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Massingale Question

Sooo, I dont know much about Massingale appart from what I have seen in the games..clearly not to much. I believe he is struggling with nervs and hopefully last weeks steal and layup will help him settle a little.

My question is though, what sort of a scorer is he. Sofar he has been content shooting 3 pointers but I want to know if he has the ability to cut to the basket and score himself, or pass it out? or is he primarily a shooter?


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Happy Days  
Years ago

I think the coach needs to come out and give him support and confidence. Hes not seeing the ball offensively so they need to find a way to get him involved. Having watched him play all of his career and know im not from Knox, i believe that he will be an important ingredient the longer the season goes.Cant shoot the ball if you dont see it.

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Woody Venkat  
Years ago

Its a travesty he is playing for the 36ers when we could give his spot to a local.

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Years ago

He is definitely a shooter, but has the ability to get to the basket. He has just looked out of sorts so far - nerves or lack of game time. Surprised he barely played this week after getting a steal and an easy two. Could have got his confidence up with more minutes ---yet Gibson, Weigh and Cadee barely did anything but were rewarded with minutes

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Years ago

One of the problems when he got on this week was that he picked up a couple of quick fouls. One dodgy shooting foul and then the other he got called for holding Sav trying to get over a screen on a Gong inbound. Then Davidson manhandled him out of the way to get an O-Board and put back.

It's one thing to talk about his offence and at this stage lack of it but these 3 things occurred late in the first and I felt like Marty thought he couldnt play him much from then on.

Not only does he need to see the ball in offence but he cant afford to be the liability on defense that a lot of us predicted he would be, otherwise he just flat out want play.

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Years ago

I'm not one of those losing their minds over the CJ thing but when I saw the highlights of the game I did shudder when I saw him go up for that lay-up. He looked 50 years old.

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Years ago

Im not actually badmouthing him just wondering what we gain from him if he begins to play at a higher standard

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Years ago

What a waste of everyone's time.
A 10 point player, who see's little cort time and would be clearly told what to do and not to do on the court when he gets on.
Plenty of points to spare and undoubtedly Massingale is getting not a lot of salary. Why even bother hiring a Yank, when an Aussie can be given the same court time, and would come probably as a cheaper price.
If CJ was a naturalised player I could possibly condone it, but it's a pointelss exercise for mine.
I guess when he comes back to the SEABL, he won't be worn out.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Seems this is an Ausssie lineup
with an Import off the bench , who's been waiting many years for this chance (nerves) and will be given the time here to adjust to it , and able to shoot 20pts in 10mins.

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Years ago

He will be naturalised soon I believe, so that'd be anon answered. Can't come cheaper than minimum.

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Years ago

Mins 12 - 3 - 7 - 5
Shots 1/5

Let's compare all other players in NBL with those mins?

No plays run for him, at all. Everyone saying he is taking ninjas role. He would at least be run off a screen or two and team mates would be looking for him. Ng averaged way more minutes. It isn't even close to being the same.

On top of this the role CJ has couldn't be further from the way he has played at Knox for many many years.

He could no doubt be useful in NBL. Currently the situation is killing him and no doubt his confidence. I hope things turn around for him but I doubt he will get the opportunity. Sixers only need him if injury hits but if that occurs, will his confidence be totally shot by then?

I feel for CJ. His SEABL numbers are better than any other current NBL player who also plays in SEABL. It's not CJ that's the problem, it's the role.

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Years ago

I feel a bit sorry for Mazzagazza. every game I have seen of him I have wanted them to give the poor guy the ball once in a whole but they dont. Hes not going to be a star, but I do think he can be an adequate 8-9th man on the team.. He needs to be given a proper chance tho, and as of yet... he gets treated like an outcast on the court. when you play on teams that dont want to give you the ball... you dont even know hat to do when you get it because your shocked that your actually touching it... Must be a huige stretch from what hes use to in SEABL

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Years ago

I watched in the warm up the night and the man can shoot the ball - albeit during warm up with no D, but he can shoot the ball. Sitting on the bench losing confidence and then getting on for his couple of minutes with all eyes on him, isnt going to help.

He won SEABL MVP 3(?)times, so he can play, but until Marty gives him a real opportunity he isn't going to be able to contribute. The way Marty is playing him, he may as well offered Daly a contract and given him the two minutes a game.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

CJ has been a much maligned player this season, but has anyone had the time to analyse the plays and look at the times he was on?

The questions that should be asked are:
* What was the momentum at the time? Going the Sixers way, opponents way?
* Did he influence any momentum swings?
* His shot rate per minute might be low, but was he dispersing the ball in plays to shooters or dunkers, or was it his job to make the shot?
* What was his opponent doing when he was on? Did they score any goals? Did he force any errors from them?
* Did he influence the game with some "1 %ers" ? (the little things that don't show up on stats such as tip outs, good boxing out, help D etc)

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Years ago

I think Marty actually doesn't understand what CJ would provide the team if he played him a little more. He can flat out shoot the ball and yes he air balled his 3 attempts at 3's and we will put that down to nerves. However... I hope that a couple of opposition teams leave their scout notes lying around for Marty to see, as the scout from 3 teams that I've spoken to is "don't leave him open - AT ALL"
So if he played a little more it would open up the floor for the bigs and allow more for a pick n roll play with gibbo, caddee etc.. This isn't possible when Creek or Crosswell are on, because they can't shoot.
As for his defense... please has anyone had a close look at the whoel teams defense? I don't actually think they know what split line is.
At the end of the day he is a role player who will be naturalised at any day now.

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Years ago

I think it is a good example of how unbalanced the points system is too. Would he be changed next year? Surely he cant remain a ten?

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Years ago

* Did he influence the game with some "1 %ers" ? (the little things that don't show up on stats such as tip outs, good boxing out, help D etc)

Simple answer NO

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Years ago

I also agree with you Hurls.. It's like they don't want to pass the ball to him. Perhaps it's not the case but it certainly looks that way. Overall, I think this is a problem with the 36ers. In pressure situations they need to pass. Get Gibbo passing the ball to open players and stop him trying to do everything by himself.

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Years ago

Anon are spot on with your analysis. Crosswell himself has even said this.

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Years ago

Massingale is a ball shooter. Give him time as he is also a team man It will be worth the 36's while. He encourages younger players. He will be an Aussie soon and he will improve at NBL once he has settled in and gains more minutes. On top of this - he is a nie guy and will continue to contribute to Australian Basketball long after he finishes playing. He is there for the long haul.

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Years ago

I just saw him standing on Port road. I was going to ask him if he wanted a lift but couldn't pull over in time.

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Years ago

Probably would have appreciated the lift considering he has no car lol

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Years ago

9 points in 5 minutes and still doesn't get a run!?

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