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Kings v Sixers (spoiler)

How the frick could this happen?

00:25 36ERS - Defensive rebound [5] B. Maher 109 104
00:13 KINGS - 3pt basket made by [21] L. Kendall 109 107
00:10 KINGS - Basket made by [15] E. Rowland 109 109


25 on the clock, we've got possession and up by 5!?!?!?

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Years ago

did we have a timeout available in the last 30 secs? if we did i have lost all respect 4 smyth!! we could have had a time out, giving us poss at half way 2 run a down/up screen to gain poss in our front court and have last shot!!

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Years ago

pathetic....and now the momentum seems to have totally swung!!!!

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Years ago

Thanks Smyth! good for my tips i suppose, good for not much else.......

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Years ago

All over.

Looks like the Seal's sign provided a little extra motivation for some last second heriocs for Goorj & co. Damn them. Damn them to hell.

Keen to hear a report from someone at the game. From the NBL stats it looked like Farely did nothing all game then went berserk in the last few minutes to give us an unassailable lead with 13 seonds to go. But apparently it was assailable and we got pumped in OT.

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Years ago

interesting that Worthington was leading scorer and rebounder for the kings, and didn't play OT, but we still lost...

(silver lining - he's in my fantasy team...)

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Years ago

ergh i feel sick after that finish.

brett got pushed out of court on that second last 6ers play in regulation.

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Years ago

Real rough on the eye, but maybe a blessing indisguise. Sure you want to win at all costs, but in recent years the 6ers have been hot from the get go only to end up losing elimination finals. Perhaps thsi is a wake up call. I dont buy in to that 4-6 week BS Smyth is spinning either...led by 5 with 20 secs to play...they are ready now!

Some very positive things, some basic mental break downs (who would've thought Kendall would consider going for the tie with a 3 in the last 9 secs!!???) but still good things to come, love the big men!

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Years ago

Good D for some of the second half at least . Willie is playing for himself and his sooky scowl is of no use to the team , his d was non existant . 2 assists and 2 rebounds for a guy of his skill and athleticism is appalling .
Ng needed a run in the 3rd quarter , he was just heating up in the second and he sits until 5 minutes to go ??? the gets a minute run .
Also bringing in an old and cold copeland with 90 seconds to go in overtime was a stretch . that is the time we needed a stop and mastro was playing solid D and grabbing boards .
No timeout in the last minute when up by 5 ?? , after the maher turnover call one to settle the troops and emphasise one thing NO 3 balls . Also a structure to counter if they do score , it is called coaching . Then what happens is we let kendall launch an uncontested running 3 , panic , turnover , again no timeout ?? they score we go OT .
Super Phil , really super stuuuffff , marvellous effort that .
On a positive note :

Mastro looked good , nice hussle at times , excellent boards and deflections .
Nash really lifted in the 2nd half .
Horvath is rock solid and the two man game with him and maher looks nice .
Ng looks dangerous , needs more burn .

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Years ago


the team expected maher to carry them to the second half and he pretty much did except for the last minute of normal time. but mahersy! what were you doing son! keep your feet.

should have been an easy win in regulation.

horvath and mastro were good in their first home game.

good to see the seals and farley boys. what was with the tarpans and the "no gary" crews? good to see some variety in the crowd.

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Years ago

We sure stuffed it. After worthington fouled out i thought the game was in the bag. Smyth fell asleep, maybe its past his bedtime. Also what's with the bagging of Barlow? Poor kid's constantly being screwed over by Gorj and we rub it in? I reckon we should poach him when he gives the kings the arse.

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Years ago

i was at the game - i'll admit im not 100% on this nbl rule, but when a player slips over on a slippery/wet part of the court, shouldnt the referee have to call it back and restart the posession, ive seen it happen a few times before and that cost us the game because we wouldnt have had to go into overtime if the ref brought it back.

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Years ago

Just got back from the game.

one word.. AWFUL.

If we had won, I still would have walked away with a sour taste. I just didnt enjoy watching this team play.

Farley was pathetic in the first 3 quarters. We cant afford an import who comes to play for one quarter. Rowland showed him how its done.

Cooper's stats may have looked ok, but he did some stupid things - not the least of which was the crucial turnover near the end of regulation. Worthington burned him time and time again. Smyth gave him far to many minutes - but then again, who else would you give minutes to in this team? Copeland? He was even worse.

I kept waiting for a lineup on the floor that would play intense basketball and that would be enjoyable to watch.. till I realised that probably wont be happening this season.

Horvath started on fire and hardly got the ball in the right position for the rest of the game.

The one highlight in the game for me was the play of Majstrovich. He hit some timely shots and at least he hussled unlike everyone else.

Ive been to every home game in the last 3 seasons, but I doubt I'll be paying my hard earned to see this current team play.

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Years ago

no, but as a common courtesy, when a player slips over, at the next deadball, the ref should stop the game, and get the court sweeper over.

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Years ago

It's tough to know how to feel after that one. It looked like we were gone for so much of the game, only to then get in front by 8 and surrender a 5 point lead with 30 seconds to go. Smyth should have called a timeout to advance the ball, no question. Brett Maher was magnificent for the first 47:30, but choked badly in the last 30 seconds.

Copeland should not have gotten back in after halftime either. Ng had done well in the first half, and should have gotten the opportunity first in the second.

Some good signs, a frustrating loss, but the win would have come from nowhere too.

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Years ago

We could of done with Ingles tonight.

Why didn't Darren play more minutes, did he hurt himself?

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Years ago

Darren should have got Copelands 2nd half minutes.

Lanard was horse shit... of the steaming variety.

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Years ago

ur a bit hard on the monsta kwest, 22pts 10boards, he was our 2nd best player behind maher

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billups 1  
Years ago

It's good to hear that your real supportive of the boys KWEST, just jump off the bandwagon why dont you hey!!!!.Give the guys a break, we did play good basketball, HOW THE HELL DID WE GET BACK INFRONT FROM BEING 12 PTS DOWN AT HALFTIME, they coudlnt have played crap unintense basketball to get in front , if u wanna stop supporting the sixers after three seasons ur just a loser, IVE BEEN SUPPORTING THE TEAM SINCE 1994 goin to every home game for the last12 years and have exerinced highs and lows but KWEST this is just the start of the season, so KWEST F off, basketball dont need these kind of supporters that jump off the band wagon after their first week of play where they have to play 3 games in 10 ddays and travel nearly half way around the bloody globe. SO PLEASE DONT COME NEXT WEEK AGAINST WOLLONGONG IF U R GONNA BAG THE SIXERS AFTA ONE GAME, after all u have come to the past three seasons so why should u endure any more of our basketball.


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Years ago

Though after copeland kinda stunk in the first half should have thrown Hill in for a run as he could do no worse and atleast throw some youth onto the court but how can you expect him to play when his butt has gone too sleep from sitting too much.

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Years ago

Anthony, think you'll find Hill didn't play.........

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Years ago

xztatic - i wasnt bagging Horvath for his play - more the rest of the team for not getting him the ball in decent positions..

Horvath was great when given the opportunities

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Years ago

Ive been supporting the Sixers for a lot longer than 3 seasons Sonny. Try 15 seasons. I have been to every game in the last 3 seasons - and a lot of games for many years before that.

I am not a bandwagon supporter - and im not giving up on the boys - but I wont be forking out dough every week to watch this particular team, based on tonight.

I disagreed with the direction the team took with Wheeler and Copeland and nothing has happened to change my opinion of that.

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Years ago

I dunno why everyone is questioning about the NBL rule of slipping over......from my seats (good veiw by the way) Maher didn't slip, it was the hands in the back that caused that problem.....

Solid games by Mastro and Horvath, FEED HORVATH OFF THE SCREEN!!!!!!

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Years ago

If we had Holmes and Foreman still - I would be genuinly excited about this team, - especially with the play of Horvath/Majstro.

Im finding it very hard to be excited about a team with 2 old men that replaced our 2 young guns... and its not like we are contending for a championship. Whats the point?? I would rather blood some youngsters and suck for a couple of seasons. At least that is investing in the future.

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Years ago

ok kwest, i agree with u ther, if they got it to horvath enough he wouldve ended up with like 35 or something, he is a fantastic player-a HUGE improvement on Rychart.

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Years ago

"he is a fantastic player-a HUGE improvement on Rychart"

Yeah, good one xztatik you goose.

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Years ago

For those of us that weren't at the game and had to watch on Fuxtel, did anybody notice when they were putting pictures up of the Adelaide team they shown a picture of the Sydney Guard with the name Brett Maher.......

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Years ago

yes Sturty that was soo funny, I thought Brett had been in the Bahamas for the last 3 months with a tan like that!!!!!!!

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Years ago

Yes fair enough we did lose, but good news is that we have a Centre and its been a long time since we had a powerful scorer and rebounder as well..

Once they gel some good times ahead

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Years ago

My thoughts on the game:

Crowd was small early and then got bit better. Nothing to write home about, but a 36ers crowd is a 36ers crowd - you can rely on 1,000 36ers fans to make some noise.

Everything felt a bit flat. I'm not sure if it's the new team or just me (not having Oscar there) or all the changes. Anyone else feel the same? e.g., at the end of the game, no one cheered (just disappointed?), only got up and started leaving.

Jerry did a decent job with the music. I'd lose more of the older stuff and definitely kill the Jessica Simpson song, but other than that he was great for the first home game.

Horvath was brilliant early - I would be happy for him to just carry the team all season. Just dried up a bit after that.

Majstrovich had a good home game first up.

Maher was awesome hitting those threes (I had money on him to out-shoot Smith, so cha-ching!). Played 46+ minutes which isn't what everyone wants to see happen, and it's just a shame that he slipped at the end.

Ng's 11 points in 11 minutes were great. Nashy was serviceable, but played a lot of time.

Copes and Wheeler - I just can't get excited about these guys being in the team at all.

Worthington was brilliant - 34 points in 28 minutes is superb.

Rowland is playing for his spot in the team and was excellent - very quick defender and was crucial at the end.

Elliott, I don't think he's going to dominate as some Kings fans suspect, but he can rack up ports pretty casually and can certainly hit the three reliably - 9/16 in the last two games.

Kendall was decent, Smith was absent, Hinder nothing special and Barlow did nothing.

PS, spotted sitting on his own in a Gouger St restaurant at about 11pm after the game? David Barlow.

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Years ago

Wasnt a greek restaurant was it?

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Hoop Addict  
Years ago

I think my thoughts mirror a lot of what has already been posted, but here goes anyhow.

Adelaide :

- Horvath can score in the post at a very good clip whenever he gets it. Unlike Dusty, he can create his own shot with his back to the basket, is a great screener & gets good seals. Credit Sydney's D for adjusting in the 2nd half, but also discredit Adelaide for just not even looking at him in the 2nd half.

- Maher is still the heart & soul of the team. The last minute errors notwithstanding, he was our best player, and the only one who looked likely to really break the game open.

- I'm over Farley. 1 Q of making some shots doesn't cut it, and considering he's near on invisible if the balls not in his hands, he's not much value, IMO. The 6ers run virtually no sets on offence (another bone to pick with Smyth) and whenever Farley gets the ball, it's either 1) staying in his hands for 5+ seconds or 2) headed towards to rim. That doesn't bode well for motion offences.

- Mastro & Nash were both good I thought. Nash is always going to give 100% and he got on the boards. Mastro hit some shots & did a few nice things, though I think he travels every time he catches it.

- Copes getting 24 minutes is a disgrace. Enough said.

- Ng has improved his consistency since his last stint. He's now *very* reliable anytime he gets his feet set. Still gets abused defensively though, and just can't play in crunch time.

- Cooper was OK, I thought. Did OK on the boards, hit a long range J. Probably can't expect much more from him.

- Smyth needed a TO either after Kendall's three, or after EJs two. He had two left, so there's absolutely no excuse for not calling one. I get the feeling that perhaps his chair is just *too* comfortable, and he can't be bothered getting out of it to call the TO. I fail to see any other reason why he wouldn't? He's also way to slow to make adjustments & his persistence in following/trailing through off ball screens despite certain players hitting 3's just shows a lack of flexibility.

Sydney :

- I actually thought Kendall ran them reasonably well. Shot selection is still a concern, but overall, I thought he was quite good.

- Worthington was just a match up problem for the 6ers. Too quick when playing the 4 spot when the 6ers tried guarding him with Cooper (well, for all by one play, that is...) and too big when playing the 3 spot against Copeland/Nash.

- EJ reminds me of David Bailey. Doesn't appear to have great mechanics on his shot, and didn't really threaten from the outside, but just waltzed around Farley anytime he pleased, though that may not be saying too much.

- I think Elliot is probably exactly what Goorj is looking for, in that he's a pure scorer. Whilst he played nearly exclusively outside tonight, from earlier reports, he also has a nice mid range & post game, so I'm sure he's going to be good to knock a casual 20 or so nearly every game.

You have to credit Sydney for not giving up, executing down the stretch and making the adjustments when required. Still, thewy were mighty lucky to get out of Adelaide with a win.

I don't think this game has particularly changed my view on either team. Still see Sydney falling somewhere between 4th & 6th, and Adelaide in a broader range, from 5th to 8th or 9th.

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Years ago

Thats the word ive been looking for Isaac. Everything did just feel very FLAT. I was struggling to find any excitement with this team.

I just keep thinking how good (and young) this team could be if we had managed to keep Foreman and Holmes instead of Wheeler and Copeland.

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Graeme LeBroy  
Years ago

NG was lucky to play those 11 minutes in my opinion. He was a boy playing amongst men. He was out mustled and taken advantage of everytime down the floor from anyone in a King's uniform. I know the bloke can shoot, but I reckon he gave up more points than what he scored in the amount of turnovers and bad defence he played (1 T/O on the boxscore isn't right, I saw at least 3) Hence, no time after the 2nd 1/4.
It was an ordinary game to say the least and I'm not really a big fan of "give us 4-6 weeks" or whatever it is, why didn't the 36ers have a pre-season that got them ready for week 1? Better preperation instead of the "we'll be right" attitude wouldn't go astray.
Well that's my frustrated 2 cents

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Years ago

Did anybody else think that it looked as though we were not even playing D last night. We'd score and they'd go down get the bucket and the foul continuously. Worthington although a good player, i do not see how he can have 27 at the half. He was continously going right hand dribble, draw the foul and shoot took 27 first half points for us to adjust

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VC fan  
Years ago

Why didnt Hill play???

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Years ago

Gastro, apparently.

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Graeme LeBroy  
Years ago

No-one took a fricken charge foul on the gug!!! None of the 36ers had the balls, Cooper tried but was an eternity too slow! Worthington is a hack and shouldn't be in the NBL let alone the Boomers!!!

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Years ago

Just spoke to a couple of sixer guys who were real disappointed with the loss to Sydney asked them why Smyth didnt call time out in the last couple of plays they both said the rules dont allow it they also said that Smyth had told them in the timeout they had 2 timeouts left so if they got into trouble with the ball call time out Marsy slipped on the double team and didnt call it and you cant get a timeout until the ball is inbounded and Marsy slipped out of court so couldnt call it.Both players also said Smyth had gone thru what to do at practice and you cant do much when a guy slips over so it would seem all the people baggin Smyth have personnel issues not facts

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

madgame if you believe that you believe anything there were opportunities to call the time out when the basket was made.

when maher slipped and the ball was awarded to sydney there was another opportunity to have a time out

if they can't understand the rules they play under - well that just defies common sense

to say that there was no opportunity to call a time out is just plain wrong

and far to many people on here are of the same view that Smyth erred and there are number of well informed people among them.

Pfft to the no time out opportunity just another poor excuse.

If you thought you were helping with that post you just made it worst. Ekkk

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Years ago

Hey Tony seeings as you are such an expert on where the game was lost im wondering if you could let us all know what tactic Smyth used to get them back in the game one of the players is here with me so lets see what you really know

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Years ago

Madgame. please. put. in. a. full. stop. so. we.can. decipher. your. posts. Christ. its. so. hard. trying. to. follow.them.

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twenty four  
Years ago

madgame, who is telling that the rules say you can't call time-out's in those situations?

You are allowed to call a time-out at ANY dead ball situation, meaning that after the 8-second violation, Smyth could've called one. He also could've called one after Maher slipped on the baseline, after the inbound pass.

Then also, you are allowed to call one after the opposition has made a field goal. Like after Sydney had tied the game.

They're the rules of basketball, and if Smyth didn't know he could call a time-out at ANY of those times, then he (and the players) really need to go read the rules, don't they?

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