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36ers season, the turning point?

I'm interested in hearing thoughts on when people think the 36ers' season really made a turn for the worse. Some might say with the signing of the roster or whatever, but I didn't quite picture us in tenth before the Slingers game tipped-off.

And even though we gave up the now-customary first win to the new team in Singapore, and had to come from behind and take advantage of Saville shooting 1/13 against the Hawks to get that win, I think it was game three that held the fork in the road.

How many fans would look at the Kings visiting the Dome now and confidently think "We'll get this one." But back in game three, 36ers hosting the Kings at the Dome, we had that game.

When Maher slipped, they pounced and easily won overtime. From there, Adelaide lost another three straight. It took a woeful game from the Crocs and the 36ers playing well to get our first home win of the season. Since then, we've only beaten the Pigs twice and the Dragons in turmoil (would we beat them now?).

Would this season have been much different had we won that Kings game? I think so.

Suddenly, visiting sides didn't have the same fear of playing at the Dome. Last season we were another early-exit team that were a notch below the real contenders, but we were tough to beat at home. I don't think the same can be said now, but Dec 13 and 16 will be perfect opportunities to build some form and get things back on track.

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Years ago

The day they announced the signing of Copes and Wheels.

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Years ago

I agree Isaac. That game vs the Kings was the game that showed to me the direction the team was heading this year. And it's pretty much played out the way I suspected since then.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

The key for me is when Maher is not on the floor.

Rudderless, passionless and no go to guy in offence and no harassing d at the top of the key.

Brett slipping was the only real error i can recall Brett ever making and really to call a slip an error is being harsh.

Maybe the team dropped their heads collectively at that moment and the confidence has never been back.

Maybe the signs were there last year when Brett bailed us out time and time again....take those wins away and we were lucky to be in the finlas last year.

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Years ago

You hit the nail smack on the head there Mr Brockman.....

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Years ago

in fairness we has always looked rudderless when brett is not in the game. I think the kings game really was a turning point and then to have brett out a while really set everyone back and from there we were just chasing our tails. Also not really a turing point but when there is little production from anyone bar 3-4 players is going to be hard to compete when one of them has a bad night.

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Years ago

I don't like to continually blame poor officiating, but that night Brett slipped, the floor was actually wet and the refs did not pick this up and call for the floor to be wiped. This game was the biggest disappointment so early in the season. Since then there has been a continuous dispute regarding the refs. It would not surprise me if we can't win games because the 36ers do not feel free to play their best game when they get called for every petty foul. The frustration of this was made clearly evident by Horvath in the game from Hell against Townsville when Hill was injured and he was being called for nonsence fouls.

What bothers me is that this is becoming a trend where other teams know what they can get away with here and how restricted we are. One might argue that they should be professional enough to not let this affect them, but how do you ignore it when you have so much on the line. My opinion and I stick by it.

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Years ago

We have not been losing because of the umpires. We've been losing because we are not a very good basketball team. It's quite simple really.

After 17 games you can get a very good idea as to what sort of basketball team you are watching. This one is not all that fun to watch, and does not have enough weapons.

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Years ago

So, the turning point of the season is that every other team has adjusted to the officiating, but the 36ers haven't? That we are too physical a team and get called for petty fouls? ("the 36ers do not feel free to play their best game when they get called for every petty foul")

From the NBL site:

They've lost more games than everyone except West Sydney and in their back to back defeats last round on the Sunshine Swing just looked like a team that couldn't stop anyone. Right now, the Sixers are the worst defensive team in the league, and while they still can put points on the board that butter-soft D won't get them anywhere... The Kings love playing Adelaide because they aren't physical, they don't play defence and they can't keep up with a team that loves to run.
The officiating has looked to be pretty reasonable and fair to me this year.

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Years ago

For me, it was when Forman, Holmes, and Rychart left within a week or two of each other, and then a week later we signed Mark Nash. That set the tone for the whole season. We've been lucky with Horvath, in that we've gotten a better player than Dusty, but we haven't come close to replacing Oscar or Jacob.

The injury to Brad Hill is irrelevant, not because he isn't a solid player, but because Smyth wasn't playing him anyway. Maher being out did hurt, but we've been just as bad if not worse with him in the lineup.

Ng's absence has meant we've lost a scoring punch, but he gives up SO much at the other end. Sutton's absence will hurt, as will Copeland's. If Timmons isn't in the lineup next Wednesday we will be losing to West Sydney.

Matt McQuade's preview of the Sixers v Kings game made some very accurate comments about the Sixers so far this season.

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The Worm  
Years ago

The NBL officiating is soft anyway. Sixers are so so soft it is not funny anymore. I not keen on the Timmons pick up but if he comes in with some aggro and muscle maybe its a good move. Time will tell. The season turning point was when Phil Smyth said we haven't worked on our defense in the pre season as we have been focussing on our offensive structure. Sent bad message to players in my mind. Defense should be the first thing you fix or develop because everything else flows from the defensive end. Talent can put points on the board regardless of what offenses you run (how often does Farley stick to the offense anyway) but hard work and team work can stop talent through solid D.

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Years ago

Interesting point you make about the referees because before this year the 36ers have been widely regarded as having the best home court advantage with the best hometown referees if you catch my drift.
Several clubs have complained over the last few years with 1 club at least paying for an interstate ref to come in to do their game instead of one of the usual Adelaide refs. Fact!

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Years ago

I'm with you Mutley. We lost the 2 best rebounders, and the luxery of having a tall outside shooter.
However, I think the other factor is the lack of an enforcer. We havn't had one for a while now, and miss the confidence and comradeship that style of leadership brings. Would R Sapwell have done nothing after the Brad Hill incident? That style of player will sacrifice their own game for the team, and right now, IMO, we need a huge dose of good old fashioned team stuff.

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Years ago

The day they stopped giving Horvath the ball on a regular basis (ie. the start of the season)

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Years ago

Just on the whole Maher being the rudder of the side, it seems that's pretty much been the case in recent years, I was just thinking back to the glory days when we had Maher, Mee, KB and Cat all leading the side. We weren't dependent on any one player and Maher was free to go out and add to an already quality side, if he had a quiet one then were still in with a chance, if he had a good one then we were laughing.

At the moment it's like the side functions well below capacity in his absence, and when he's there it only brings us up to scratch with other sides. As good as Farley and Horvath are they just aren't leaders in the same way Darnell, KB and Cat were which leaves too much pressure on Maher's capable but ageing shoulders.

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Years ago

Phantasy Phil - I can't believe a team can only work on one end of the game in preseason. Don't these guys train hard and long enough to do both???
Gee whiz Under 18 teams have an offensive and defensive structure by the time the season starts

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Years ago

I want to know what offences he instilled anyway!!

As far as I have seen, Phil doesn't call plays/time outs and the only time he gets out of his seat is to berate the refs. The Phil Smyth of previous seasons didn't worry about that sort of crap, he just got on with the game.

So the question is...What did we focus on during the pre season....

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Years ago


...his bank account!

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The Worm  
Years ago


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The Journo  
Years ago

along with the day they let Jacob and Ozzie go as well....

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