Years ago

Breakers V Dragons (May Contain Spoilers)

First game for the Dragons just tipping off now.
Interesting to see Heal starting on the bench.
How does everyone feel the dragons will go?
Im tipping the Breakers by 10.

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Years ago

yeah I reckon the Breakers as well.
whats with the early start???

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Years ago

7pm NZ time.

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Years ago

That would be the live scoreboard preparing. Those would not be the final starting line-ups.

Live scores don't appear to be working. And anyway, I'm planning on watching the replay this evening, so I should stop looking at the stats...

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Years ago

Joe Ingles looks to be tearing it up out there..17 points already..would be handy in a 36ers geurnsey!

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Years ago

bballer, if he was in a Sixers jersey Phil would probably have his ass glued to the bench next to Brad Hill!

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Years ago

Why isn't showing live stats anymore...dissapointing. INGLES is carving

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

sad but true mutley

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Years ago

where are people getting the info that Joe is carving?

Where can i see the updates?

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Years ago

good point Mutley...
last time i saw the live updates he had 17 points to half time. The live update doesnt appear to be working anymore...which is disapointing but oh well
I just think Joe will thrive this season and will prove a bad loss for the 36ers even though there is always reasons why the youngsters dont stay here. Brad Hill will be next if Phil isnt careful is all i can say, then we will have to recruit another 40 yo.

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Years ago

Maybe he can talk Nathan Hawkes into another season?

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Years ago

enough about joe ingles, it looks like Carlos Powell has settled in nicely aswell - 15pts and 5rbs at 1/2 time

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Joe M  
Years ago

Good to see Holmes 2 from 12 for 6 point and 6 rebound.

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Years ago

sorry those last stats on rico powell wer wrong - hehad 14pts and 6boards in the 1st qtr

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Years ago

the match report is in on sportal:

rico powell - 34
wethers - 31
ingles - 29
kavossy - 28
pepper - 18
fuller - 15

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Years ago

Ingles is the real deal, no good hey smyth!?!

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Years ago

Whats the deal with this John Whiting guy who did the report?

I dont think I have ever heard of someone adding up fg's, 3pters, and ft's into one grand sum before!

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twenty four  
Years ago

That Powell was awesome. He just did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Ingles was pretty much the same, I can't see anyone beating him for ROY.

But on a negative note, Holmes couldn't get anything to drop, Drmic looked out of it, and Todd Fuller, well he didn't exactly dominate, it's easy to see why he didn't last in the NBA.

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Years ago

Drmic was woeful and Fuller very average (he will get exposed on D). Dragons desperately need a 4 man

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Years ago

It was a watchable game with a lot of highlights.

Scott Ninnis in a suit (is that a first?)!

Joe Ingles with a massive NBL debut of 29 points and 7 rebounds.

Kavossy Franklin is the Dwyane Wade of the NBL - tough guard - had 28 points on 7/11 FG and 14/16 FT. I had money on him scoring and it paid off!

Shanahan was alright.

Holmes went back to his old ways for 2/12 FG, 6/6/3. His Breakers counterpart in Forman was no better for 6/2/3.

Fuller wasn't especially great for the Dragons, but wasn't useless either. 15 and 9. (I had money on him having less than 17, so cha-ching there too.)

Pepper's 11 point third quarter was great. Was making everything. Finished with 17 and 11.

Wethers had 31 without really looking like he was trying all that hard.

Highlight must have been Carlos Powell with 34/11/3 and then 3 blocks and 2 steals in his first game. Picked up some fouls and can't shoot free throws, but he fills a box score. 74% from the field is great work. Very fast spin moves and full of energy in exciting the crowd - it's worth spending extra for that. Seemed full of passion and was pumped when they'd won the game.

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Years ago

I think Oscar did his bit. He is not going to be one of the main scorers given that Powell can obviously play, added to Whethers and Pepper. What he needs to do is get to the offensive boards, knock the open shot and play good D.

Probably didn't rebound hard enough tonight (after that first tip dunk anyway - nice way to score your first two breaker points).

He didn't get many looks - but probably wont whilst playing the two spot (because he gets defended by a smaller quicker guy who is playing him for the shot rather than the drive)

If he is to make it at the breakers he needs to work on his foot speed - both sideways on D o he can guard the quicker guys (he got beat off the dribble a few times tonight) - and his quickness off the dribble so he can shake those guys who just guard him for the shot and get to the lane. We saw the problems Powell and Franklin caused tonight by getting to lane. If only O could do that too. I'm sure this will be one of the things he is focussing on with Lemanis.

Way to knock down the FTs in the clutch

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Years ago

J.Ingles was very good - made the most of his open looks. He is apart of the new breed in the era, a bit above the in he has his sights higher than this league and rightly so... why not aim that crazy high...aaron Bruce is and will shock at the end of the big 12 season. Ingles had Weathers guarding him and he was guarding Weathers... not fazed a bit... just took him in his stride.

Oscar will struggle in that team, he was a fish out of water at both ends... he didnt know what was up at the defensive end and was all over the shop in offence, He will struggle with expectation on his shoulders. At the 6ers, what ever he did was a bonus - nothing was expected of him or relied on.... really looked out of place in that unit.

Drimic was worrying - what up with him pulling up on the break like he's hammer and taking the 3 from cafino's 'land of f&*%^#g plenty? and he banked one in for damned sake! didnt seem his game at all.

Todd Fuller will be huge this season, make no mistake - B.Pepper got very lucky on a few shots he took in the lane. Pepper was shocked he actually made a few shots he did in the lane. Fuller is the real deal defensivly in this league, he plays the post very well.

The Dragons are the real deal in the NBL this season... and hammer ahsnt payed a game yet.

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Years ago

The Breakers looked alright last night. Neither team played any real defence.
-Fuller needs some more time with the team.
-Nothing was falling for Jake. With Hammer on the court he wont get many of those chances anyway.
-Shananhan played OK.
-Jingles had an excellent debut. Hopefully we will see a lot more from him.
-Drmic was ordinary.
-Franklin was great.
-Oscar had some flashes of brilliance. I think he will get a lot better.
-Henare performed as expected, consistant.
-Wethers/Powell/Pepper what a combination. I think that the Breakers are going to rattle some cages this year.

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Years ago

You thought Heal's body language last night was appropriate last night Stringray? If I was Price (half my luck) I would be showing him on the bench instead of the game tape, I hope they do well too....

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Years ago

Stingray, I think you make some good points and I think finding his place in the team will be his big challenge.

In the pre-season, Oscar had a couple of very good games (double-double against the Crocs and then 19 against the Pigs after almost shooting them back into the lead) and some where he sucked (vs Kings, and the Blitz).

Got no open looks last night and I think some of that may be due to Ninnis, Holmes and Ingles all knowing a bit more about him than the rest of the league.

Actually, I think the Dragons did a reasonable job of stopping any of the Breakers from getting any wide open looks, but Pepper and the imports were just very effective when it came to scoring over and around opponents in the key.

Sturty6ers - agreed - those three will be the core of the Breakers this season. If they can rack up the wins at home, I think the locals will get on board and boost the crowd. For an average crowd last night, they seemed to get into it and would've loved Powell's antics.

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