Years ago

Most Up Riseing referees

i would like to start a topic about the most uprising referees.

i would like people to post referees names that they think are going to go all the way.

i will start:

Brett Johns
Alex Bull
Jarrod Cresp
Ben Spiers
Nikki Ireland

There is a rumour that Bill Milldenhall is going to be in Albury to watch Brett Johns Referee at Country Cup.

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

All referees with great prospects in front of them.

Although Brett Johns is a great referee, I don't think that Bill Milldenhall will going to be in Albury for the express and only purpose being "to watch Brett Johns Referee at Country Cup."

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Years ago


I think you are So wrong, Brett Johns is the best referee coming through the ranks. There has been people from country Victoria talking to Bill Milldanhall about Brett Johns and these people have been talking to loss of people in SA.

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Years ago

At least 2 underage people mentioned in this post!!

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Years ago

Thanks to Bretts mum for starting this post.

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Brett will not make it to ABA level, let alone "all the way".

Here's why -

His technical knowledge of the rules of the game are only about a 6/10
His understanding of the game from a players point of view is only a 3/10
His communication abilities are terrible 2/10 (and that's being generous).

On the plus side, he's young, either way, he's under 18, and i think the rules of this forum don't allow talk of under18 players, and the same rules should apply for refs.

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Years ago

I think it's safe to say talk like this about a young, promising referee does a lot of harm and absolutely no good at all.

Flanders anyone??

In the end these junior referees need to find their place in the big picture and be encouraged to work hard and constantly improve their knowledge, communication skills and understanding of the game.
If any young referee (or older referee) does that then the rewards of high level officiating will follow.

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Anonymous (#112100),

I haven't had a go at Brett or his talents. I am one of his biggest supporters and would love to see him lead the New Breed of referees in SA COUNTRY.

However, by insinuating that the only reason why Bill Milldenhall would be going to Albury would be to watch Brett does a great diservice to not only his fellow referees from SA going to Albury next year, but also to the referees from the other states!

Once again, I'd like to re-iterate that I am a supporter of Brett and think that he has a great future ahead of him!

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It's great, this post started with 5 referee's mentioned and it continued with Brett Johns.
What about the others people?

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

What you cant talk about under 18 players on the forum? Wow, why is that?

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support your refs  
Years ago

I am a coach who likes to support our young refs , if we don't we wont have any ! And please don't jdge a 15 year old kid who is learning the trade encourage him to improve on his week ares . And finaly I hear most of his evaluations arearound 80% and I recond that would be the combind total of all the refs we get given when we are at the port

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Brett Johns  
Years ago

Philip Mountbatten

If ypu think i am not going to make it you should say it to my face not hide behind a computer screen.

There are alot of people that think i will not make it as a referee and there are a lot of people that think that i wont make it.

i have been told that i could make FIBA by the age of 25 and NBL by the age of 22 if i keep going at the rate that i am going at.

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Years ago

Is it any wonder that people have a go at ref's?

Looking at the garbage they are writing about themselves and each other, it is no wonder that they aren't doing a good job!

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VC fan  
Years ago

I have had the pleasure of reffing with Brett and he shows maturity beyond his age. What people dont realise is how young he actually is, when i first met him i thought he was 17, 18, 19 years old, so to find out that he (im fairly sure) is only 15 was a huge shock.

I see a bright future for the kid and anyone who hasnt acieved what he has with the profesionalism he has at the age of 15 shouldn't pass negative judgement.

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Years ago

Hey Brett,

You are leaving yourself wide open for criticism whem you post on here. You are better off not responding and showing people with your game rather than trying to argue with them.

The sign of a great referee is the one who just gets on with it and keeps cool under pressure. Remember, you are always going to piss off 50% of the crown no matter what call you make.

Keep up the good work and see you at Mt Barker in the new year.

You know who I am!

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Years ago

I meant 50% of the crowd.

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Years ago

Any chance the IP's of (#112214), (#9808) and (#112100) being the same?

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Years ago

All posted from the same computer, yes.

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Years ago

Does that mean Brett started the entire topic himself, or someone is pretenting to be him to make him look bigheaded..?

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Years ago

It is not Brett that strated this topic.

i try to make all referees look like big heads.

my name is John Lawerence

alot of people know me as the attention seeker

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Years ago

And the dickhead who fell through the roof at Port Adelaide...

BTW, have they fixed that yet..?

Are you sure you're john Lawerence, Lawrence is spelt without 3 'e's.

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Years ago

It is great to see Mark Frost is not on this list.

Alex Bull is a good ref but I don't think he will make ABA because in the words of Neil Poulton, "Get a hair cut"

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Years ago

Neptuneboy, those three posts all written by the same person. I think you could assume, based on the third post, that it was Brett or whoever we're talking about.

I'd suggest that these younger referees stop posting in this thread as you're just embarrassing yourselves.

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jimmy de bas  
Years ago

Embarrassing? Don't be so nice. I can't believe he started the thread himself!! HAHAHAH

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Years ago

Hey ME. thanks for regarding me as a good ref and just so u know i am getting a hair cut soon. I had a bet going on with mates to see who could grow there hair for the longest time, Lol.
So to ME and Neil, i am getting a hair cut very very soon.

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Years ago

im a good ref :(

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Bully's a fair ref, just s--- at backyard cricket.

I started to think the posts were from the same person when the spelling was consistently shite.

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Years ago

Lol at this thread! Mildenhall going to a country cup to scout one ref! And I sure do hope that someone was impersonating mr johns on here, because if that really was Brett I feel completly embarrassed for him!

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Years ago

Brett did not start this post
Actually, he is now an ABA official (Rookie) so for the poster who stated he would never make that level - I am sure Brett would appreciate your apology

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Years ago


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