin the key board just to hear the little clicks? Oh and how will we know if YOU post another reply?

Club 20 fan, I think that 1 or 2 of the juniour age groups draws are a little generous to the Pasadena crew going into Mothers Day. 1 or 2 in particular are not age groups that that are as clear cut as some of their other teams are. Then again I see the Eagles and North have a good deal in some of their games.

Norwood have a pretty good advantage going into Sunday for 1 age group as well.

It would be a bugga to make the draw work. You have to take the good with the bad.

Get that wingey crap about Sturt doin their own draw out a here.

Thats my point!

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Years ago

Oh I'm sorry Magpie. How's this:

"Do Sturt compile their own draw for the champs? "

No. (Happy now?)

For the record if for one moment I or anyone else thought the question was a serious one then they would have posted a serious answer. It was clearly just a cheap shot to generate a laugh and to try and taint the rep of one of the strongest clubs in Adelaide. Very poor.

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Years ago


Like the manipulation by Sturt u/14 girls in the Norwood carnival, putting the First team in the 2nd team side of the draw!!!!!!

No never!!

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Club 20 fan  
Years ago

Sure it was cheap shot, totally. If the forum gurus are not happy with it they can use the delete button.

You really think I have tainted the rep of one of the strongest clubs in Adelaide? You for real?

The great thing about forums is I could have used any clubs name and uptight posters like Magpie and the brave anon (thats if it was the same person replying) get a bee in their backside.

This however; does spark debate and allows individuals to have a say, stupid or not. If every stupid question was removed from this site it would be a VERY boring place to fill in time.

Chill out.

By the way do the eagles compile their own draw for the champs?

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Years ago

#80150, Yes & Club 20 fan, yes.

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Years ago

Club 20 you are a shit stirrer

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Years ago

Sparks debate? Now who's full of it!?

And the brave anon, yeah because your so brave making up an alias to post under.

The majority of people come to this fourm to discuss real basketball issues.

Your obviously a bored immature little no nothing trying to get 15mins of fame by having a cheap shot. I'm very sure neither Sturt nor Forestville nor any other club had any say in the programming of games and as has been posted previously; if you really have an issue with the draw there are proper channels with which to deal with them.

Attacking the credibility of BSA staff and a local basketball club is just petty.

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Years ago

anon #80149

Sturt actually put their div 1 team into the draw which had the stronger competition so that they can improve more!

I am sure your club would jump at the chance of takling the third spot at next years U/14 National Club Champs if they improve enough to win this year.

PS Norwood did the draw anyway.

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Dr Damage  
Years ago

Actually we did do the draw, and put an even seeding for both sides of the pools.
As it turned out one pool had the 4 best teams in it.
Sturt could pick and choose because they entered 2 teams.
Forrestville could have done the same, but didnt.
It probably wasnt fair to Gosford ,who travelled so far, and really should have had a semi final game.
There's always next year!

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Years ago

Can someone tell me why U16G state draw have a bye. Doesn't this make it easier now for those teams in that group??

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Years ago

There's a bye because there's an uneven number of teams who nominated.

What else could they do?

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Years ago


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Years ago

Hey #80157. I cant speak for the other tag names out there, but the reason I use an alias is so people can answer back to me rather than having to cut and paste a stupid little number so the anon at least knows who Im replying to. Yeah sure lets all use our real names; there would be nothing but back slapers on here all day long. You want an example of someone who uses a real name other (than forum admin) search for John Lawerance (or what ever his name was)and have a read. Great example of why you dont use your real name.

It takes you less than 2 seconds to type in a tag name, If you have no imagination I can suggest a few... if you want!

"Attacking the credibility of BSA staff and a local basketball club", now who's full of it?

Lighten up. If some one attacks the credibility of an organisation or a club in a provocative or nasty way, fair enough; give em heaps. But a silly little question?

My answer was to show Club 20 fan that (if He/she actually bothered to chek out the draw), a number of clubs have a good draw going into Sunday, not just Sturt in a couple of age groups. Im love it when some one shit stirs, as long as they have all the facts, which Club 20 fan obviously dosnt.

Sturt are a strong & proud club, Im sure most if not all coments posted on this forum dont even register on their "annoyance meter" They just get on with the buisness of kicking ass; its the best way to answer critics& im sure thats what they will do come champ time.


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Years ago

U/14 girls are in Adelaide next year so we have 3 teams anyway!

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Years ago

My guess, having to have the bye, which is understandable, is that Woodville, North and Sturt will be buggered cos the games will be so tuff. Don't be suprised who might just miss out??

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Felton Spencer  
Years ago

First of all, full credit to sporting pulse for getting the programmes out so quick. It is easy to read and simple to locate on the website. Well done!

However, I have a bone to pick with the Under 20 Men State draw...

West Adelaide, the Summer season premiers, have been assigned four groups games - Friday night, Saturday morning and night, and Sunday morning.

Therefore, if they were to advance to the final, the GF would be their third game for the day and sixth in total. Compare this to a team grouped in Group B play its second game for the day and fifth in total.

I know it only seems minor, but take this into account. Group B will finish group games on Saturday evening, around 6pm. This gives the two advancing teams (most probably Norwood and North Adelaide)a solid break to prepare for the semi final. Wehereas Group A will still have an additional two round games to play.

How is this justice for a team that went the entire season undefeated?

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Club 20 fan  
Years ago

Yep Felton Spencer, the draw is full of "abnomilies" the whole way through.

Hardly seems fair. Was or is there a better way? Probably not now.

And Indiana you are right 100%

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Years ago

#80157, "Your obviously a bored immature little no nothing trying to get 15mins of fame by having a cheap shot"

Thats plain silly anon! Bored? yes. Thats how I fill in time between jobs at least, cant speak for anyone else though. As for the rest of it. Did you read your response before you posted?

I thought magpie gave quite a good answer. You are both (anon & Magpie) obviously Sturt people. Buy each other a drink at Pasadena on Friday night and have a laugh. Anyone who frequents pasadena Friday nights would know Magpie is in the bar most of the night.

You are both trying to give it to Club 20 fan; however one of you is doing it just a little better.

But thats what this forum is about, i guess, differing opinions.

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Years ago

Well Felton, having 3 games on Sunday obviously agreed with West as they won. But yes, the draw was crap. How about a little evenness amongst clubs... How come certain teams had all their minor round games at their home stadium? What is that?

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Mott the Hoople  
Years ago

I also thought the draw was against teams from pool A (U20M), but both finalists were from that pool. Didn't get a chance to see North play at all, did they have any injuries or just a bad weekend (by their standards)?

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