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Talking Hoops Recap

Talking Hoops Recap 5/12/06

Hosted by Raj and Nick (Maher and Bell went to the Robbie Williams concert)

They spoke about the 36ers having there worse start in a long time, said it was a combination of a lot of things, such as the ownership saga unsettling things, new players coming into the system, and some injuries such as Hill, Copeland and Sutton, said Timmons has been the white night and said can he come in and help save the program like he did back with the tigers, they said he is a mammoth man, and said Timmons said he wanted to provide some aggression and hardness at the ball. They spoke about the points problem with the Timmons signing said unless the 36ers cut one of there players or the NBL changes the mind, they said since he has been out of the NBL for 18 months he may be a bit highly rated, they said some of the skeptics are going to ask if they should be brining in another veteran. Nick said the problem is the youngsters they are not quite upto it so they need the extra support of a veteran.

Spoke about the Lightning said they are still going well despite the 36ers struggling.

They said that being a top 8 system the 36ers are not defiantly out of the finals yet.

Paul Bell called in: they asked him what he thinks Timmons will bring to the program, he said he brings a lot of experience, and won the VBL mvp, said he is glad they didn't sign him before signing Sutton. He said he doesn't think he will make a difference in winning and losing games, and said it will be interesting to see what happens. Asked who he would of targeted, Bell said he would of started to play the young guys a lot, said a lot of teams go through seasons like this and getting something out of it by given the youngsters extra experience. Asked who he would cut for Timmons, Bell said he thinks Phil is hedging on someone being injured for the rest of the season, with the team having injuries all season long, he said he doesn't think anyone will be released as such, and mentioned Ng coming back, he said he wasn't sure but maybe Nash. Asked about the mood in the camp, he said they are frustrated and don't seem to have enough contributors, with only Maher, Farley and Horvath playing well and Copeland doing well off the bench, and with Copeland being injured they will lose the scoring pucnh off the bench. Said they just need to keep trying some new things. Asked if Smyth will change things, he said Smyth had success playing a certain style, but is being forced to try things, such as bringing on Sutton earlier than planned and playing Erik Burdon. Asked about how Ninnis is going, he said the Dragons are going well and are now winning games and some of there players such as Holmes are playing better, and he expects them to finish possibly as high as 6th.

Dana called in: gave a update on Australias win in the 2nd test. Said she was looking at the thing with Timmons, and hadn't Timmons retired shouldn't he start from scratch, with heal losing his suspended sentence after retiring, said he is highly rated being a 7, she said anyone with experience and who is willing to give there all would be good, said it's the old guys who are giving the effort and showing up some of the young guys, they said the kids even though are talented it takes a while to produce, spoke of Maher when he started he used to turn it over with poor passes but as he has become more experience he doesn't do this now, and she said the same people who bag the old guys would bag the young guys if they came on and turned it over, and she said she wished Cooper would take more shots as they need more scorers than Horvath, Maher and Farley, they said its unfathomable having a 36ers team without Maher. Said Dusty may be elevated to the starting 5 with Bradtke being injured again. Dana said the 36ers have won 3 of the last 10 years and not many have done that and said you support your team no matter what, and they said every team has a rough patch over time. Dana said people blame Smyth for everything and how can you blame him for things such as injuries.

Phil Smyth Interview: Said he was watching the DVD of Sydney v 36ers, Asked about the losses and how things go from bad to worse, he said that's what seems to have happened and against Cairns they were playing well then Copeland hurt his hamstring and then the same happened to Sutton in the next game, said this has enabled them to bring Timmons in, who isn't in tip top shape should be able to contribute well until he gets into top shape. Asked about the latest on Timmons, said they have applied for a re rating and Hemmerling and Bauer were exploring all options with the NBL and are confident Timmons will be able to play on Friday. Asked to explain the points limit and its rules, and he said he cant explain it, he said its difficult to follow, imports are 10s, boomers are 10s, there is a loyalty component, said there will be odd ones like Corletto being a 1, and said its difficult to say Timmons was a 7 since he hasn't played for 18 months so probably wont be as good as a Dench who is also a 7. Said they hoped the NBL hoped it would even the playing field with negotiations, as there is a maximum salary for each point limit. Asked what he hoped Timmons would bring into it, he said he has shown his physicality, excellent passer and rebounder and in the past he has been a good scorer and said its un realistic to expect him to score big points right away, and said it will probably make others in his position lift as they wont want to lose there court time. Asked about Wheeler who is now playing well, he said Wheeler has been good and they expected him to take time to find his feet again and has really started to step it up over the past 5 games, asked what they have focussd in on training he said consistency as they play well for 2 or 3 quarters, and said part of it is injuries and said they have had 10 starting 5s in the season and usually they wouldn't change it, then they loss Maher for 5 weeks and said that losing Maher is like having a rudderless ship, and said they are starting to get the group together, and need to play well for 4 quarters. Asked how him and Steve are coping with the tough start to the season, said there has been a few moments when they wanted to scream there lungs out. And a few moments when they have done it to the players, said eventually the elastic band is going to break and they are trying to ride the bubble, and there is a part of you that cant believe its happening, he said now its happening you spend more time watching dvds talking to players, and said they just have to persist and persist at the moment. Asked about the all star game, said he didn't go and said its good that it was a close game, and said that in Australia we don't take well to all star games as apposed to SA v Vic games. Asked if it would be sweet to beat Goorj, he said it would be great to beat anyone, said they have watched a lot of dvds and have put a plan in place and they are looking forward to it and said with Sydney playing well if they beat them that could be the momentum shift they need.

Nick and Raj spoke about Smyth, said despite the tough start he has kept a fantastic pasona about him showing strength and solidarity and you have to hand it to him.

Marcus Timmons interview: He trained with Adelaide the first time yesterday, said it was good to get to know the offense and some of the guys. Said he is still waiting to see what happens with his signing and is going to continue training and help as much as he can. Asked if he was hopeful of a call up all season, he said yea usually around round 8 changes happen and when the 36ers called he said get me over and training and we will see what happens. Said he had lunch with Wheeler today, and said he wants to enjoy it with Cooper, Majstrovich and Copeland, whom he has played with in the past.
He said he likes the way Phil coaches, and said some of there offences are similar to the old Tigers offenses which he is trying to get back into. Asked if Smyth had told him a role, he said play the 3 and 4, can play in and out and is happy to play the 5 spot if he is asked to. Said he came from a basketball background with his family, he was 6 foot at 6 grade, he is the shortest of his brothers, and his sisters are 6-3, said they had good family basketball battles. He first came to Australia in 1996 with Wollongong Hawks, after the NCAA he went to the CBA played with Darnell Mee, and then came out to the NBL and in 1997 won the title with the titles. Asked if his championships are his highlights he said the first one as they went on a huge streak to win it and the perth one he came in late and won the larry sengstick medal. Asked how he is settling into Adelaide, he said today he had lunch with Adelaide, and it was good to drive around and see Adelaide as he never got to see the out skirts when he came in the past.

Raj and Nick spoke about Timmons, they said they cant do any worse, and being in the twilight of his career they will always give 110%, and said from a spectators point of view they want to see some attractive basketball and it being played with passion.

Jacob Holmes Interview: Asked about things at the Dragons, said its a lot better than 6 weeks ago, had a great win against Wollongong in Wollongong and said things are looking up. Asked how he found Heal and how he rates vs Price, he said Heal has been put in a tough situation, said he has took it on the chin and come through with flying colours, said they are playing different basketball and winning games, said it would be difficult playing and coaching, said he has settled down abit and been able to coach on the court still sorting out the assistant roles, and heal is going well. Asked about his form, he said the first 5 games were tough no roles and since shane has came on he has been given a different role and a role he thinks can help him in international basketball, and said having Molloy there to work with has been fantastic and is happy with how he is playing, and the team is winning so he is happy. Said Rosell is a machine, he is a worker, not the most skilled but a worker, and the Dragons have the 2 hardest working imports on the team which puts the Australians in good stead. Said its good to have Burston back as it gives them the chance to go big with Buston at the 5, Ellis at the 4, Drmic at the 3 and him at the 2. Asked about playing in Adelaide, said it was tough especially with the turmoil leading upto it, said it was great to see his family and friends, said Adelaide always will be home to him, but Melbourne is where he plays at the moement. Asked about his Australian Ambitions said his goal is to make the next team and be in the mix for the Olympic games, said he is moving along towards it in his role and hopes to improve his game to the level where he does get picked, said its tough to get in and just has to keep putting his best foot forward. Asked if he had feedback with Goorjian, and said he had to trim the fat off his game, become a great defender, able to defender a 2/3/4 and hit the open shot every night and make the players around him better, and fit the niche role of a 3 man, with rebounding being a big part of it. Asked him about Mark Price, he said he thinks Price came in a little un prepared, said you couldn't fault him as a player and a person and left with dignity, and he personally got along really well with him but said the change probably had to happen. Asked if he could see him self finishing career in Adelaide, he said that would be the dream in the future, and doesn't like seeing Adelaide in the bad position, but will defiantly come back sometime in the future.

Read out last games scores, see NBL website.

Raj and Nick spoke about the ladder, said not in a great position but the 8 is not un reachable, but we have to realize we have been spoilt in the past, they read out the other positions (see the NBL website).
Adelaide having a quiet period at the moment as they have played a lot of games already.

Sam Woosnam interview: Said the flames game was a good one to play in even though it was scrappy it was good to get the win especially without Rusmussen, said it was special for Erins 100th game, and said on your 100th you either do awesome or bad, asked about Russmussen, said she is probably still a few weeks away and with the lightning someone always steps up. Said they have been working hard on there defence, and have a target not allowing the other team get more than 10 offense rebounds a game. Asked about there slow start to games, said they need to work on getting better shots early, but they have great spirit and have been winning. Asked about the AIS game, said they are not taking them lightly. Said she likes Chris Lucas style, she played with him for West Adelaide and they are able to voice opinions to him. Asked about the ownership said hasn't seen huge difference but things have improved, and he comes down from whyalla for every game.

Nick and Raj spoke about the lightning said its great to see them doing well and the new ownership has mad it possible to bring in a couple of great imports and Phillips and others are playing great.

They spoke about a press conference, with Maher, Smyth and Hemmerling, and said don't be surprised if there are a lot of changes and look interstate and internationally in the future and surprise some people. They said it may have been a message to try and fire the team up, as you want results with private ownership Hemmerling has every right to make the changes if he thinks they need to.

Raj and Nick did there tips, tigers v wildcats, tipped tigers, breakers v taipans, tipped breakers, raj tipped breakers, nick tipped taipans, dragons v crocs, raj tipped crocs, nick tipped dragons, kings v 36ers, said heart says 36ers but head says the kings, razorbacks v kings, tipped the kings, taipans v dragons, tipped dragons, wildcats v breakers, tipped wildcats, hawks v slingers, tipped hawks.
They spoke about Heal saying the dragons best is still to come which is a ominous warning, said they have plenty of talent, with Ellis, Drmic, Holmes, Heal, Franklin, Burston, said its just the matter of them gelling which they are going to do well, said they could do some damage in the play offs, said Heal has done a great job under pressure with playing and coaching, said sometimes being on the floor is an advantage.

Said they tried to get Ed Scott on the show, who played well in his first game for the kings and the sixers are going to have to watch him, and said he has come into a tough situation.

Spoke about the players of the week, saying a lot of the same players are winning it, see nbl website for the list, Powell, Redhage, Cattalini and Rillie have all won it twice and Townsville have 3 winners of the award. Said they will all be up there in the MVP with Cattalini being the favourite.

Well done Raj and Nick on filling in, another great show looking forward to next week!!

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thanks jonno, well done

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Nick who?

No Phil at All*Star?

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Great work Jonno the boys did an excellent job in Paul and Brett's abscence.

Interesting Phil was upbeat in the interview but then talked of wholesale changes in the press conference

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Jonno You legend

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From me too - I read the recap every week.

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Good work Jonno...

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Hi Jonno,
No need to put comments about me phoning in. Just cut and paste from your first recap when I phoned.
Apparently I say the same every week.

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Nick who ? x 2

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Hey, thanks for the compliments, not sure who Nick is or what his last name is, im pretty sure he has been the producer of the show a few times before.

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thanks jonno

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Nick Malerba & Raj Singh

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