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Does the NBL need to Change Rules?

With some of the ugly basketball and low scoring games we are seeing at the moment, does the NBL need to consider changing the rules?
Eg, an illegal defence or no zone type rule that the NBA used for years.(or any other suggestions).

Some games are embarrassingly ugy and not entertaining.

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The rules would need to be changed world wide as our scores reflect those everyewhere else other than the NBA.
Typical of everyone talking our game down.Check out the scores and make an informed point.

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It's just the style in Australia. Although i'd love to see the possession arrow gone, and refs to relax on the spin moves. It's rare you can perform a spin move in the NBL without being called for a travel, 80-90% of the time if you watch the play in slow motion, it's not even a travel!

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Years ago

some teams get away with way too much hand checking and bumping drivers without fouls called

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Years ago

I was shocked Petrie did a spin move today, scored AND got a foul called...some ref's still know its not a travel lol

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Years ago

no the nbl does not need to change rules the grand final series was one of the best in nbl history. I f they went more NBA in terms of defensive 3 second or so on there would be a discouragement to play team orientated ball and we would see more isolation type plays

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Years ago

There was a relevant comment in another thread which went along the lines of there being too much umpiring, which took away the fun of going to the game.

While I hate the possession arrow, I don't want to see any other rule changes. What I want to see, though, is players trying harder to play within the rules.

Basketball is supposed to be a non-contact game. When I see all the hand-checking and fighting for position at the low-post, it's obvious that the players aren't trying to play within the spirit and rules of the game.

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The refs have put away the whistles on spin moves this year which is most welcome, I have only seen one called.

I think our international refs pointed out it isnt a travel elsewhere and that has been taken on board. Word was Ian Stacker demanded they be called travels when he was on the rules committee?

I like the way NBL refs arent bailing out offensive players who jump into the bodies of defenders this season. This is also well overdue and makes players earn their points.

The only ugly games I have watched this year are Melbourne v NZ, Melbourne v Adelaide in the second half, Townsville v Cairns and Townsville v Perth.

There are two common themes there and neither of them are the rules!

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Years ago

Not even in terms of interpretation, but just a flat out rule - bring back the timeout on the floor. For some reason, the refs let the Wildcats call a timeout last weekend against the Tigers when one of the Tigers guys was pressuring for a held ball. The lack of timeout on the floor can ruin a late-game situation (i.e. in the Cairns game yesterday). It ruins an entertainment aspect of games as well, and it's an entertainment industry - that's what the NBL is trying to put themselves across as, right?

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Years ago

Spurs fan go watch the tape. There was no time out called from the floor at any stage of the tigers v wildcats game. Your a fool

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I actually thought that the way the game was called yesterday was exactly how it should be called all the time. There is nothing wrong with that level of physicality, so long as it is consistent at both ends of the court, as it was yesterday.

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Years ago

No need to change the rules - unless it's the one that supposedly gives officials the right to ignore what is in the rest of the book, which turns them into rule makers rather than rule arbiters and has the effect of having them freeze up trying to decide what to call and what not to.

The rules as written are designed to let skills show out and provide equity between offence and defence. There are defensive skills too, but one would never guess that watching players who have substituted lazy grabbing and holding for footwork and positioning, which is hard work.

Of course, that [holding etc] is encouraged when referees let players with the ball travel to get around a player who has positioned him or her self correctly.

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Years ago

#385105 My mistake, Hawks vs Crocs game. Don't feel too bad that your beloved 36ers lost and I profited from it yesterday.

How about actually posting under a username in future instead of hiding under anonymous?

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Years ago

Oh and what kind of a mindless fuck are you, not even being able to differentiate between 'your' and 'you're'. I don't rate you at all.

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Years ago

I think the rules are okay, just the interpretation some times makes for a poor contest.

Coaching with the right mind set would halp, being more open minded and allowing players to put on a bit of a show maybe?

I guess the 'WIN' gets in the way at times......

Stop the holding in the key would be a great start!

There are rules for this I believe??

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Years ago

I don't care if you feltch your own ass your a fool

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Years ago

Okay Joe,

Give us a decent length paragraph on how your favourite team has gone this season. Not overly analytical - I don't think I can expect that from you at all - but the best you can do. Maybe something along the lines of how your team matches up against the league in every position, holes in your roster, offensive sets, defensive structure, coaching, where your team can improve. That sort of thing.

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Years ago

Just a minor detail but it is almost impossible to do a spin move without travelling, that is unless you spin on the spot which means you havent beaten your opponent.

I agree im happy its not being called however the player cant pick up his pivot foot and put it back down before releasing the shot... think about it and see how impossible that is in a spin move particularly at speed.

if you assume the player has no feet on the ground when they pick up the ball (unlikely but lets go with it) then the front foot lands and becomes the pivot, from here they can only spin on that foot, they cant pick the front foot up and put it back on the floor.

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Years ago

You can pick up the ball during the spin and then take two steps, or spin and only take one step after the spin D-Mac style.

But yes, most spins are technically a travel even though they are now an accepted move most places around the world.

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