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Bar at Wayville

Forestville must be congradulated for the way the bar is run at Wayville.

The beers are frosty cold, and well priced along with great service, but COME ON GUYS! What is the go with the airconditioning in the bar?
I have walked into the bar over the last few summers to find the aircon out of action. I have never once known it to be working summer or winter.

Whose responsibility is it to fix it?

Pass the hat around the bar and fix the damn thing before the summer is over.

Many familys mingle in there after the games, and Im sure the patrons as well as the kids would appreciate some airconditioning this summer.

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seen it all  
Years ago

Have you taken your concerns to the appropriate people at the stadium - just in case they miss this?

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Years ago

Yes, this weekend.

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Years ago

Does the licence for the bar extend to the stadium at wayville, as over the last number of weeks these "social parents" have been seen drinking their alcohol outside the bar in the stadium. It is only a matter of time before some one reports this to the licencing board, or before an over indulged adult gets really ugly, eg the can throwing adult from a few weeks ago.
Is the club president who often walks pass these peope and turns a blind eye going to police his own bar licence OR should it be reported anyway and they cop a hefty fine and closed down

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Years ago

Yes, it seems that if your observations are correct, some tighter controls are needed but grow up anon and go and voice your anon opinion in an adult manner rather than stir crap for no reason and no benefit for any club. You know I can remember not that many years ago how people would go and have a quiet chat on a reasonable level re an issue like anon's above - why is it that an evil streak rears its ugly head with so many now. Believe me anon, if you last comment applies, you may get some delight and sick satisfaction in seeing a club get dragged through the courts BUT the only losers will be the people that enjoy a drink at ANY stadium and the kids that play - the bar at any stadia is a great money raiser.
Any negative action will flow on to all venues and clubs. What is it that people don't get about the fact that all clubs are needed and are important to this sport? Competition should stay on the floor and a respect for all clubs and teams is sadly wanting.

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Years ago

There should not be any open bars at junior games.
At senior level, do as you please but with juniors, what does it model to our kids and who drives home.Surely we can stay alcholol free at kids games.

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Years ago

#110420 fair enough point and it has appeared on most discussion tables over many years. But what really is the difference between a family at a junior game or a family at a senior game - the same level of adult role modelling and responsibility exists and just who does drive home?
Role modelling is a major learning style for kids - they learn more from positive interactions than the opposite and I would think that responsible use of alcohol is easily witnessed and a lesson taught.

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Years ago

#110420 I take it that your opinions would also apply to parents that smoke in front of children?

If this is so, I take it that you are also against burping, farting swearing, speeding in your car and eating unhealthy food in front of children. I guess you should add to your list buying lottery tickets & scratchies (gambling)& over spending on credit cards in front of the kiddies as well.

I have seen the same type of post before on another thread regarding bars in stadiums. You obviously have a problem with the concept of responsible drinking, coupled with the fact that most families that drink in the bars after a match have a designated driver, i.e. wife, husband that does not drink!

The bar at Wayville could hardly be likened to a boozy front bar of some pub. I would say it is one of the most family oriented places to be after junior matches.

Thanks for your social comment, feel free to start another thread on the topic any time you like.

Do you know anything about the state of the aircon in the Wayville bar?

The fun police are alive and well.

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Years ago

Well said magpie. Responsibility lies with each individual - I am so over the social police acting on behalf because of a few idiots. Target them instead of the rest of us just wanting to enjoy a night out.

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Years ago

Magpie , I take it your in favour of doing all those things in front of your kids or other peoples kids.
I know absolutely that no parent ever drives and drinks and that the police are reducing their numbers of officers because we are all so responsible.
My gripe is that you can't buy a good hash cookie or dope cake at any of the venues and this is discriminatory!
Anyway, lets light up another joint and enjoy the game!
Don't take this too seriously as some one may thing you are a responsible parent.

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Years ago

(#110469) WEEEELLLLLLL your a real bright spark arn't you ANON. Why dont we close all bars in all stadiums because someone MIGHT over indulge.

It would then follow that we should probably also close all canteens in stadiums because some kid could get fat with all the sweets they can buy from there. I brought a hot dog from the woodville canteen on Saturday night, watch out Woodville, if I have a heart attack in a few years time, I will get my estate to sue.

We probably should close all stadiums and ban Bball all together because little Johnny or Sally could fall over and injure themselves.

Get a couple of lives, thought police. Take a look at your selves and think; What is it that could make me stop getting so uptight about the world?

A good place to start would be having a drink on friday nights after Johnny or Sallys match and actually try LIVING LIKE A HUMAN FOR ONCE!

Do you know what is going on with the aircon at the stadium?

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Years ago

Could someone from Wayville call the aircond man please - it is getting a little hot and uncomfortable.

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Years ago

So much for drunks having a sense of humour!
Magpie, I see nothing wrong at all with walking thru smokers alley outside Wayville to get to the bar and the kids are learning to hold their breath.

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Years ago

#581 Drunks? in many years of travelling from stadium to stadium with basketball involvement, I can't recall seeing a whole lot of drunks there. What I have seen is a great family atmosphere, people socialising, developing friendships etc. Yeah, I am a non smoker and I am not a fan of passive smoking - so guess what - I move away, or move through quickly cause it is their choice. Great to see your kids can hold their breath for a nano second - why don't you try it and then it will be win win for all.

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Years ago

For the record I have never smoked, never even tried it & never will. I have been known to burp, & fart on occasions (and blame it on someone else!)

(#110586)totally agree. The bars at the stadiums that have them are the most family freindly place to be after a match. Parents catch up, kids stuff them selves with the platters brought along and everone has a great time.

Wayville, Pasadena (when it was open)North Adelaide, Morphettvale, West Adelaide, they are all great places to hang out with your family on a Friday/ Saturday after a match. The stadiums without bars are IMO are souless after games. Within 10 mins the teams have left.

Gee, fix the aircon would ya!

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