Coach Pete
Years ago

Advice for a rookie coach

Having just volunteered to coach at the club I belong to and been given a lower division boys junior team, can the forum offer some advice on how to approach this coaching role ?

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Joe M  
Years ago

Enjoyment in the game is more important that winning.

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Joe M  
Years ago

Make sure the kids enjoy the game because if you put to much emphasis on winning over fun and enjoyment, you will loss the kids and then the parents will make your life a living hell.

Ask advice from other coaches and be prepared to implement that advice.

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Years ago

Not touching the players inappropriately is more important than enjoyment.

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Manute Bol  
Years ago

Don't take any crap from anyone!

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Years ago

Always stick to your word - don't say something, set a line in the sand, make rules, and not stick to them.

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Ken Richardson  
Years ago

Only coach what you know, keep it simple. There is no miracle offence or defence. Look at what you have to work with and then decide what you are going to run.Coaching (well) is one of the hardest things you can do, but also one of the most rewarding.

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

Wear a shirt that says "Coach Pete" in big letters on the back.

When putting a sub in, walk up and down in front of your players on the bench with a thoughtful look on your face, then point at the player to be subbed in with your index finger, quickly followed by gesturing towards the court with your thumb (in the one motion, if possible).

A conditioning drill at training is not successful until one of the kids throws up.

Protest dodgy calls theatrically - arms outstretched, palms up. If you can elevate your hands (with palms up) above your shoulders you automatically become a very good coach, one who is passionate.

Coach a team of orphans, if possible - kids become successful basketballers in spite of their parents, not because of them.

Never shoot at trainings, even if demonstrating a drill which finishes in a shot attempt. Kids lose all respect for coaches who can't finish. Put it above your head, simulate the shooting motion, do anything - just don't release it. If you miss, it's all over.

And remember, according to John Wooden, who won a thing or two, you can have "moral victories" - even though the scoreboard says your team, well, lost. (scroll down towards bottom of page)

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Years ago

haha, bo, thats brilliant.

pete, i would say that ken is right, keep things basic, stick to the fundamentals, and be prepared to repeat, repeat, repeat.

and no matter how hard you push them at training, and how much of a bastard you are for 90 percent of it, if you finish the session with a game of bump they will love you.

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Years ago

It all depends on what age group you are coaching, the older they get the more you can push them. Break up trainings into four parts, fitness, skills developement, team game developement and end with a scrimage or a fun game.

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Manute Bol  
Years ago

Use the superman drill.

Play four on four and tell your players to try and steal every pass. If they lunge out of court they'll give up an open shot but for the 1 out of 10 times that do steal the ball they'll get a one on zero for the opportunity for a crazy two handed windmill dunk. Think about it from a spectators point of view!!

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Also dont put Latrell Spreewell on your team, he does not take kindly to rookie coaches.

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Years ago

Don't allow any double standards. Get stuck into your best player as often as you do your worst.

If you are coaching kids, punish heavily anything related to And1 moves, and praise well executed fundamentals. Unneccessary behind-the-back or no-look passes will result in the removal of the pinkie finger from the knuckle, yakuza style.

Work on skills and defence/rebounding first. Shooting can be done by kids in their own time. Teach good shooting technique, but let the kids practice at home.

Tell the kids that there is a Skinned Knees Award for the player who provides the most hustle. Whoever wins that award will probably also be your MVP.

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Gene Banks  
Years ago

My advice would be to play small ball. It's the latest trend. Pick players who are shorter than normal and run like heck.

Your rule offensively will be to shoot lots of 3's anytime you find yourself open, crash the O boards and kick it out for another attempt.

Defensively, spend very little time defending the ball and rebounding. Remember, they are bound to miss sometime!!! As long as you can outscore your opposition, who cares if you 'hit a body' on a box out or force baseline/sideline!

And finally, keep stats on how many 3's your team put up! This will create internal competition amongst the playing group and you will definately get more shots up.

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Years ago

Nice Gene, you forgot to add that you need to encourage players to reach around opposition players who have the ball and try and steal it. If that fails just wait on your team's three point line for the next available shot.

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Years ago

ALWAYS listen to players parents - they know EVERYTHING there is to know about the game!!

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Years ago

"Get stuck into your best player as often as you do your worst."

I'm not sure about this one doc - there is probably a reason that player is your best player - ie they don't need to be "stuck into" as much because they are making less mistakes and working harder. If you are referring to getting "stuck into" talented players that are lazy and not doing the work, or dont have the right attitude then I agree. I cant stand seeing a gun player who is lazy and has a poor attitude being immune to a spray from the coach.

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The Early Bird  
Years ago

This is not the same coach pete of Ozhoops I hope.

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Years ago

Definitely teach the kids the art of flopping! They teach all the kids in soccer how to do it properly!

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Years ago

Definately take Bo Ham's advice (#95867), don't shoot the ball at training. No matter how many times you tell the children that adults use a different size ball, they just smile and say "sure". Then if you happen to fluke a right hand layup, they promptly give you a sarcastic round of applause and forget what the drill was anyway...

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Potsie fan  
Years ago

Talk to Paul Bauer. He's the man! Coach of the year in his rookie season...i think

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Uwe Blab  
Years ago

Firstly I would demand that the kids address you as "Pistol"

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Years ago

(#95896) ... and seriously outcoached in the one game that mattered

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Years ago

Not Coach Pete Bell from Blue Chips?

I thought you got suspended by the NCAA for illegaly recruiting Shaq, Anfernee Hardaway and Matt Nover to WSU. :)

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Rodney Carney  
Years ago

My advice...
good for both players and coaches.

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Years ago

After reading all this. Don't coach!!

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

This may not apply at the level that you are coaching im not sure. But watching coach carter for the 18th time tongiht taught me that the coaches relationships with players are the most important thing in coaching a team. If the players are happy they will play to their potential. Yes, i seriously did watch it for the 18th time tonght.

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Coach Pete  
Years ago

Thanks for the advice, often amusing too.

I allready have a Coach Pete t-shirt ( look out for it ) and only my wife gets to call me Pistols.

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Years ago

#95889 - Sorry, post wasn't very clear. I meant don't play favourites. Kids will notice it, they are very smart! And they will tell their parents! Overbearing parents are the worst thing about coaching juniors.

Also, don't let parents or club politics influence team selections or playing time. It's not good for the players or your club. Base these decisions on merit - merit being a combination of talent, attitude, work ethic and bribes.

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Years ago

"don't let parents or club politics influence team selections or playing time"

Good theory.

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Years ago

Don't copy anyone. Take the best bits of everyone you see or work with and incorporate those. Take the bad things and don't do those. Be yourself.

Also just like in the public service, always carry a clipboard and a concerned look on your face and people will think you 1)know what you are doing and 2)are working hard!

And when in doubt play Bump!

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Years ago

Also never, ever ask for coaching advice on a forum.....

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Ron Burgandy  
Years ago

You are giving us a bad rep in the public services buts.

"All of you are so wise, you are like miniture buddas all coverred in hair"

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Years ago

Wear sunscreen. Do one thing everyday that scares you. Stretch.

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Years ago

Dr BS - you have only seen it 18 times? Where is your committment to the sport!

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Years ago

Keep looking over your shoulder. You might not see anyone there at first.............but believe me, they will be there; and they will be the ones that are telling you that you are doing a "great" job.

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Years ago

Dont let your worst players Mum become team manager. You will be obliged to put on little Johnny who "SUCKS"

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Years ago

Ask for more advice on the forum before and after every match. With the wealth of talent here on tap you just couldnt go wrong.

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Years ago

I disagree with(#96106)on Mums as team managers. It dosnt matter how bad little johnny is, as long as his Mum is a Hotty. Always insist on the drinks tray being at your feet.

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Years ago

Huge dilemma if your worst player's mum is a hotty. Huge.

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Years ago

Definitely have to have a go at the UIC at Marion on a Saturday morning! Get stuck in to him!

Love ya work Matty!

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Years ago

No thedoctor. If she is a hotty, play him.

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Years ago

i agree with #96554, but i would go 1 further and make him/her captain and get the mum as team manager. lol!!

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Bo Hamburger. I did all that. But I took a shot and missed. Now it's all over for me.

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in the know  
Years ago

Focus on skill development.
If you have a player that you can't give good minutes, drop them so they can play.
Control the paretnts
Make sure the kids enjoy the game

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Coach G  
Years ago

1. Have goals and plan. Set your goals in terms of player development. Plan what you want to teach the kids and plan each training session.
2. Praise in public and critize in private.
3. Give feedbacks with specific instructions.
4. Set rules for parents give feedback to you and if you can speak to parents about the good aspects of their kids.
5. If you are giving negative feedbacks praise negative comment then praise again.
6. Be friendly to players and coaches but youre not their buddy
7. Show interest in people and care more about them than the game.
8. THe days of coaches yelling and being out of control are numbered. Be controlled and calm.
9. Treat players wtih the same respect but treat as indiviuals as everybody is wired differently.
10. See it as an opportunity to develop yourselve and others.

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