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Build the Bullets Roster

If the bullets get off the ground, god lets hope. Who would be the first local player you would target?

For me it would be the following;

Daniel Johnson
Mitch Norton


Dan Jackson


Seth Scott
Gary Ervin

Whilst I understand you couldnt get all those players, they would be the first players I would contact. Thoughts...

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Years ago

Worthington, Neville, Khazzouh, Daniel Dillon

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Years ago

I would throw a deal at Pledger. He is becoming a nice player.

Could be lured by a bit more money.

Also go after Madgen, the kid is an absolute stud scorer.

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Years ago

Plenty of height Mystro :)

I do agree MACDUB both are becoming very good players.

I wonder what Khazzouh would want to live and play in brisbane?

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

Dan Dillion could be could be on the roster.

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Years ago

No reason for Pledger to leave. Breakers have bent over to accomodate his development.

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Years ago

Well i believe Lebron James and Kobe Bryant have shown interest in coming to brisbane and we have a letter of Intent from Michael Jordan to play.

Sorry in a funny mood.

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Years ago

Weigh? Especially if Clarke get the sack

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Years ago

Garlepp instead of Tragardh or Johnson. Maybe a big defensive stopper under the rim as well.

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Years ago

grab a college returnee eg broekhoff or angus brandt, some other options maybe dillon, luke nevill, worthington, sign two gun imports, a couple of queensland kids and raid the free agents list

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Years ago

im hopeing that when the bullets come back, it wont affect other rosters to much, i personly hope that Madgen, Bruce, Henry,and Lazare all stay on the kings

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Years ago

^ better keep your fingers crossed that they don't want to win a title then.

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Years ago

Wouldn't be touching Ervin. He's not a winner. Only time you would go for him is if you had absolutely no other decent scorers around the PG.

I'd be targeting Gibbo, who started his career there. Hope they don't though!

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Years ago

Need some experience with some of the locals returning from College- Brock Moutum would be a must at any price, Mitch Young- Jordy Page-There are quite a few finishing up this year from College.
Just a few experienced hard heads to lead them in the right direction.

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Years ago

Motum isn't going to get drafted?

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Years ago

nevill - wortho - gibbo- petrie- Ere

would be my first five to track down


norton - dillon - W Hudson - Garlepp - walker

then a couple of rookies to round out

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Years ago

I agree with xztawontevenbothertryingtospellit. Ervin is a bad move. Although his numbers are good, he doesn't run a team properly and he's not a winner. One of those volume scorers who doesn't have a second option to go to when he isn't scoring. And he has a low basketball IQ and his defense is shit. Honestly, I rate Ervin one of the least impressive PG's this season for the way NBL basketball is played. Great for a pickup game, but not really with the structure and the talent the NBL has.

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Years ago

I think the problem with Ervins game this season has a lot to do with the team he's surrounded with, they are terrible bar Blanchfield and Crawford. Holmes is a good role player. That's about it

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Years ago

Same situation as when he was in Wollongong though. They just had a better-performing supporting cast than Townsville and he got to the rack more. The Hawks actually went from a playoff team the year before Ervin came in to missing the playoffs when he was there.

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Years ago

They started 9-0 rather than 0-8 though. He's not the be-all, but I think you're being harsh on him.

Dan Jackson is too old to be a development player. Johnson is contracted as are some others mentioned. Best to keep it slightly realistic.

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Years ago

This lineup is based on some former Bullets to bring it all back! Not sure about salary
Cap but the bench players wouldn't be massive point users!

Head Coach: Joey Wright
Assistant: Ron Radliff

1- Adam Gibson/ Hugh Greenwood
2- Chris Goulding/ Dan Dillon
3- Ebi Ere/ Stephen Weigh
4- Anthony Petrie/ Youngster
5- Ira Clarke (good mate with Joey, plus being older he may come cheaper- 37ish now!)/ Craig Bradshaw

Decent starters, reasonable back-ups, top 4 easy.

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Years ago

Isaac, maybe the league wasn't used to Ervin's style, maybe an easy first nine games. Point is, after a 9-0 start, they didn't make the playoffs. Maybe you could argue his injury, but he started to hit his jumpshot once his injury was known about. I think I'm being fair in saying he's in the bottom 3-4 PGs in the league for effect he has on his team.

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Years ago

^Spursfan^ you can't be serious that Ervin is in the bottom 3 or 4 PG's in the NBL! All of Townsville's woes this year can't surely be all directed at Ervin?

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Years ago

Anon, read what I said. "Effect he has on his team". Seriously, think about it, Gary is not a saviour by any means. Plus, think of all the quality PG's that do good work for their teams. Oh, that obviously means starting PG‘s, I'm not stupid.

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Years ago

Ervin is the worst of the 8 starting PGs in the league now that Flynn has arrived IMO (counting Deleon).

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Years ago

^xztatik,^ your credibility is on the line with the above statement! I would take Ervin over Cadee in a heart beat.

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Years ago

My boy xztatik! At least someone recognises he's a bit of a cancer. It's either Deleon, Rhys Martin or Ervin as the least productive to their team. I'd say probably 10% of the people on this know what to look for in assessing PGs, so I wouldn't really bring x's credibility into it.

He puts up 20 points, he's had a good game...no

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Years ago

^Spursfan^. You should have applied for the Lakers Head Coach position as your an expert on all things in Basketball!

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Years ago

I know a fair bit, yeah

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Years ago

But I did forget about Cadee, he's on the bottom of my list with Ervin, Deleon and Martin . At least he tries to get the Sixers running though, which if Marty had half a brain, would tell the guys to do as well.

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Years ago

you're* ^

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Years ago

Yeah, Marty never encourages the 36ers to run...

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Years ago

Yeah, got that thanks Paul. I did mean Marty should more than he is. He obviously tells them to push sometimes, I watch NBL.

Anyway, more on Marty. Is it just me or does it make sense to run the ball when their half court isn't working. If you can't get easy shots in the halfcourt, go and get easy shots am I right? Look at the athletes, shooters and cutters they have. Work on your halfcourt in training instead of trying to do it in games and losing because of it.

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Years ago

NBL teams (except Townsville!) work hard on their transition defence, it isnt easy to just get out and run which is shown by the lower number of possessions this season.

I would personally rate Adelaide as one of the better running teams, but how often they do it relies heavily on how well their defence is forcing turnovers and poor shots.

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Years ago

Dear god please dont have any off court ex blaze crew involved, they are cancerslike wright/big joe.

Id go:

Coach: Lemanis - lure him home...

Pledger - big money offer with big mins
Petrie - wants to live in s/e qld
Import - slasher scoring type
Goulding - brisbane boy
Gibson - started career here, more pg than sg

Qbler - go local for backup c
Holmes - may be looking for a job and can offer depth
Coenraad - a qlder
Crawford - veteran type
Gleeson - local gun

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Years ago

Sorry, I was including Gibbo in the 8, not Cadee. Getting a bit offtopic but:

1. Jackson
2. Flynn
3. Gibson
4. Martin
5. Wilson
6. Henry
7. Deleon
8. Ervin

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Years ago

nevill would def be the first local i'd be looking at getting - from available players right now.
bj anthony is another player who shouldnt be out of the league and he'd be good for them as the back up 4

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