Happy Days
Years ago

Big V Versus SEABL

Be interested to hear peoples opinions on the difference between the two leagues in the way that they are run. SEABL come across as very professional outfit with strong leadership,sponsorship and media coverage whereas Big V seem happy to cruise along and its all a bit of fun especially there media coverage.Interesting to read there CEO's reflection on the season.Lots of nicknames and inhouse jokes all coming from there CEO????? Cant say ive come across many CEO's writing literature like that.
Your thoughts.....

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Years ago

Certainly an interesting question and my answer would be there is room for both competitions. SEABL seems to be for the larger associations wanting to play in an interstate competition, where the Big V caters to the medium and small associations in Victoria and are the state league.Both serve their purpose.
SEABL have always been strong but the perception is the Big V has improved greatly in the past few years.Competition wise the top level of their Championship and Youth Competitions has improved dramatically as has their media.
Both SEABL and Big V have their own net tv shows, and Big V has Overtime Magazine which is a really good read. Also earlier in the year the Big V signed a whole heap of new sponsors, and had a very well received All-Star 20/20 kind of game during the National Junior Classic.
Many CEO/Managers now have blogs on their websites to give people a different perception and an inside look at how things are going.

Both SEABL and Big V are great leagues and the idea the two are competing is very mid 2000's.

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Years ago

I made some strong comments about the positioning of the BigV a few weeks back. Basically it had a great run through early last decade, fell apart for a couple of years and the current CEO is pulling it back into line. Three different CEO's, maybe four when i think about it.

Happy Days I hadn't thought of it but the BigV approach to media these days is very "in-league", almost immature. Their TV show was good last year and ok this year, if mainly because this year was a much cheaper production.

The SEABL have a very staid approach to media. They produce good stuff, but not very dynamic and hardly edgy, which the BigV have certainly tried. The BigV do probably know how to laugh at themselves a little more - maybe thats the immaturity!.

BigV's TV stuff is better than SEABL's though in my view.

Administration wise, the SEABL would be the most distrusted organsiation I know of. Thats not me saying I don't trust them, they just have a terrible reputation. They are hated here in Victoria, bitterly hated in other states as well.

Their apppoach to/poaching of the Southern Districts club in Brisbane was greeted with vehemence in Qld for example, simply because of the way it was done.

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Years ago

There is no room for SEABL or like competitions in a well structured sport.

SEABL is a privately owned and run competition which has filled a void left by the short sightedness and lack of resources of Basketball Australia.

BA needs to move forward with the Underpining League.

BA needs to structure basketball from the National Leagues down through the NBL/WNBL, the Underpining League, local State Leagues to junior competitions.

At the moment SEABL gets in the way of that development pathway.

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Years ago

BigV is run very amateur compared to Seabl, just look at the websites as 1 example and the contrasting media styles. Allot of the BigV stuff is cringe worthy and not befitting our best state based competition. Generally the better run more professional clubs participate in Seabl and the smaller ones in BigV.

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Years ago

Anon thats just pithy.

I agree some of the BigV's stuff is cringeworthy, but they at least have a crack.

They are solely focused I think on their internal media consumption, and they have the numbers to justify that, because the league is so big.

SEABL are never edgy, and they do vanilla media. But they do it very well and very consistently.

Some of the opinion stuff by BigV, which NO ONE in mainstream basketball is doing, is good.

I agree with hapy days that the current article, from the BigV CEO, is just bizarre, but I recall for example their main writer, Justin Nelson, openly taking the Tigers to task for taking players from teams in finals for a tournament in Ireland. It was controversial, the sort of stuff talked about on forums, but the only basketball website tacking the issue at all was BigV - props to them. Tigers are one of their clubs and they laid it on thick!

Both league's meet deadlines, and you can expect their regular stuff to always be there on the day they say it will and thats a massive part of the game.

Sorry, but BigV's TV stuff is a lot more fun than SEABL, which simply cannot take the piss out of itself, and they have a crack at issues, call people out, create controversy. Thats good media my friend, because they are creating noise.

I had the pleasure once of attending the BigV Awards dinner, 700+ people, huge night out, great audio visual stuff, and while it was not the most respectful night, they proved to me they get one thing totally, which is their league community.

SEABL are very very well run. The BigV is not far behind, and where you are 100% right is that the clubs in the BigV are smaller and not as well resourced as the relative SEBAL clubs, who can generate stuff for themselves.

Mor importantly, these two league's in each others backyard means they work hard - much harder than the other state based leagues. I would rate both well ahead of the other state leagues from what i've seen, perhaps with the exception of some of the stuff the SBL do.

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Years ago

Thats right just have a look at SAs ABL what a joke.....

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

The Big V & SEABL have to try and be professional as they are both competing for the same $$$ & clubs!

Lets face it every other state based comp (ABL/SBL/QBL/Waratah) could take a leaf out of both Big V & SEABL's book as even if you don't like SEABL cause they are too serious are Big V because they poke fun at themselves at least they are both having a crack, which is less than can be said for the other leagues.

Some of the other leagues don't even have media articles or promotions etc to help build a community or brand so if you don’t play ball you wouldn’t even know that they are on!

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Years ago

Tiger Watcher, I like SEABL's stuff, its just vanilla thats all. And a lot of BigV's stuff when they are taking the piss is good, just sometimes it gets a little corny and lowbrow.

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Years ago

HO, i agree, if you're only trying to promote yourself internally or to your participants corny and low brow is fine, but if you're trying to attract new people to the sport and project a professional image to the wider community and potential sponsors "Vanilla" is better. SEABL does a much better job of that.

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Cost of a SEABL program would be between 200k-300k including support staff.

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Years ago

After attending the Big V dinner and seeing Diamond Valley awarded club of the year, it just shows that the Big V is way behind SEABL.

DV didn't have a Senior team even make finals (Men's team finished bottom), only their Youth League teams made finals and then didn't even play in the GF!

Got to be some sort of joke, I can think of about 6 or 7 more worthy winners: Waverley, Ringwood, Eltham, Warrandyte, Camberwell, Blackburn.

Guess they’ll win it again as from talking with a few of their players they are all looking to jump ship to get a game for an SCM team that might at least have a chance of making finals!

At least the reining club of the year will enjoy winning 5 games, maybe you should drop to Div 1...…at least you’d be competitive in that competition!

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Years ago

Club of the year just doesnt realate to results... It also relates to administration and organisation and just how they go about things, and DV do a very good job in this regard

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Years ago

Happy Days if you think a SEABL program cost$200K- $300K you are crazy.

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Years ago

Support staff get ppaid in the SEABL? You are kidding.

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Years ago

DV really well organized....didn't they nearly go belly up??

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Years ago

Have heard the same thing, were very much in debt, but are almost out from all accounts, which may be the reason they are now better administratively - they were so bad before that they had a long way to be able to improve? Anybody know any details on it?

Also, how are these awards voted? Do the clubs/coaches/players vote?

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Years ago

Guys, from what I understand there are pending criminal charges regarding the DV case, so probably best not to discuss it until it's finalized.

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Years ago

They hav resigned Bridgewater so they'll be tough this year even despite losing Arkell & few older guys

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