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Smyth plans changes for NYE line-up

Boti has the story

THE 36ers will revamp their line-up for New Year's Eve's crucial NBL confrontation with Perth at the Distinctive Homes Dome.

Coach Phil Smyth yesterday would not elaborate - "We'll let Perth find out for themselves," he said - but earlier this week he was more forthcoming when he foreshadowed the moves.
In the wake of Saturday's potential season-blowing 102-107 loss to South, Smyth said the visitors had outworked Adelaide and handsomely won the rebounding contest.

"The bottom line is their effort level was better than ours," he said.

"We had a game we should have got and we let ourselves down.

"There has to be change.

"We can't persist with the same formula if it's not working.

"There has been a component of being loyal to some people but if you can't seize your opportunity, we've got to look elsewhere."
Who can come into the line-up to boost the rebounding effort?
"We've changed some things, some of the positions of players," Smyth said of Sunday's game plan.

"A lot of energy and effort went into training and that's what we've been wanting to see."
Starting Nash would leave them too timid. Perhaps starting Timmons is the likely option. Otherwise, changing positions of players - Farley to SF? Copeland starting at SG?

Of the starting group, Maher and Horvath would have to be safe. The loyalty comment could be directed at Majstrovich (though he played well last week) or Cooper (had a couple of key games before the last one), or Farley at a stretch. But swapping Copeland in for Farley won't help us on the boards.

The Wildcats will put up Rogers, Redhage and Ronaldson as their frontcourt wall, and then have Crawford, Brooks and Ryan providing their guard rotation.

What would you do?

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Years ago

I think you will find that Farley will be starting point guard which will leave him with some responsibility.

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Years ago

Nash will be the fall guy....... this week!

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Years ago

Starting Nash would have to violate that whole "if you can't seize your opportunity, we've got to look elsewhere" thing wouldn't it?

Relegating Mastro to the bench now would be somewhat stupid, given that he has actually played well the last four games. I also don't see how he has been shown any loyalty thus far.

Starting Timmons does make them tougher. Starting Sutton makes them better defensively. Maybe a trip to the bench is what Willie needs? Starting Timmons at the 4, moving Horvath to the 5, and Coops to 6th man might work.

Alternatively, they could all play the same number of minutes as last week, with Horvath taking 20 shots instead of 10.

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Mott the Hoople  
Years ago

I'd like to see Dodman get a run (not starting).

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Years ago

oh, gee, maybe we will use our full tally of time outs? maybe get the ball to the big men on the post or maybe we just send up more bloody smokescreens!!??

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Years ago

If they are going to change the line up i wouldnt mind seeing either PG Maher, SG Copeland SF Farley, PF Majstro, C Horvath, probably a bit week on the inside and on the boards but if they can all fire from the offensive end i think perth would have trouble stopping that line up from the perimeter.

I also dont mind the suggestion on giving Farley the 'PG role and some added responsibility and get him to create for others but attack himself when he is open, and that would allow Maher to slide to the SG spot which i reckon could be of advantage, i also dont mind the move of starting Timmons instead of coops or majstro, it will be interesting to see what changes phil does make, hope he actually does make some and that they work and give us something to build on for the future.

speaking of changes what chances do people give Farley, Copeland and Nash retaining there spots next year??? I personally hope they keep Farley, aslong as he finishes the season strongly, Copeland is doing well but if we are able to retain Hill, which i hope we are, i dont see a spot for Copeland as Hill is the future, and if they are going to experiment with Farley at SF (i think he would be a little undersized but isnt any smaller than Wethers who also has played SF) and he can do well there i woldnt mind seeing Hill start the SG spot next year, and Nash i think they will make the tough decision and let him go there, or if they keep him because of his contract i would only keep him as a back up to play 15mins a game at the most, unless he shows some great improvement in form

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Years ago

Yea, but will he convey these changes to the players.

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Years ago

"All" will be conveyed in that smile at the end of the huddle.

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Who Me!  
Years ago

PG - Sutton
SG - Maher
SF - Mastro
PF - Timmons
C - Horvath

Gives us Willie off the bench so that we have a couple of scoring options coming off the Bench, plus defenders in Nash & Cooper. Most times it looks like we have no idea where our next points will be coming from with the subs in (except maybe Copeland)

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Years ago

Good rebounding line-up for one thing.

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Years ago

I would leave players on the ourt if they were scoring well and playing well!!!

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Years ago

What were the matchups in the pre-season game?

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mr clutch  
Years ago

Pg Sutton
Sg Maher
Sf Farley
Pf Mastro
C Horvath

I think Cooper might perform better of the bench. He's very much a confidence player and with less responsibility he may feel more comfortable, and provide that defensive spark of the bench.

Not a great rebounding line up but with Mastro and Sutton in there that looks much more respectable from a defensive point of view. Also if Sutton and Maher were asked to help out on the boards they could chip in five or so each.

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Years ago

Well I'd drop Nash for one. I think he does a lot of arm waving but, nothing else. Willy and Horvath have practically carried the team for most of the year, and I would not like to see either spot put in jeopardy. I also think the problem of "please don't shoot too often" quoted by Boti Nagy (Advertiser Thursday Dec 28) , (unless you're Brett Maher of course) is a major problem. There also seems to be cliques appearing in the team with some players not passing to others, especially those who are likely to wrack up a reasonable score.
It will be interesting to see...

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Years ago

Just give Horvath the ball so he can take his 20+ shots a game.. its as simple as that

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Years ago

Strong word is that Farley is coming off the bench and that Dodman is starting, not sure what this will achieve!

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Years ago

Dodman starting?? i wouldnt mind seeing him given some minutes but i would be very suprised to see him start, if he does i hope he does well it will be interesting to see how he goes

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Years ago

Willie carrying the teeam?????

What games have you been watching?

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Sector 7G  
Years ago

Dodman starting is surely a joke. I'm a big rap for him but to start would be throwing him in the deep end and setting him up to fail.
If Jordy starts it's him that will be the fall guy ("There you go, I give a young player a start and he lets me down")

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Years ago

Thats why it will happen, IMO.

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Years ago


Can't take anything from that pre-season game, Perth played all of its players and gave them all equal minutes. I seem to recall that Steve Leven played about 20-25 minutes that game as well.

That said, the Sixers looked the best I have seen them all season in that game with areas of improvement to work on. That was one hell of a false hope start to the season, because we haven't looked anything like repeating that sort of team performance since.

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Years ago

from my limited knowledge..if Willie has been carrying the does explain the current situation :)

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Sector 7G  
Years ago

Why would you run a highly paid import off the bench!!??

He needs to get off his butt and EARN the big bucks he's paid EVERY week. Import players are IMPACT players.

AND you can't "carry the team" if you have a week off every now and then because you're having a big SULK.

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Years ago

sutton has improved and is a good player but starting??? I think that isn't the best idea

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Years ago

Yep, when it comes down to it Smyth will really be scaping the bottom of the barrel to make any sort of meaningful changes with this list. Other than not play Nashy and Farley their usual minutes, and hope Horvath doesn't get into foul trouble, not really much more can be done. And that does not guarantee any sort of improvement that will show on the floor...

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Years ago

Starting timmons is a great idea NOT. Thats the most stupid thing ive heard of. He struggles to keep up with the pace as it is. hes too unfit and slow and another waste of time and money for the 36ers. We are better off without him, id rather see dodman out there making mistakes but learning personally.

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Give Him A Chance  
Years ago

Sutton is one of the better defensive players start with him along side maher and see what happens.

Sutton is too timid with his shooting but that will come with more match time. investing time into a player like sutton now will ultimatly better the team.


Plus he is probably the best looking sixer in the squad

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Years ago

Sutton will step up and show just how good he is, IF Phil gives him a damn chance!! NOW is the time to start and groom our younger brigade as IMO the season is lost so use it to groom and grow and experiment! Start Dodman too!! That includes calling strategic time outs compared to SFA as usual.

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