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To zone or not to zone

Always a lot of controversy surrounding zone in juniors. I get that it is not allowed up to and including U14s, but for the older age groups where it is allowed under the rules, and considering it is a part of the game used at all levels, why is it so bad???

Up to U/14s aren't allowed to use it because it does not encourage good one on one defence. But after that, surely they need to learn how to play zone defence and how to beat one in offence.


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Because if your ever going to be able to play, you have to learn how to man up and take a player one-on-one.

Zone is good cause it works as a tactic but if you are going to be able to play and be successful you have to learn how to play proper defence.

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Years ago

so U12 & U14 (that's 4 years)isn't long enough to learn some 1 on 1 D??

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Years ago

2/3 Be A Tree, Not real Hard to teach that

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Years ago

a lot easier to teach man d .. no team work required.

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Years ago

Good man to man is very difficult to teacn. But it is very improtant that players become well drilled at understandin the different philosophies of man to man.

Open stand, closed stance. Hard denial, soft denial. Hard ball pressure, containment. Channel middle, channel base, channel to non preffered hand. Look at the players who have gone onto play for the Lightining and the 36ers and you will see that they play for clubs which rarely zone. If at all.

So for all those coaches that zone indefence, all you are doing is keeping the score a bit closer, but in the process, restricting your players from developing the skills they need to get to the next level.

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Years ago

To anon #82544

I disagree.

How can you advocate ignorance as a prerequisite for advancement. Players need to learn Both man d and zone.
Coaches ignoring either D is what will restrict progress.

My 2c

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

RE: (#82536)

"a lot easier to teach man d .. no team work required. "

are you lost, have u ever heard of splitline help, hedge/recover etc. youve been watching too many nba dunk mix's

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Years ago

Most people don't want to learn how to play proper man-to-man defence, simply because they see it as too much hard work. They prefer to just gamble in the passing lanes and reach in for steals, and consider this to be good defence, or at least enough to get by so they can get another chance at scoring. Sorry, but you're not gonna stop anyone like that.

Unfortunately, it does seem like zone defences by junior teams are used to hide the weak individual defenders away.

Stop being soft and learn to "D up" properly, and then the zone won't seem like such a cop-out

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Years ago

It's pretty simple guys.

How many Sturt teams do you see playing zone. None.

Have a look at the results of the State Championships!

Have a look at which club produces the most State players! Sturt.

Have a look at the club which produces the most AIS, NBL and WNBL players! Sturt.

If clubs are teaching your kids to play zone. The coach is restricting your kid from developing as a player and you chould move club!

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Years ago

More like they all go to sturt after they they play WNBL - NBL.

Just because sturt can't play against a zone, they don't like it and bag anybody that runs it. It is part of the game and used in WNBL & NBL.

So get of your high horse sturt - you aren't the benchmark.

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Years ago

When you consider a good zone has man principles I don't see the issue. A good man defence looks like a zone and a good zone defence looks like man!

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Years ago


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Years ago

anon #82682

If Sturt are not the bench mark then who is?

Last year we had the best results in the entire country at National Championships.

12 Girls 1st at Classics
14 Girls 2nd at Nationals
18 Girls 2nd at Nationals
14 Boys 1st at Nationals

If you can find another club that contested 4 Championship Finals and won 2 then please backup your argument. Otherwise you are just another hater that cannot see the forrest for the tree's,

Or you could look at the numbers at Overall State Champs over the past 8 years. 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

And as for all those WNBL and NBL players that have moved to Sturt. Aren't you forgetting

Brett Maher
Paul Bauer
Jason Williams
Oscar Forman
Jacob Homes
Brad Hill
Leigh Carlson
Jarrod Wilson
Monique Bowley
Laura Summeton
Bridgit Bowley
Hannan Bowley
Angela Marino
Emma Langford
Tammy Hoare
Caroline Nixon

Who were all Sturt juniors.

So common, back up your comment.

Zone us all you want, but when your kids are not making it in the future you will need to look at yourself, rather than blame Sturt

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Years ago

I wonder if Neil or one of the other SASI/State coaches would like to give us their opinions?

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Years ago

Sturt 18 girls second at nationals?????? Good on you Jess, you have done it on your own.

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Years ago

It was quite obvious he meant Classics. When your best retort was the mis-use of one word, and not debating the facts of these accomplishments, then you really are struggling....

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Years ago

Why is it that 90 % of threads turn into a cock-measuring contest between a club (in this case sturt) and a bunch of anonymous posters as to who is better.

If you want to answer the question, then answer it.

If you want a cock-measuring contenst, then become a porn star.

Have a nice day.

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Years ago


Tammy Hoare - Centrals junior
Angela Marino - Whyalla
Leigh Carlson- Country

Nothing like a good story.

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Years ago

Actually I think you will find Brett Maher was at South till Mike Osbourne recruited him to sturt??

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Years ago


Why is that every time a thread ends up this way you always come on here and be very politically correct. This is public forum and therefore people either using there name or an alias can post their own opinions within the guidelines of the forum. Who are you to try and put a stop to it.

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Years ago

maher was at the ais by 17

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Years ago

Marino played for Sturt from the age of 10.

Carlson played at Sturt from the age of 9.

Hoare played at Sturt from the age of 14.

Maher played at Sturt from the age of 11.

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Years ago

Country? Pffft.

Not sure about Tammy, but Angela has only played district ball for Sturt. Isn't that what is being talked about here - Sturt's anti-zone and ability to produce higher-level players? If so, where a player comes from is irrelevant isn't it?
Pretty sure Maher did play a little bit for South, but most of that list are recent(ish) Sturt juiors through and through and have achieved some sort of higher-level participation.

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Years ago


Tammy Hoare - Centrals junior up to Under 12's I think, North in Under 14's, Sturt Under 16's and above, AIS in Under 18's, Sydney Flames WNBL

Angela Marino - Whyalla, and Sturt from bottom age Under 14's, also SA Country, NZ and Canberra Capitals WNBL

Leigh Carlson- Country, and Eastern Hills and Sturt from Under 10's upwards, AIS in Under 20's, West Sydney, Richmond FC AFL rookie list, Coburg VFA.

You're right, nothing like a good story! Any other info needed?

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Years ago

PS we don't start these pissing contests, but we end them by quoting the facts!

PPS My views on zone are in thread #3297. Look it up if you need.

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Years ago


I do not always comment in a politically correct manner. Just asking a question, as i opened the thread expecting someones comments about a zone and by the 9th post there it was "my club is better than your club".

I have no problem with you doing that, just start a thread "look at my nuts" and be done with it, you can do all the bashing there.

I am not stopping or even trying to stop these comments, just would have liked the thread to contain a little more about the topic at hand (yes it has been done before as SB mentioned, but always an interesting debate). Go back to naming your sturt heros or trying to cut them down now, whichever side you are on.

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Im not a sturt man, but I think there is a bit of sturt bashing going on here.

They do quote the facts - they do not teach their kids to play zone and their kids do struggle playing against it - sometimes.

They do teach their kids how to play proper D - that is why they are so good as a junior club.

Good D will always beat good O

I'd be more than happy for SB and the Vader to teach my kid the correct way but he likes playing with his mates.

It is obvious to an outsider with any nouse that the results they get are a by-product of the program they have in place.

We should not be canning them but trying to copy them and implement what they do - for the good of all

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Years ago


That was my point, there is a lot of bashing when there was no need. It is not always sturt bashing (just is in this thread, and often is). The thread was about zone defense, and got turned into a "look at me" thread.

Read my post again, I was not bashing sturt nor defending sturt. I was "bashing the bashers" from both sides so to speak.

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