Double Clutch
Years ago

What if?

This is purely hypothetical, the chances of it ever occurring are almost zero but I was thinking of it and wondering what people's reactions will be.

End of 2006-07. Smyth contract runs out and Smyth plus Breheny walk. Maher has a couple of years left in him but needs a lot less playing time to get thru the season. Brad Hill is waiting to see who the coach is before putting pen to paper. Copeland and Wheeler are gone. Majstrovich, Cooper, Nash, Ng won't be highly sought after. The roster needs to be started from scratch.

The coaching position is advertised and feelers put out to different coaches. Everyone has heard about how unhappy Brian Goorjian is with the Sydney Kings front office. Hemmerling decides he has the cash to pay for BG's support structure and his recruiting efforts. He is interviewed and Hemmerling has the option to sign him.

If you were Hemmerling, would you sign BG? The positives are you know your team will be an instant contender. You know Brian is a good recruiter, who will be able to bring in exciting young talent that will bring in crowds thru the door. You know the team will play defense and will have some home finals matches each year, and not just in the first round either which no one comes to. There will be a good chance of players like Jacob and Oscar coming back to play for him when there contracts are done. You also know he will own up for mistakes and try to improve his coaching.

But there are negatives. The first being that during the Magic/Titan days the rivalry between the teams was so intense and the contrast in styles of the club so different that some people couldn't bear to see him on the sidelines for Adelaide. Some might interrupt professionalism with being uptight compared to Smyth's style and not find his style appealing. Goorjian will most likely also bring some of his favorites such as Bradley Sheridan, and the roster will be quite different at first, which some people might not be able to support seeming as Sheridan etc, have played in huge games against the 36ers over the years (so has Copeland and Wheeler mind you). Also more importantly it will probably see Brett Maher retire early from the unforgiving trainings, but BG did adjust to D-Mac in a similar position during the Titans days.

The on-court success would be assured, but the long-term rivalry could hurt the off-court success of such a move.

So the question is, if you are a current season ticket holder would you re-sign if BG was hired? If you are currently not would BG signing and the on-court successes that follows make you get season tickets? Would BG bring you back to the 36ers or push you away?

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Years ago

dave ingham instead?

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Years ago


Very very interesting scenario, a tough one to answer. However for me I don't think I could support a team coached by Boy Goorj. There is just something about the man that really bugs me.

In terms of the team, I would hate to see Maher retire before his time, but I also see the need for young blood to come through.

Maybe a different scenario could be too look for an unknown homegrown coach or Dave Ingham and try and bring some young South Aussies through the system. Build around your Brad Hill's, Suttons, Dodmans while blending that with a Horvath (would love to see someone like Carlos Powell in a Sixers uniform), let Maher come in and do his thing off the bench. Keep some roles players like Coops and AJ and just start a fresh. Sure a couple of tough years will come but at least we would see a light at the end of the tunnel. Not the retirement village.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Interesting point DC was pondering this myself over the weekend.

Would the Adelaide crowd respond?

You mention the rivlary of the Titans / Magic days.

BG has changed his coaching style a lot since then and in fact could be said that his teams now model the sixers of 98/99.

No one afraid to shoot, lots of help D a deep roster with interchangable parts.

BG himself has said he learnt a lot about his own coaching while having his arse served to him.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Bizzy, did you see Dave in the dome on Friday night?

Looking for a gig i hear and home town Adelaide could do with some Ingham heart and passion at the moment that is for sure.

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Years ago

Someone should drop Mal a line =]

I think the main thing we need here in Adelaide is passion. We need an import to show some passion and definitely a coach. Passion will bring fans in.

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Defence win Games  
Years ago

Adelaide will support any team which wins whether the coach is Ingham, BG , PS , Brett or who ever will take the challenge.

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box me out  
Years ago

As much as Adelaide dislikes Goorjian, i think it wouldn't be long before all of Adelaide backed him with support.

The only real grudge i had against him was his use of Maher in the Boomers squard 4 or so years ago.

But Goorjian shows alot of emotion and enthusiasm in his coaching style, which i find could drive a team across the line.

Take a scenario: 30secs to go score is tied. One team calls time-out what happens?

Goorjian, uplifting motivating address to the players.

Smyth, has a chat to the assistant coaches before walking back to his team with 10secs to spare.

Then when its time to come back in and play out the remainder of the game, Goorjian will stay on his feet in suspence providing vocal support, where as Smyth will cross his legs and hope the players can battle it for themselves.

Although having said all that, most of us would argue 'Goorjian wouldn't call a timeout with 30secs to go to begin with!'

As demonstrated with the Fiba Championship..

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Years ago

I will support the 36ers no matter who is coaching or who is playing!!

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Years ago

They would recruit the best possible coach for the position. (I am hoping Pat Riley can bring some Showtime to Adelaide after he has finished in Miami - a promise of a retirement unit in Victor Harbor should be enough to lure him!)

Kent are you going soft on BG?

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Years ago

I for one would go out and buy a season ticket. I'm not currently a season ticket holder but bringing someone of BG's success and talent as a coach would be huge. Would have to be the best coach in Oz right at this point.
He may have made a few small mistakes at the international level but doesn't make too many at this level.
He adapts his coaching style to the way the game changes and still continues to be successful. Not too many coaches out there that can do that....are you listening Phil????

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

why not Frank Arsego
I don't think he was given enough of a chance at the breakers

great great coach great guy

and Yes i would support BG as much as I love to hate him, he has been successful, he has been able to adapt from team to team, he has not rested on his laurels, nor sat with his arms folded, he has developed as a coach.

'Smyth, has a chat to the assistant coaches before walking back to his team with 10secs to spare.' box me out you forgot to say the 10 seconds especailly if it is foxtel game would be purely worded to have a go at the refs.

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Years ago

You bring up an interesting point Panther - Change.

That is probably Smyth's biggest downfall, he doesn't change with the game. He's stil coaching as he did in 1998. He needs to adapt his style.

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Years ago

Bet you $50 BG ends up at the Dragons the minute Price leaves.

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box me out  
Years ago


I'd be more confident and go 'all-in' if Heal had any chance of playing another season. But first he would need to play a game in 2006/07 to show any sign of returning.

"why not Frank Arsego"

I strongly agree. If that was Goorjian placed in that situation he would of been given a second chance. Arsego could not of done much more with the cards he was delt.

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Years ago

I'd love to see Jan Stirling coach the 36ers at some stage during her career.

Her teams always play defence and aren't soft.

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Years ago

Is there a petition I can sign?? Boy Goorj has developed as a coach to the point where, IMO, he is the best option. In past times, he has had high profile players, who played boring ball, but now, he's still focused on mean defence with offensive flair, and developed younger players as well. Bring him here, the only condition being that he brings Worthington with him.

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Years ago

PS, Double Clutch, great post.

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Years ago

You couldn't be too upset with the team hiring a coach with the fantastic track record that BG has.

I would support them no matter what. However, truth be told I don't dislike BG like I used to. I'm no fan, but it's hard not to respect what he has done in Sydney. As Kent Brockman said, he has adapted his coaching style. His coaching is now far more in the middle ground between how he used to coach in the late 90's and how Smyth coaches. It's obviously very effective.

I loved to hate him over the years, but I've mellowed on him recently.

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Years ago

in which case, you bring scotty home to adelaide and ingles with him!

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Graeme LeBroy  
Years ago

$50 Stacker is Price's replacement

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Years ago

Couldnt agree more Bizzy - Passion is what seems to be lacking at present with the Sixers. The guys are playing like its a job and one they arnt that keen on! Back when things were all rosey, we had players such as Cat, KB and Mee who clearly wanted to be on court and were enjoying it, as a result team chemistry was awesome and the results looked after themselves. Its now up to the coaching staff to re-ignite this passion - and at the moment Phil and co look to either
- not really care that much (which I doubt very much)
- or have lost the ability to get the team motivated (message maybe has just gone a bit stale)

A coach such as BG may be able to fire up the organisation but as DC said with such a polarising figure that BG is it will have its draw backs.

What about Ninny? he will have served a few years apprentice ship and may be a great option with some new and enthusiastic ideas?

Also Stephon an interesting idea that I hadnt considered before - Jan's record at all levels cetainly warrants her to be at least considered for any coaching job she shows an interest in

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I only thing I can see is this

What happens if he does not get success straight away, we could have SA's first public lynching of a coach.

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Years ago

Double agenda, Scout Europe get someone in that is not a hundred years ol and can coach "team" and discipline. Also with a view that BA can inherit a new Boomers coach.

I'm also a Frank A. fan - he's at least organised.

I'm sure that Jan would like Olympic gold so that takes her out until 2009 but if the drive is still there, J.S. would make an interesting appointment.

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Years ago

my first preference is to keep Smyth and co in the coaching role, but if he was to walk, i would like to see a Scotty Ninnis, or a KB or a Sappa take over, someone the 36ers fans could really suport, specially if Ninnis bought Ingles with him!! and those 3 have also done pretty well coaching ABA so thats who i would like to see, definalty not Goorj!!

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Years ago

I personally wouldn't mind BG at all.

In the chances to speak to him away from the court over the years, he has a great basketball mind, and is far from the arrogant person portrayed on court.

FRank A seems to be a nice guy...but the runs on the board weren't there wih NZ. Would Ninnis really be a new change, or a bit of a return to the past (where did he learn his NBL coaching to start??)

I dont think Sapwell is ready for the big league just yet, needs to do a sting as an assistant I think.

How about KB?? First season championship at Woodville, now in the 6ers program, and in the Academy, so has the links with the young players. Also would help our chances getting Mee back to Adelaide.

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Years ago

to answer your question DC, I would go to games with BG coaching whoever he brings in to the roster, I wouldn't mind the sixers winning some games hey. Losing is overrated.

Happy to hate him while he's eleswhere (coz the prick is winning) or support him if he is here.

In summary blue shirt yay, purple shirt boo.

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Years ago

Something I forgot...

The majority of Sixers fans who go to games now probably weren't around for the Titans / Magic rivalry, and therefore wouldn't know why they are booing Goorj or Bradtke for that matter

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Years ago

You ask where Ninnis got his start then put up KB for the gig, who has had exactly the same one.
I would have thought the reasons you gave for KB coaching were the same if not more for Ninnis.
Won championships in his first 2 years in the ABA, was the one who started the Academy and obviously has links with the younger players; see Holmes, Ingles, even Zorich etc.
More importantly, has been able to go elsewhere and develop his craft.
After all that is said however, would still have BG as my number 1.

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

i don't think so yogee i'd say a majority of the season ticket holders either side of the court a long time ticket holders the area i site south side the section between the score table and the opposition bench is heavily populated by people who had season tickets as far back as apollo days.

once again another example of your assuming without facts in evidence.

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Years ago

Plus Scotty didn't piss all his players off

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Years ago

Tony Blair - hence why I had the suppositions of "majority" and "probably"...never did I state it was pure fact...

Why dont you play the ball and not the man, and discuss / debate the point at hand instead of turning it into an attack on me.

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Years ago

Have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years and would have to seriously consider renewing if BG was coaching us.

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Years ago

If hypothetically BG did get the position, Adelaide would get more games shown live on Fox and more players selected for the Boomers.......

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Years ago

we would become the adelaide boomers,

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Doctor E  
Years ago

I'd love to see it. Purely to see how Boti handles it. And then Smyth to sign with Sydney, also to see how Boti treats him.

You all have to admit, that would be entertaining.

To answer the question seriously, I'd have no problem with him coaching us, I'll give anyone that we sign at least a chance (not that Goorjian needs time to prove himself, he's the best coach in the L).

I'd prefer Cal Bruton though. He's not just a coach, but an entertainer and a PR machine all on one.

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Years ago

Boti would be kissig Goorj's arse if he were here as he has every other coach. He's not stupid as he needs to do his job, just not great morals.

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Years ago

BG, hate him..but respect him, if he coached MY adelaide 36ers, i would support him and MY 36ers. At least he has the knowledge and skills to bring to the table.

Excluding JS, all others mentioned here are below our current coach in terms of skill, knowledge and experience. I woulkd love to see JS have a shot at it.

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Years ago

me: where did all of the current successful coaches come from? what is the background of joey wright, westover, gleeson, heal, goorjian before they began their nbl coaching jobs? everyone starts somewhere.

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Years ago

I agree 120622, all coaches have to start somewhere, but, the 36ers are in this to win championships, not develop coaches.

I dont believe that (excluding BG and possibly JS) there is anyone else in Australia that is more likely to achieve that than our current coach. If there is then im all for going and getting them.

As i do with the players and the management, i want the best i can get for the 36ers.

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