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Steve Nash: 2006 NBA MVP?

The result has supposedly been leaked and a few people aren't too happy.

Dime Magazine for one think Kobe should be MVP - he dragged a pretty woeful team to the playoffs. Mark Cuban has a pretty good argument for Dirk Nowitski too - he's got barely another name-player on his starting roster. Those talking about LeBron James are in a similar position - no Hughes, and a pretty special statline for a winning team.

It's been discussed before, but is there a new light now that the leak has been released? What's your call - what's more valuable to the team? The guy getting 20 and 10 assists on a team with some decent support, or guys carrying non-star rosters to a respectable position?

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Nash is a great player but Nowitzki has been awesome for his team and amazing. If you were watching ESPN today you would of see the updates, him scoring a 3 pointer with 15 seconds left. A hard shot that even a guard is unlikley to hit. He also scored many more. Look at him against San Antonio last time, he was un defendable.

Kobe has brought a pretty bad team with the lack of talent to the playoffs. He has changed when needed in the playoffs and has done what his team needs.

1 Kobe
2 Dirk
3 Nash
4 Billups
5 James

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As good as Nash is, I dont believe 20 and 10 on a winning team is enough for MVP.

Yes he does make his team better, but so do other stars.

MVP should be for superstars that put up extraordinary numbers as well as leading their team to a succesful season.

I dont think Nash's numbers are good enough for MVP. Not in a season where Lebron and Kobe led their teams to the playoffs while putting up amazing numbers.

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someone explain to me WHY kobe should win it over Lebron.

1. lebron put up more impressive numbers than kobe.
2. lebron has a worse team than kobe, and his 2nd best player was out for half the season
3. cavs have a better winning % than lakers.

what a no brainer.

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Years ago

Here's my view of the MVP debate. I am a devoted Detroit Pistons fan, but I'm trying my best not to be biased in any way.

Steve Nash has been amazing, don't get me wrong, but I'm sick of this arguement that he has nobody around him. Shawn Marion was a 20-and-10 guy, All-Star and Olympian before Steve Nash came back to Phoenix, and he is one of the best players in the world, no question. He's been consistently doing what he does for years. And while he might have help scoring his 13 points, Boris Diaw doesn't get his 6 rebounds and 6 assists per game (while playing mostly Centre at 6'8") because of Steve Nash, it's because of himself. And I'm sure Steve Nash isn't helping Raja Bell defend the likes of Kobe Bryant either.

Dirk Nowitzki does have people around him too. Jerry Stackhouse anyone? Sure, he's declining now, but he was a 29ppg scorer in Detroit and an All-Star just a few seasons ago. Jason Terry is no slouch either, being a leading player for the Hawks for a number of years. One of the League's most underrated players in Josh Howard is pretty helpful also.

And I believe LeBron James has a 2-time All-Star centre in Zydrunas Ilgauskas, plus a Drew Gooden, who averages almost a double-double, and one of the best 6th men in the league, Donyell Marshall.

Kobe Bryant also has a 15-10-and-5 guy in Lamar Odom (who people always forget), plus a handy player in Smush Parker. They also still have a guy who was a starter/vital cog during their recent glory years, Devean George.

So, in my opinion, the award should go to the best player on the winningest team, because that's what the League should be about, winning. Therefore, the 2005-06 NBA MVP should be Chauncey Billups of the Detroit Pistons.

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Years ago

i don't see Billups being the most valuable player. He was great but not that good. Nash was okay but Kobe starred and James did but not like Kobe. Nowitzki should win it. When since could a centre shoot threes and hit jumpers that are undefendable and is athlestic and can dribble like Dirk and is 7 foot? Only some all*star centres that i can think of.

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Years ago

I have to agree a lot with 3. The only part i disagree with is the winningest team winning. They haven't improved really on previous seasons. That's what will probably bring down Billups' MVP chances.

The others (excluding Nash and Nowitzki) are paid for their attacking brilliance. Bryant, James are paid for that. James in front of Bryant there but not by much.

Nash and Nowitzki. Dallas have a terrific support cast and if you gave big Dirk a passing to blanks shooting bricks support cast ... Dallas would be in the same position as Houston.

Nash. No one gave Phoenix a hope and figured that because Stoudemire would be out ... he wouldn't have anyone to go to. He found Marion ... one of the best in the league. He has the ability to deal with a difficult situation and make the best out of it better than all the other mentioned candidates. That is why he should be MVP ... but a nose ahead of ... either James or Nowitzki.

It will count in James' favour he was the All-Star game MVP. So who knows?

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Years ago

Most "Valuable" Player - not the best, higest scoring, most productive.

Take this player out of the team and there is no way they would win.
Don't even consider Billups, he got game but so does everyone in Detroit.
Kobe, mayB, but Odom is a ligit allstar and i doubt that they would lose that many more games without Kobe and his shoot/dribble/do-anything-but-pass-first attitude.
Nash, quality cos' he's white guy who brings mad skills to the game, but again a strong supporting cast.
Dirk, comes close but guys like Terry and Howard who are becoming great talents since Finley and Nash left.
ITS GOTTA BE LeBRON! Take him out of the Cavs and they got NOTHING! Not a single player that can create there own shot or create a play. (Dont even start me on the White stiff 'Z)

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Years ago

One thing T-Bomb ... the Cavs have Ilgauskas as their inside presence ... the Suns don't have that considering the injuries to Stoudemire and Kurt Thomas. That's why Nash should be MVP.

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Years ago

I'm sorry T-Bomb but I had to laugh at this:

"Nash, quality cos' he's white guy who brings mad skills to the game, but again a strong supporting cast."

I'm sorry, but how is the colour of a player's skin relevant to determining who is the most valuable player?

And your post started off so well...

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Years ago

Come on guys! you gotta have some love for the white playas'!

The point I was trying to make it the typical 'white guy' in the NBA can hit jumpers, 3pointers and free-throws, is tactically sound but lack the physical presence, athleticism and 'show time' of black players.

I just like that Nash brings a bit more show that your stereo-typical 'white guy' in the NBA.

No offence was intended.

My bad.

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um Steve nash does lack physical presence, athleticism, and 'show time' that of black players...

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Years ago

Or my other, sentimental, favourite player, 'outside' pick - Ron Artest

Indiana could hardly win without him in the lineup, and he totally turned around Sacramento's season once he got there.

Think about it. He's done more to shape the outcome of this NBA season (and the last one to be honest) than anyone, and he didn't even play half of it (which will probably be one of the many knocks on his chances). It'd certainly raise a few eyebrows, but it'd be good all the same

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what about sam cassell he single handedly turned that franchise around.

'what about elton brand'

the clippers were nothing until Cassell came there. maybe brand just needed good players around him. But is it just a coincidence that everywhere he goes (cassell) he's in a winning team? it's time to be recognised!

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Years ago

Sam I am in the anti Stephon Marbury. Every team Marbury has been traded to has sucked once he arrived.....

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Years ago

ELG, you have been quiet for a while.

Sam Cassel for MVP? Single-handedly turned the franchise around? I'm still trying to work out if you are joking or not??

Corey Maggete?? Radmonivoc? Brandt? Kaman?

The Clippers success is due to putting good role players around Brandt. Cassel is a good PG, but MVP? He isn't even in the top 5 PG's in the L.

He has not made every team he has been at a winning club. Did you overlook the 6 years he spent in Milwaukee and Minnesota?

Dude, be reasonable.

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Years ago

Cassell along with Glenn Robinson and Ray Allen took the Bucks to the Eastern conference finals (2000-2001 I think it was).

Cassell along with KG and Spree took the Wolves to the Western Conference Finals (2003-04).

Compared to Starbury who has ruined every team he has been on Cassell is a much better option.

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Years ago

Sam Cassell won championships in his first two seasons in Houston, and ran the point at many crucial stages during the playoffs from what I understand. The Bucks should have made the finals in 2001 I think as well. Just missed out. Cassell is definitely a winner, but not MVP calibre

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I hear you had a good old chin wag with my good friend undersized pf, the doctor, well hes not really my friend i just hang around with him because hes heaps rich

I was merely taking the piss out of the previous post, ron artest for MVP (he's not even the best player in his team, why would he be the best player in the league)

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Years ago

Aahhh, that's OK then. Artest is the clear leader for MVP (Most Volatile Player)

Yes, I have been conversing with Undersized PF and now have the pleasure of coaching Mini Undersized PF.

Undersized PF and thedoctor square off in a few weeks. Maybe ELG will make an appearance to give the Warriors a slim hope of getting within 25 points? Beware the Serbians.....

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Depends if i start reserves or not, the coach hates it when i play though so i doubt it. last time i played div 3 i would have been close to a quad double (25 pts 18 rebs 9 blocks 9 assists) so you best beware

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Years ago

Against United Districts? My mum could have a quad-double against those scrubbers. She has a quality low post game.

You should try to play, would give our big guys someting to match up on.

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Years ago

doc, maybe i should play, that should help at least with 5 turnovers and 4 missed shots per game.. oh and some trash talk between brad and i

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

as a pivotol part of the United Districts game, i am highly disputing ELG's claimed stats, i think hes been reading to many wilt chamberlain box scores.

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