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AFL All Australian Team: Rubbish

worst all australian team eva

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Years ago

we talking baseball sam?
archery perhaps?

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Joe M  
Years ago

Don't be so supercilious #95712, you know exactly what sport Sam is talking about.

To have 5 SA based player in the side is a very good effort, at least the national selector show the SA clubs some respect unlike basketball Australia and the Boomers coaches.

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go crows  
Years ago

Johny Cock Stiffy was unlucky not to be included imo

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Years ago

Bassett in the All Australian... What a Joke!!!

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Years ago

Stick to watching/playing Basketball cause clearly you have no understanding of AFL

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Ha ha yeah massive joke.

Bassett is so crap and NEVER does anything good. Worst defender in the league.

(please note sarcasm)

If you actually watched a game you'd notice how much of an integral part he is of one of the league's best defences. He plays hard all game and never shies away from a contest. I'm glad to have him on our team.

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twenty four  
Years ago

I don't think there's a whole lot wrong with the team. I think Rutten could've been in there, and I guess Stiffy too, but then four of the back six are Crows, so you can't complain.

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Years ago

Sam feel free to expand.

Bassett definitely deserved his spot he has had a great year and anyone who says otherwise doesnt understand the game.

A few were unlucky being Johncock Edwards Dal Santo and Lucas but I think it is a very good side in general.

I would query Joel Bowden as a centre half back though.

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Years ago

Ed, if you watched the Richmond games this year (which I did) you would have noticed that Joel Bowden generally stood a gun forward (most of the time THE gun forward) and generally, despite giving away obvious height, came off equal if not better, along with getting his 20+ possessions each game. He had an awesome year and deserves it I think.

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Years ago

The only team J Bowden should be a part of is the All Easy Possession Team , zones off plays chippy chip with his brother . The games where he has actually played on someone he has been carved .
Riewoldt is good player , but to call him a champion is laughable .
His year has been solid but he just does not kick goals consistently when his team need him to and this separates barry hall from nick the albino ferret .
Like the inclusion of Junior mcdonald , has had a stellar year .
Same with Smiley johnson as captain , thoroughly deserved .
Overall an admirable job by the selection commitee .
Unlucky are P Chapman , S lucas , G Johncock , B Rutten , T Edwards , T Simmonds , J Clement , S Fisher , D Kerr , N Dal santo , L Ablett , S Mitchell , D Cross .

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Years ago

When did Joel Bowden become a CHB and when did he get better than Whitnall????

Also James Macdonald shouldn't be in there just cause he is a good tackler otherwise nathan hindmarsh might get a spot in next years side......reward a young player like daniel Cross or Graham Johncock for consistent years

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Years ago

'Don't be so supercilious #95712, you know exactly what sport Sam is talking about.'


Joe when I replied this was the title of the thread

it has since obviously been edited to read AFL

since I had no idea i was perplexed at what Sam was talking about - and i am not a follower of AFL so i was unaware that there was a all australian team selected recently.

so sincerely JoeM bite me.

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Years ago

"Bassett in the All Australian... What a Joke" anon(#95720)

Bassett , whether you are a crows fan or not , is ONE of the best backs in Australia right now. His form has been very good this year.
Who would you put in that position instead?
Or are you too vacuous to offer an opinion ??

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Years ago

The all easy possession team? Pretty much every AFL player would be eligible for that these days - it is the way the game is played. See an article in the Australian about 10 days ago and check the stats.
And you mustn't be watching the same matches I have seen because I have seen J Bowden perform well on several key forwards, including Pavlich, Lucas and Bradshaw.

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Frank Costanza  
Years ago

I would like to know what the three time premiership coach/captain/player/orange pealer/club president/boot studder/hit dog seller/ heart and soul of the footy club - the mighty MW - feels about this team because clearly he has an understanding of AFL footy. But first let me get comfortable with pen and paper ready because if his nuggest of gold are anything like his previous posts we are all in for a treat!

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wdville balla  
Years ago

The 2 most unlucky players where P. Chapman and T. Simmonds, clearly they had season best seasons, i dnt think cox deserved a spot, ino he did rip it up in the 1st 6 or 7 rounds. but Simmo was consistant 4 pretty much 22.

You would of thought that a ruckman missing half a season through injury would have no hope of making All Australian, especially when Simmon, Jeff White and josh Fraser played the way they played.

Chapman in my eyes was a level abpve Didak and R. o'Keefe in the small forward compartment.

Ryan had a great season, didak shone in games wer the pies needed him, but didnt do enough for me.

I would of replaced Didak with top 10 possesion getter Chapman who was 1 of the cats rare standouts 4 the year.

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Years ago

I wouldn'y say it's rubbish apart from a few players that are in the team that haven't had as good seasons as others.

Tyson Edwards was hot in contention for the Bronlow and when you think about it he has had an even better season this year.

You cannot argue the centre and full forward line that is perfection. All of the players in these lines have had one of there best seasons and so far have all been unstoppable.

Simply swap Pav and O'keefe get rid of basset throw benny rutten into the team and you have yourselfs one of the best possible combinations of AFL players.

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Years ago

rutten?? not good enough? who is this glass bloke that got full back? what a joke.

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Years ago

Glass is a class act (rhyme intended ;) )
Seriously though Rutten did not deserve All Australian this where near as good a year as last.

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Years ago

rutten only got beaten once this season, rd.22 against neitz who booted 5, the next biggest bag that was kicked on him was 2 by Fevola. He and Cameron Bruce are the most deserving players not to gain a selection, here is the REAL all-australian team for 2006:

B: N.Bassett, B.Rutten, G.Johncock
HB: C.Bruce, J.Bowden, H.Scotland
C: K.Cornes, S.Goodwin, N.Dal Santo
HF: A.Goodes, N.Riewoldt, S.Lucas
F: P.Chapman, B.Fevola, B.Johnson(C)
R: B.Lade, C.Judd, S.West
Int: D.Cox, B.Hall(vc), B.Cousins, A.Mcleod.

there is no way in hell that glass, bolton, o'keefe, burgoyne, didak, pavich, mcdonald or gilbee should be all-aus.

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Years ago

Missing S. Bourgyne mate that dude is a gun! Had an awesome year! Rutten unfortunate to make it but glass had one of his best seasons.

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Years ago

GLASS WOULDA BEEN BEHIND RUTTEN, SCARLETT, FLETCHER, MICHAEL, HUDGHTON AND CARROLL, he definately had his best season yet but his best is still pretty shiit, as he showed saturday nite wit big bazza hall bagging 5 on him-and burgoyne just missed out on my team, it was either him or cousins.

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Years ago

to the downie who said joel bowden is effective as a foward u need serious help because i bet u all the hairs on your mother's chest that he never played foward all season
his brother did occasionally(Patrick Bowden)
Check the stats, unlikey he kicked over 5 goals if any

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Years ago

he kicked 3 for the season, he got 2 of those in a game when he played on the ball

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Years ago

to you anonymous #95833 read the posts again.
Now who's the 'downie' who has to read s!%t twice before it computes?

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Years ago

Skyhook, Bassett would not rate in the top 10 backs in the competition. I could list a large number of back men that would be in front of him. He has two at the Crows that has been better then him in Stiffy and Rutten.

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D Brent  
Years ago

chapman definitely should have made the team, cox very lucky to make it with the amount of games he missed, got in on reputation i think. joel bowden very lucky too, i dont think you can have an un-accountable defender in your all australian team, hence that fact chad 'its all this sh*t these days' cornes didn't make it.

personally i dont know what all the fuss is about with rutten too, he is an average full back that is made to look good by a very solid all round defence around him.

pavlich should have been named in the starting 18 too, swap him with o'keefe like someone else mentioned.(no biast in this statement either..)

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Years ago

" Skyhook, Bassett would not rate in the top 10 backs in the competition. I could list a large number of back men that would be in front of him. He has two at the Crows that has been better then him in Stiffy and Rutten. "


You are a goose. Stiffy is a great player, but suffered a slump of about 4-5 games whereas i dont think you could say the same for Bassett. He has been good everytime he's played.
And as far as Rutten goes, i think he was unlucky. Very unlucky. He has had a very good season without being spectacular like he was last year.

And please feel free to name those 10 "backs' you feel are better than Bassett. I'd love to see that list.

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Years ago

people are whinging about basset, atleast he played most the season. Mcleod, although a fantastic player missed a lot of the year through injury and I dont think deserved his spot. Burgoyne, the most overrated player no way did he deserve his spot either...

Kerr and Bruce could consider themselves very unlucky

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Years ago

ur difinately right bout bruce and burgoyne but thers no way that ur right bout kerr, he got noticed coz he played four excellent games in a row 4 the season, the rest wer shyte

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Years ago

McLeod or Gilbee?
McLeod avgd 23 possesions and was very damaging off a half back flank, while gilbee avgd 19. the only thing gilbee has over macca is that he played the whole season

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Years ago

Is Grant Thomas the coach???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Years ago

lol, nah i think it should be either peter schwabb, danny frawley or gary ayres.

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Years ago

Cam bruce definately shoulda made it and how champman didnt make it i just cant understand! he is an awesome player and the standout for geelong in a shit season. Basset was well deserving.

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